The Worst of E3 2012 (video)

Quick Impressions - cause I know you guys are dying for my opinions

  • Microsoft - Halo 4 looks neat-o, but not ground breaking. XBLA's exclusive lineup is something to be jealous of. South Park looks incredible (third party, though). Everything else was completely boring to me. I don't want to look at my phone while playing games/movies. I don't care about CoD anymore. I don't want to see Usher performing at a video game conference. Also, 3rd party games shouldn't be on the stage. I view these press conferences as MS vs. Sony vs. Nintendo.
  • EA - Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring.
  • Ubisoft - Awful Host, great set of games to show off. Watch_Dogs looks incredible.
  • Sony - SSB PS3 looks fun. Last of Us looks incredible. Everything else seemed good. Wonderbook lasted 10 minutes too long.
  • Nintendo - Pikmin 3 looks good. 3DS lineup looks good. Everything else was awful. Dad: Chaser was the highlight.

Rating the Reign: Davey Richards

Who: Davey Richards

What Title: ROH World Champion

How long of a reign: 322 days. 6/26/2011-5/12/12

Best Matches

Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards (c) - Best in the World 2011 (A)

Davey Richards (c) vs. Jay Lethal - ROH TV (B+)

Davey Richards (c) vs. Michael Elgin - Showdown in the Sun (A+)


Davey's reign can be seen two ways. One way was that he was a transitional champion that really didn't do to much in terms of being able to build stories and rivalries, and that the true champion (and face) of the company was Kevin Steen. The other way was that Davey was the right guy to be the champion because he's able to churn out fantastic matches in a time where the company had been truly gutted of most of their talent. It's very clear that Davey Richards on the mic can be dreadful, but during his time as champion, he put out several fantastic main event matches. With that being said, he's also main evented some matches that went on for 15-20 minutes too long. I think I had Davey's reign at about a C+ until his 5-star match with Michael Elgin at Best in the World, one that is clearly the 2012 Match of the Year for now.

Overall Grade: B+


Why NXT is currently unlike any other wrestling show.

When NXT first replaced WWECW on SyFy, it had a somewhat interesting premise of being a wrestling related game show starring wrestlers that already were familiar with the business. As the first season dragged on it was extremely clear that the show wasn't going to work out. Putting on lame contests in front of a packed audience didn't create an exciting live product, and didn't create for an exciting TV product. It took three seasons before WWE tried to change the product by placing it on their website, and eventually the show was allowed to drop the game show concept by Season 5. While I personally fell in love with the show during Season 3 for all the wrong reasons, I'm also happy that the show has evolved into something that wrestling fans don't get from anywhere else any more.

Everyone on the show has something to do.

Like most people in the world, I despise just about everything that Vince Russo stands for in the wrestling business. If there is one thing that I can attribute to Russo as a positive writing skill, it would be that he tried his hardest to give every single wrestler on his shows something to do. Have you noticed that for the past six months, around 75% of the WWE roster is just there and is given zero time to show any kind of skills inside or outside the ring? On NXT, every single character on the roster is intertwined with each other in some sort of storyline. Hell, even one of the commentators is involved with 1/2 of the wrestlers. Hawkins & Reks try to sabotage Regal every week, McGillicutty and Kidd has been after each other for the past few months, Curtis & Maxine's development is always fun to watch, the list goes on. The show is given one hour every week (that has to be shared with Raw/Smackdown highlights) and the writers of NXT use every moment to put over one of their wrestlers.

Very solid collection of matches every week.

Yes, the matches on the show might as well be known as glorified dark matches. But over the time that NXT Season 5 has been on the air, we are seeing matches that easily top the matches on Raw and Smackdown. Tyson Kidd has perfected his craft. McGillicutty is developing extremely well. There are divas matches that last longer than two minutes. There are actual tag team matches that are given time.

You probably won't see any match of the year contenders on NXT, but it's a good place to look at the WWE's undercard and be able to see some good quality wrestling from week to week.

Complicated relationships

If there is one thing I hate about wrestling, it's when someone is painted as a face or a heel. I don't think there is one person over 13 years old that actually only cheers for the good guys and boos for the bad guys. That's why I don't think that just because you're a heel wrestler, you should be best buds with every other heel wrestling in the company. As ridiculous as the show gets, every heel has some kind of love/hate relationship with each other. When Johnny Curtis and Maxine accidentally chloroformed Matt Striker, Hawkins and Reks blackmailed the two to their advantage, which also resulted in Curtis and Maxine being handcuffed to each other to punish themselves. On the other side, every face is on Percy Watson's ass because every time someone gets mysteriously beat up, there's some kind of attire from Percy Watson at the scene of the crime.

The best commentary team on television.

The commentary on the two main shows needs serious change, and the general mix of humor, story, and match commentary given by William Regal and Josh Matthews is excellent. It's a very laid back approach to wrestling commentary, one that has Josh calling most of the holds and Regal explaining holds and giving general back story to what is taking place in the ring. It's believable because Regal is one of the smartest people in the sport, and everything coming out of his mouth is the absolute truth. Another thing that the commentary team does is that they don't take sides in a match. Sure, Regal might be against the actions of Johnny Curtis, but he puts Curtis over in the ring by continuing to compliment his in ring ability and talks about his own past as a heel and how it compares to Curtis today.

Last but not least, Maxine's Attire.



Best of Quick Looks 23 - Flight Club

Hello Bombers. I was super bummed out watching the Pax East panel this year because I still haven't been to meet the crew (and all the super cool people on the forums that went), so I made another Best of Quick Looks video while crying into a bowl of chili.

Comment, like, spread on facebook/reddit, all that good stuff!



The Haiku Review: Journey (spoilers)

It's back! The Haiku Review is back!

As always, this Haiku doesn't come with crown as illustrated.

You can look through all the artsy-fartsy bullshit discussions found on this forum, and all of the forums on the internet. You can read a review on Kotaku that summarizes their feelings via a ten page Essay paper filled with references to famous historical Chinese artists comparing them to this game. You can read all of that if your some NERD! Or, you can get everything you need via a simple 5-7-5 structured haiku. So sit back, enjoy a nice glass of wine, and put your favorite soothing vinyl record in, because it's time for the Haiku Review of Journey:

Journey's Learned Lessons:

When it's really cold outside,

always wear a coat.

Anonymous friend,

could you tell me who you are?

bloop bloop bleep bloop bleep?


ROH 10th Anniversary Show Review

ROH's 10th anniversary show is over, and here is my brief review below. Spoiler warnings to come:

WGTT vs ANX (B-) - A solid tag team match to start off that turned a bit sloppy at the end. It's good to see Rhett Titus back in action. Unlike every other tag team match on the show tonight, this one actually had rules that were enforced, but I'll get to that later. WGTT both went for the surgecally repaired knee of Titus, and was the focal point of the match. ANX got the win, but I think Charlie Haas continues to shine as a great heel wrestler.

Homicide vs. Michael Bennett (C) - I kind of don't care that Bennett isn't a great wrestler. He's average at best in the ring, but he's one of the better talkers on the mic, and that makes him stand out in ROH. With Maria by his side, it makes him stand out even more as somebody who could be a legitimate future main eventer in ROH or any other company. I'm glad ROH got Homicide to come in for the 10th anniversary show, and the moment at the end when he hit the GTS in front of Maria was pretty fun.

Eddie Kingston comes out representing Chikara and calls out Davey Richards and gets Kevin Steen. Kevin Steen coming out with a tuxedo shirt and a tennis racket with Davey's face on it cracked me up. Steen and Kingston cuts an effective promo on each other and I want to see this feud go on a long way.

TJ Perkins & Amazing Red vs. House of Truth (B) - This matchup was just all out fun. Michael Elgin continues to do nothing but impress me, and this match is easily the best work that Perkins has done in the company so far.

Jay Lethal vs. Tommaso Ciampa (B-) - I'm not a fan of the ending of this match, as I feel that it weakens Ciampa's reputation to have a tie in his undefeated streak. I do, however enjoy that Ciampa clearly wrestles a different style than anyone else on the roster by dramatically slowing the pace of a match down. I think Lethal is ready to be main eventing in ROH pretty soon. That move that Ciampa hit on Lethal on the edge of the ring was epic.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. The Young Bucks (C+) - I like both of these teams, but this match never really took off for me. I'm quite tired of ROH's tag team matches going off the wall and not having any control. Whenever I watch wrestling with friends on TV or at live shows, I always have fun and make it a point to yell at the ref and tell him to "get some damn control in the match". That being said, both teams hit their usual spots, but there was no doubt that the Briscoes were going to win it.

Kevin Steen vs. Jimmy Jacobs (A) - Over the past year, I've enjoyed the hell out of the Steen/Corino/Jacobs feud, and I'm glad that the (possibly) final pay off match was extremely satisfying. The turn Jacobs made before the match was a good move, and I hope it reinvigorates his career in ROH. Steen causing chaos throughout the arena is a sight to see, and how he interacts with the environment around him is brilliant. There's a moment before the start where Steen puts his gum on top of the announce desk, and after it's all said and done and Steen leaves the chaos that he created, he walks over to the speechless announcers and retrieves his gum from the beginning. It's great character moments like that that the company as a whole needs to start doing more. Jimmy Jacobs has quite a few great moments as well, and props to him for taking the F5 onto the backs of two steel chairs.

Davey Richards & Kyle O'Reily vs. Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole (C) - I really thought that Davey and Eddie would have learned their lesson after the last 35 minute no-sellfest, but they didn't. This time, they brought in two of the younger guys to join the super hero party. Another really exhausting match with absolutely no ring psychology what-so-ever. The ending, however, was really great even though I feel it's undeserved.

After the main event, Kevin Steen interrupts a Kyle O'Reily heel turn and begins a worked shoot on Davey and how everyone knows that the main event should have been Steen vs. Davey. He also through in a fun jab at The Rock by making a "trending" joke.

Overall, the event was really good and worth the price of admission. Kevin Kelly inserting Twitter made me cringe, but Nigel McGuinness's commentary was incredibly good. The production crew continues to suffer with simple things, and makes me think that ROH should just fire everybody in the production truck and start from scratch. The crowd was amazing, and created the "YES! YES! YES! YES!" chant in between every match.

Overall Grade: B


Best of Giant Bomb 22 - Double Salutes to Salutes to Saluting

I've been insanely busy for the past couple of weeks, so I thought I could just bang one of these out (and I did, successfully!!). I was name dropped by Brad Muir, and now we're best buds on Twitter, and I'm fairly sure that I can add "Inspired double-saluting mechanic in Trenched Iron Brigade" to my resume. I skipped over a few videos to get what I want out there in 12 minutes, so yes, I'm aware about Ninja Guiden and The Organ Trail.

Games In the Video:

Iron Brigade

Double Fine Happy Action Theatre


Fifa PS Vita

Hot Shots Golf Vita

Rhythm Party


Tag Team Manifesto.

Hello... you're looking at a blog that I've linked from an outside website... if you'd like to join the cause of getting the makers of Giant Bomb to build a Wrestling Wiki site, you can join us OVER HERE. Thanks for reading, and provide feedback in any way possible!

In the past handful of years, the tag team division in the WWE has gradually declined to the point of irrelevancy. If you take a look at the history of the championship, you see big gaps in between when the division was filled with teams, and when the division was an afterthought or involved in the main singles titles. So now, I've decided to have a little bit of fun with this and dust off the old whiteboard, and imaginarily book the Tag Team Division into relevancy once again. The rules are going to be fairly simple, everything I come up with needs to be realistic(I can't get Sting and The Ultimate Warrior to come to the WWE and reform their tag team, for example). I'm also going to go ahead and start this process after WrestleMania, since I don't want to distract any of the build up for the main titles. At the beginning of the brainstorming period, I thought that I should call an expert and see what I would need to have an interesting tag team division. His answer was:

You got it, JR! This advice is somewhat obvious, since that last great examples of a division in the WWE was in the late 90's when we had The Hardy Boyz, Edge & Christian, and The Dudley Boyz. Another great example is under Paul Heyman's "Smackdown Six" (Los Guerreros, Edge & Mysterio, Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle). So the difficult question is... who in the tag team division today am I going to go with today to be my "main four" teams to start out with, and who will be in the remaining fodder.

  • Epico & Primo - I'm going off the assumption that Epico & Primo are champions after WrestleMania this year, and I have no decision in placing them inside of my "Core Four"(I hope you get sick of that term by the end of this post). Rosa gets slight Vicki Guerrero heat by just shaking her ass around and yelling spanish into a microphone. I also find Epico & Primo to be a pretty solid team together. Decision: Core Four
  • Air Boom - Over the past half a year, Evan and Kofi has become quite a hell of a team, and it makes sense because they're extremely similar. However, Bourne has single-handedly hurt Air Boom way too many times... So I'm going to "play ball" here and split Air Boom... we'll talk about that in a bit. Decision: Split Air Boom
  • The Usos - If I had direct control of The Usos, I would strap a rocket on them and go straight to the top. Their "chant" during their entrance is proof that both these guys have a ton of charisma that's waiting to be unleashed, and they are the most impressive two currently working together in the WWE right now. Decision: Core Four
  • Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks - Poor Curt Hawkins. I feel that Curt is going to be this generation's Stevie Richards for some reason. These two are a good team for each other, but I don't think I'm ever going to take Tyler Reks seriously. Unless if they impress me out of nowhere, I'm making these guys lose to make my Core Four look good. Decision: Jobbers
  • Santoshi - Santino & Yoshi Tatsu have had one match together. I think these two should stick together because they could have entertaining segments and it would give Yoshi Tatsu SOMETHING to do, even if it was at a lower level on Smackdown. Decision: Jobbers
  • Trent Barreta & Tyson Kidd - This one is easy and involves no explanation. Tyson Kidd is NOT going to go anywhere or do anything until the Cruiserweight Division returns. Decision: Jobbers
  • Hunico & Camacho - It might seem racist, but I can't have two heel teams from south of the border in my Core Four. Once again, I feel that Hunico will not go anywhere until there is a Cruiserweight division. Decision: Jobbers

Curt will show you... you'll see!

Between WrestleMania and Extreme Rules

I have four episodes of Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and Superstars in between this period of time. As booker, I'm going to shove a tag team division match in your face on EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. That's right, 16 tag division matches in the period of a month. On the biggest show (Raw), I'm going to feature a match between one of my "Core Four" teams (The Usos or Epico & Primo) and one of my Jobber teams. This is simply to showcase my teams, as well as the moves of each team to WWE's core audience.

At Extreme Rules, we'll have Epico & Primo go over Air Boom. Primo pins Kofi, and Evan becomes obviously frustrated by Kofi not being able to kick out.

Between Extreme Rules and Over The Limit

Now I have three weeks of episodes, and on the first episode of Raw I'm going to through Curt Hawkins a bone and have Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks go over Air Boom, causing Evan to have another pissy fit towards Kofi and gives him a good shove. This leads to Smackdown, where they try for one last match, and loses to another one of my jobber teams... causing Evan to completely turn on Kofi and beating him down. Show a highlight of that on Raw and start promoting Evan Bourne vs. Kofi Kingston at Over The Limit. While this is going on, continue to have Epico & Primo win title defenses on every other episode of Raw, but there will be no Tag Team Championship match at Over The Limit.

On the week before Over The Limit, I'm booking Bourne in a singles match on Raw... and I'm going to hand Evan Bourne a microphone (stay with me here, folks). It will be a quick backstage segment between whoever the Raw GM at the time is and Evan Bourne, and I want Bourne to ask for the match to include mystery partners.

So... let me take a break here, and announce my two new teams in the division:

  • Air Boom 2.0 - Kofi Kingston & Justin Gabriel. I think most people could agree that Justin Gabriel is inter-changeable with Evan Bourne, and I think Kofi & Justin can put on the same caliber performance as Kofi & Evan
  • Evan Bourne & Drew Mcintyre - Hold your applause, people. Both of these guys are on their last strike as of right now, and I would be clear in making it known that if there is one more offense between both of them, then it's time to pack your bags. Evan is a great performer, and so is Drew... and finally I'll have a wrestler in my tag division who I'm comfortable to have a microphone in his hands. Kayfabe wise, Drew should be fired by Teddy Long from Smackdown at this point, but right before the match, make Laurinitus or whoever come out and announce that he's been picked up from Raw and is now Evan Bourne's tag team partner.

So who wins the match at the PPV? It'll be the new team between Evan Bourne & Drew Mcintyre, and those two will be in my Core Four. This leaves Air Boom 2.0 to be on the sidelines for a bit, and have Kofi back in the upper midcard.

beats losing to Santino every week.

Between Over The Limit and ???

The next PPV still hasn't been announced, so I'll just call it PPV. The Uso's has kind of been on the back burner, so I'll go ahead and finally put them up in a feud against the team of Evan Bourne & Drew Mcintyre.

Now I get to have a little bit of fun. During the first Raw after Over The Limit, Epico & Primo win in another jobber match, and The Road Dogg's music plays. He's one of the best talkers ever, so I have no problem with just giving him a mic and letting him let loose on whatever he feels like. Basically, he just talks about how lackluster the tag division has been and now he wants to give it "one more shot" after the reception that he got at the Royal Rumble. Primo & Epico accepts only if the stipulation of "If The New Age Outlaws lose, then they must retire from wrestling forever". Road Dogg accepts and we have a match at the next PPV that would put a few butts in the seats. I think Billy Gunn would be up for it if you guarantee them that The New Age Outlaws would be inducted in the Hall of Fame the next year (you must remember that they had the third highest merchandise sales of the Attitude Era). Have The New Age Outlaws return for a few matches on Raw before the PPV just to have people tuning in.

The PPV is here, and I've got The Usos winning a match against Evan & Drew, and I've got Epico & Primo winning against The New Age Outlaws.

We can all pretend that Billy & Chuck never even happened!

Between PPV and TLC

So, here is what I've been building towards for the last couple of months. We are now heading towards TLC, a match made famous by tag teams. After giving Epico & Primo a generous run of six months with the championships, it's time to hand it off. The GM will announce the match on the week after the last PPV, and will book a TLC match that includes Epico & Primo, The Usos, and Evan Bourne & Drew Mcintyre. I think that if The Usos has been booked well enough between WrestleMania and now, then they should get a good pop when they win the title belts at TLC in what should be an awesome match up.

Yes, I've been building up this "Core Four" forever now... AND I ONLY HAVE THREE TEAMS. If WWE has enough faith, then they should call up Chris Hero and Antonio Cesaro, a team that's reputation is well known at this point. Also, in the background of this whole tag team revival thing, William Regal is giving it one last run towards a major title reign (consider Regal the Mark Henry of this year) and in between PPV and TLC, he's beginning to hype up a team that has wrestled at as many locations around the world that Regal has wrestled. Regal forms a new stable with these two new wrestlers, and they are The Kings of Wrestling (*spine tingles*)

... and now there's a reason to give a shit about the division.


We now have our SOLID "Core Four" in Epico & Primo, The Usos, Evan & Drew, and Chris Hero & Antonio Cesaro. I think the first team that drops from the Core will be Epico & Primo for one of the Jobber teams as soon as The Usos beat them in a rematch. Then the remaining three can swap feuds for a while until a new fourth team emerges, and you build from there. I think you could possibly last a year off of these four teams, and eventually you'll get main eventers from Hero, Cesaro, and Drew Mcintyre. Possibly WWE could steal a tag team away from TNA (MCMG or Beer Money), but I don't think that it's all that's necessary.

At least it would give the tag team division fucking SOMETHING to look at over than what it is now.

Please send me any and all response for my manifesto! Is anything too outlandish for you, or did I do a decent enough job... maybe you've got a better idea! Who Knows!