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  • Iron Man 2 promotional burger
  • actually kinda spicy
  • thanks to ImperiousRex (sp?) for the heads up
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Posted by Kombat

Tried it.  Didn't like it.

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That sounds tasty, maybe I'll buy one 

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I did fairly little editing compared to the rest, the intro is still crapping up on me, I'll fix that by next time. 
This one came to me because someone told me it was out, so if there are any more burgers out there from main fast food restaurants, please alert me through my wall or these threads... because I find doing these dumb videos very fun.

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I don't like spicy foods, they scare me :( 
The burger itself looks pretty....I have nothing to say. 
As for future burger reviews, um have you tried that Teriyaki burger at Hardees/Carl's Jr? Also, I don't know if this counts or not, but the Mac Snack Wrap is a Big Mac in a tortilla. That's kind of like a burger, I guess.

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Haven't gone to Burger King in a while, and I don't intend to do so. Well, maybe... Hmmm...

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I'm eating one right now!

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@wolf_blitzer85: thoughts!?
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We really have opposite tastes when it comes to Fast food since the last time I had Burger King for some reason I didn't enjoy it at all but I love Sonic even if it's run of the mill.

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@TurboMan: It's not bad. The mayo has a little spice, but not too much. Peppers were really good. Overall I'd say it's one tasty burger.
Edit: Mine looked like a pile of shit too.
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If it's anything like the Angry Whopper, I'm down like Chinatown.

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Posted by JJWeatherman

I don't like spicy food too much, so thx for the heads up. 
Nice review, keep it up.

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@mshaw006: I don't remember the angry burger, but if you like burgers, and spicy stuff, then you should give your hard earned money to BK.
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That burger looks like shit. 
It's too bad that I can't eat spicy food.  Otherwise, I'd munch this fucker down. 
Good review.  If you've got a Backyard Burger somewhere around there, I would suggest a review from one of those.

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Picked one of these up last time I was at a Burger King.  Didn't even know about the promotion, just saw it when I came in.   
I don't know if it was just the right day for it or what, but while mine also looked like shit I thought it was tasty as hell.  The red peppers were just the perfect accent, and the spicy mayo tickled me in all the right places.  In the pantheon of fast-food burgers, I would say it's a 4/5 at least.  Top-notch quality for fast food.  As far as burgers overall...then I would agree with the 3/5.  It's good, but still not better than a solid restaurant burger. 
Now, what's this about people ordering triple whoppers being idiots?? :p

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Hmm, tempted to try it. Mexican blood here so the spicier the better!