Favorite Beatles song

After this week, I've been going back and forth throughout the beatles catalog like I have never before. Playing through Rock Band has let me gain a new appreciation for most of the beatles work. Harmonix has totally given us something much better and much more loving than any documentary could ever do. So going back and forth, I'd just like to point out some of my new favorites. 
Maxwell's Silver Hammer - Actually, I loved this song way before Beatles Rock Band came out. Due to a flash on newgrounds.com(that website ran by the Behemoth guys). The flash kinda perfectly captures the brilliant mix of playful, fun rhythm and delivery with some very psychotic, creepy characters that could definantly drive the story of a horror movie.... It's a less praised song, but I absolutely love it. 

I Am The Walrus - Obvious choice #1. This song never gets old, Lennon nails the delivery of the lyrics, arguably the best vocals that he's ever done in any song. LSD has never sounded better.
Dear Prudence - When Considering the best Beatles songs, this has to be in there. This song tears into your soul. Paul gives one of his best bass lines, everybodies voice is beautiful, George's continous accoustic guitar loop keeps the song going, the band jams the song briefly in the end. To me, this is the perfect Beatles song. 
Come Together - Super Obvious Choice #2. Listening to this song  makes you wonder what happened to Top 40 music. Psychedelic Beatles at their best. 

My attempt at a Giant Bomb Folk song

for question of the week... on my third take of the song(I didn't have time for more because I had to go to class) 
  There's gonna be a Giant Bomb tonight

Might cause the kids to get frightened
The man is tellin' us to hold on tight
'Cause there's gonna be a Giant Bomb tonight


That night I heard the name of a man
The heroic name of Jeff Gerstmann
He was the only one up when everybody was down
he was gonna save the town tonight

He had a super team, one of a kind
him and four friends came just in time
Everybody was panicked, but they were calm
Tonight's the night they were gonna stop the Giant Bomb

Ryan had no fear of Gin
When Dave makes bets, he always wins
And Brad's soothing voice makes him a man amongst men

I didn't forget about the last one
His name is Vinny, and always on the hunt
He'll kick the shit out of you with a Galactic Punt
As long as he doesn't cast Bufu

So there's the story, of my song
I've let it drag on for way to long
Be sure to tell you daughter, be sure to tell your mom
that these four duders saved us from the Giant Bomb! 
Make fun of me as much as possible. 

Best Music of the Year so far(January-July 2009)

Ok, lets get some music discussion going.

What's the best CD's/Singles so far into this year?

Songs of the Year:(In no order)

Albums of the Year:(In no order)

Music Video of the Year:



The Yeah Yeah Yeahs "It's Blitz!" Discussion/Review.

The best part about "It's Blitz!" is that it was completely unnecessary to change the sound of previous works from the YYY's. From the last two albums/EP's they put out, 2006's "Show Your Bones", and 2007's "Is Is", The YYY's proved that they have one of the most talented guitar/drums duo in music today in Nick Zinner and Brian Chase. These two have provided some of the most enjoyable guitar riffs and experimental drum breakdowns of this decade.


But that's not what "It's Blitz" is about. If not anything, this is the first album that proves the synthesizer just might be as awesome as most alternative rock bands wants us to believe it is. Last year, synthesizer was all over the place, most noticeably MGMT. On "It's Blitz", we get a taste of the frenetic side of the synthesizer with the 80's song on acid single, "Zero", and then it is used to perfection to slow down the tempo and pace with the absolutely sweet sounding "Skeletons". "It's Blitz" might also go down as the CD that proves Karen-O as the most entertaining frontman/frontwoman of the decade, at one moment she's vulnerable, the next she's a fucking 100 year old queen in "Dull Life" and is completely in control of the song. (Note: listen to this album on speakers that are worth a damn, you'll appreciate it later.)

  1. Zero - Takes a while to get it's feet going, but when the bridge kicks in and Karen-O starts yelping "Shell-shock!", it's hard to not want to just jump from your seat and do a little moshpit dance
  2. Heads Will Roll - Very aggressive disco song, awesome jungle beat at the end of the song.
  3. Soft Shock - Might be the breakout song from the album. The guitar effects in the chorus seems to reflect Karen's voice perfectly and just makes this song melt into your mind.
  4. Skeletons - It takes balls to put a song like this on an alternative rock cd. Karen is as vulnerable as ever, and the drum stick clacking sounds like an outtake from an Animal Collective song. This leads to the song to just continue to build up rhythmically, mixing electronic drum noises with real drums, it's pretty interesting.
  5. Dull Life - I'm thinking that Nick Zinner had multiple ideas for some mean guitar licks on his next cd, and then Karen and Brian just ruined it by telling Nick that the next CD was going to be all synthesizer. Nick must have cried at that meeting, and feeling sorry for him, they let Nick put all of his ideas into one song, and that song would be called "Dull Life". ..... That's how I imagine how this song was made at-least.
  6. Shame and Fortune - If there was one throwaway song on this CD, it would be this one, unfortunately it kinda drags on and doesn't go anywhere.
  7. Runaway - Since when did the YYY's have an orchestra backing them up? Takes a while to build up, but it rewards you for sticking around by the end of the song.
  8. Dragon Queen - This song is just awesome. It has backing vocals from the dude on TV on The Radio, and that's exactly what this song sounds like, which is TV On The Radio + The YYY's.
  9. Hysteric - The obvious top single on the album. Karen's voice is just amazingly sweet in this.
  10. Little Shadow - This song is just special to me for some reason. It's such a children's song, the organ mixed with drums sounds absolutely amazing, Karen's voice is perfect, Thank You YYY's.

Must have tracks:
The entire CD. Buy the deluxe version on iTunes for some acoustic versions (Hysteric is especially great acoustic)

Final Verdict:



Burger Review, oh wait, no....

Ok, so I'm here to apoligize that I was fucked over by UMG.

I sent in an awesome burger review of the Arby's Roast burger, which got a 2/5 for a.) not tasting as good as arby's predecessor's and b.)for not really being a burger at all

but that's not the point... the point is I sent my video into youtube and proceeded to delete from my computer, and what's this? A letter from youtube saying that they muted my video because I put a Yeah Yeah Yeah's song on the video and UMG's pissed about it.... maybe they should be more concerned about protected leaks of their album instead of youtube videos. As if someone is going to download a movie off of youtube, get the audio from that video, convert it, and put it on their computer, instead of going to piratebay.org and just clicking on whatever the hell they want





Quick Note about Watchmen: My movie going experience

Worst movie going experience I've had for a really good movie in a while... let me explain

a.) How fucking retarded are parents these days? Spiderman might be a movie suitable for kids, but there is a huge difference in a PG-13 comic book movie, and a Rated R Graphic Novel movie. Just because the characters wear masks doesn't mean that the movie is made for the kiddies. These weren't just 10-12 year old kids, IT WAS 5-8 YEAR OLD KIDS, SOME OF WHICH WERE GIRLS. Every 10 minutes all I heard was a little girl questioning what she's watching on the screen, and I'm sure the part about the child murderer's house gave her nightmare's for the rest of her life. Also, they left the theatre during the sex scene, cause we all know that viscous, bloody violence is ok for the kids, but as soon as we see some side boob everyone freaks out.

b.) We get it, there's a blue penis on the screen. I don't need to hear 10 males giggle and talk about it every time we see a penis on screen. I actually liked the fact that Dr. Manhatten is naked because it makes him even more God-like that he has no need for close. Maybe if you're not mature enough to tolerate a penis on-screen, this movie might not be for you.

overall, I'm sure I have to watch it again to fully appreciate it, but damn, what an epic movie.

LTTP: Indigo Prophecy

All I can say is, what a clusterfuck of an ending.

The first 2/3 is absolutely incredible with the amount of detail put into this supernatural story that has a surprising amount of crime detective gameplay in it(for one, I can not wait till a game specifically focused on crime scenes is made and is actually fun).... but it feels like the game suffers in the last 1/3 of the game of simply not knowing how to end the story without being completely full of shit.

still worth a rental though