Burger Review, oh wait, no....

Ok, so I'm here to apoligize that I was fucked over by UMG.

I sent in an awesome burger review of the Arby's Roast burger, which got a 2/5 for a.) not tasting as good as arby's predecessor's and b.)for not really being a burger at all

but that's not the point... the point is I sent my video into youtube and proceeded to delete from my computer, and what's this? A letter from youtube saying that they muted my video because I put a Yeah Yeah Yeah's song on the video and UMG's pissed about it.... maybe they should be more concerned about protected leaks of their album instead of youtube videos. As if someone is going to download a movie off of youtube, get the audio from that video, convert it, and put it on their computer, instead of going to piratebay.org and just clicking on whatever the hell they want





Quick Note about Watchmen: My movie going experience

Worst movie going experience I've had for a really good movie in a while... let me explain

a.) How fucking retarded are parents these days? Spiderman might be a movie suitable for kids, but there is a huge difference in a PG-13 comic book movie, and a Rated R Graphic Novel movie. Just because the characters wear masks doesn't mean that the movie is made for the kiddies. These weren't just 10-12 year old kids, IT WAS 5-8 YEAR OLD KIDS, SOME OF WHICH WERE GIRLS. Every 10 minutes all I heard was a little girl questioning what she's watching on the screen, and I'm sure the part about the child murderer's house gave her nightmare's for the rest of her life. Also, they left the theatre during the sex scene, cause we all know that viscous, bloody violence is ok for the kids, but as soon as we see some side boob everyone freaks out.

b.) We get it, there's a blue penis on the screen. I don't need to hear 10 males giggle and talk about it every time we see a penis on screen. I actually liked the fact that Dr. Manhatten is naked because it makes him even more God-like that he has no need for close. Maybe if you're not mature enough to tolerate a penis on-screen, this movie might not be for you.

overall, I'm sure I have to watch it again to fully appreciate it, but damn, what an epic movie.

LTTP: Indigo Prophecy

All I can say is, what a clusterfuck of an ending.

The first 2/3 is absolutely incredible with the amount of detail put into this supernatural story that has a surprising amount of crime detective gameplay in it(for one, I can not wait till a game specifically focused on crime scenes is made and is actually fun).... but it feels like the game suffers in the last 1/3 of the game of simply not knowing how to end the story without being completely full of shit.

still worth a rental though

Grammy predictions(I'm not gonna write to long before I get mad)

Let's do this:

first of all, I'm not even going to bother with the Genre awards, any idiot should know that the winner of their genre is the one nominated for album of the year(Radiohead will win alternative, Lil Wayne will win Rap, etc.)

Best New Act:

I'm not too terribly familiar with all of these artist on here, and I'm just gonna throw away the two I don't know at all, Lady Antebellum and Jazmine Sulliven. No disrespect, but both of them suck only on the simple logic that no one has heard of them, not even me. That leaves us with Duffy, Adele, and Jonas Brothers..... ughhh..... I think I just threw up. Anyways, I'm gonna throw away the two more annoying ones and go with the obvious pick.


Who Should Win - Adele
"Chasing Pavements" is a pretty nice song and a terrific music video.... plus she's the only one with actual talent on the list.
Who Will Win - The Jonas Brothers
I hope Nick Jonas loses his foot to diabetes and causes the band to disband by next year personally. But they will win, if not, CBS will be boycotted by teenage girls.

Song of the Year:

What is the difference between song of the year and record of the year? I don't know, nor do I care. I'm tossing away Jason Mraz and that chick that made "Love Song". Adele is a contender, but I doubt she'll get it. Coldplay might also get it because everyone's been sucking on their balls the whole year.


Who Should Win - "American Boy" by Estelle(feat Kanye West)
I'm sure Estelle will never be heard from again, but she definantly benifited from singing the hook to this song to a very tight pop beat(I think it was produced by will.I.am) and having Kanye West on it.
Who Will Win - Coldplay
Coldplay will win... moving on.

Record of the Year:

seriously, WTF is the difference in these two awards? I'm throwing away all the song of the year nominee's cause that doesn't make since for them to be nominated twice. The leaves "Bleeding Love", "Please Read the Letter", and "Paper Planes"..... wait.... "Paper Planes"!?!?! That song totally came out a year and a half ago, how far back does the nominations allow for the songs. I know that Paper Planes didn't become popular to the lowest common denominator of music listeners untill Pineapple Express came out, but seriously, that's stupid.


Who Should Win - "Paper  Planes" by MIA
Who Will Win - "Paper Planes" by MIA
The song is easily one of the best songs that has came out in the past two years, it kinda hits you in all directions and you take away a lot just by listening to it.

Album of the Year:

Ok, here it is. Throw away Ne-Yo because there's no shot in hell that jackass is winning. I'm keeping old Robert Plant and Alyson Kraus on there for the "Grammy's wants to surprise everyone and give the highest award to the old people to say 'Fuck You'" possibilities. I'm going to put Lil' Wayne aside, on the basic reasoning that if Grammy's aren't going to give Kanye the best award for either College Dropout, or Graduation, then they shouldn't give it to Lil Wayne for his rap albums either. That leaves Radiohead's "In Rainbows" and Coldplay's "Piece of Shit Album".......crap....


Who Should Win - "In Rainbows" by Radiohead
When I go back to listen to any CD from 2007, theres always one at the top of my list, and it turns out to be "In Rainbows". I might not like a couple of things about it, like theres one too many back-to-back slower paced songs, but damn, just about everything else about the album is amazing. From the release strategy, to the way Radiohead has handled promoting it, that band is just smart. "Videotape" could be one of the greatest, most sincere songs of our time. I have grown to love this CD.
Who Will Win - "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay
Fuck You.


I hope I'm wrong though

Why I liked Prince of Persia.

Now, I've never played a Prince of Persia game. I played through small chunks of sands of time, but that was it, I just never got into it. So I realize that I should go ahead and rent the new Prince of Persia, because I'm kind of interested of what the journalist has described the game, which is a platformer that focuses more on level design and platforming then the number of enemy encounters they can through at you on screen. I thought to myself "My God, I haven't seen a game like that in years(I don't own a Wii because I'm smarter then that, even though I really wanted Mario).

So I pop in the game, and now that I've finished, I believe that Prince of Persia might have been my second favorite game last year, second to GTA IV. Sure, MGS4 is amazing and much more grand, but I believe I had a better time with Prince of Persia. What's the secret of the game? Easy. YOU CAN'T DIE.

Now I know most people are going to thing "Wha?! OMG, N00B"... but I don't care, these days in games, unless it's online competitions, I just enjoy my games more on the easy difficulty. I don't know how it started, but I used to enjoy hard mode(I played DMC3 on Dante Must Die mode), but recently, I only play through games story mode for the story, and I like it when it unfolds to me and I don't have to sit at the edge of my seat for 12 hours. Throughout Prince of Persia, I was reclined in my sofa and I just soked in the art style and story. I didn't find the story too terribly interesting, although I'm starting to love Ubisoft's off-beat story telling as of recently with this game's ending and Assassins Creed.

I also enjoyed the combat enough to not complain about it. The light seed gathering parts didn't annoy me too badly. Sadly, none of the levels were that rememerable except for the Vale levels.

There's really no big complaints from me anywhere, the game was very well done, good job Ubisoft.


Actually, there is a complaint, The whole game I was like "This dude's voice is totally Nathan Drake."