Best of Giant Bomb 79 - THA HOOP GAWD

This video was a lot of fun to work on, as I had probably forty solid minutes of video clips that could have made it in easily. A lot of stuff was painfully cut from the final video since I always want these to be less that fifteen minutes to sit through (there was an inspired AI joke made by the 343 guys that I really wanted to make it, but couldn't fit it in in a way that made sense).

As far as Giant Bomb's coverage goes, I think Jeff did an incredibly great job throughout E3 as the host for the nightly shows. He (along with the guests) made the shows a lot of fun to watch/listen to. A really good balance of actual discussion and dumb shit are in all three nights. He was also being a good representative of the website by popping up on different stage shows throughout the week, so Jeff gets a big thumbs up from me.

The only negative thing I want to point out is that I was pretty disappointed that there wasn't any video features made this year like there has been in the past. If you only went to GB for E3, you really had no chance to get a feel for the environment past the hotel room they were doing the shows out of. Since they hired a new video guy last year, I expected more video stuff from E3, instead we got less (and the recap on the couch we got every night from the staff is not a good replacement of it). By doing less, it almost felt that everybody everybody had the week off last week except for Jeff and the stream runners (I know that's not the case, but it felt that way).

Ok, time to get off of my negative horse and here's what I thought about the show:

  • 2015 and 2016 are both shaping up to be great years in terms of boxed retail games and smaller digital games. As long as we don't get the same kind of mass delay to next year like we did for last year, there's at least one "AAA" game that I'm definitely going to be buying every month starting at MGSV in September. You even have to remind yourself that "oh, even Persona 5 is supposed to be coming out this year!" after you've looked over everything that's been shown at this year's E3.
  • I'm very happy that that Japan has kind of reemerged as a presence again after this year's E3. All of Sony's big three was from Japanese studios, and I'm really hoping that ReCore turns out to be as good as its premise is.
  • Kind of disappointed with the lack of stage presence this year for the smaller games outside of Microsoft. Outside of South Park, the only Ubisoft games I've really enjoyed over the past couple of years has been the smaller games that they've released.
  • I'm very happy that The Last Guardian still has a chance of being released.

Games that won me over the most: Horizon, Sea of Thieves, Cuphead, Battlefront, Uncharted 4, Super Mario Maker


Best of Giant Bomb 78 - I Am Become Mega

I was getting behind, so I just decided to mix and match two planned videos together just in order to be on top of GB videos. Hopefully now I'll be able to start out fresh and keep up with it.

The "Good Idea/Bad Idea" thing came from Maffew from Botchamania fame doing it years ago, and I've always wanted to take a stab at it. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

As always, if you see something that you feel should be in these videos, feel free to give me a @turboman call out in the comments and give me a time stamp. It really helps (thanks to @dudeglove)


Best of Giant Bomb 76 - I Have No Keyboard

There was a weird moment in my life where I was playing HellDivers and then stumbled into a quick look (and fucking crushed it, I might add). It was super fun to be a part of something that I've viewed and edited around for years and I'm so happy that it happened.

The Bloodborne GBEast video is something that's really worth checking out fully if you're a premium member. Watching the way Vinny interacts with the Souls games really makes me second guess my hatred for those games. I love being able to live through Vinny's experience with them.

I remember being super pumped about Playstation Home when it was first announced and was on board with the idea of ditching the XMB for the virtual world at first. However, after ten minutes of anybody messing with it, it was clear that there was nothing to do except dance around in whacky costumes. Anyways, I could of probably made a whole video around the Playstation Home livestream Giant Bomb did, so I suggest people to watch that full video if they haven't already.

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