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I'm thinking about making a "Best of" monthly. So if there's any great moment from quick looks and/or premium video you want to recommend to me, do it here. (I might start doing premium videos pending Drew's approval).

WHAT IS THE BEST CLIPS OF JANUARY !?!?!??!?!?!?!??!???????

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Sleeping Dogs: Zodiac Tournament, Euro Truck Simulator '13, Anarchy Reigns (taking out that helicopter), Super Amazing Wagon Adventure and Tokyo Crash Mobs (those FMV cutscenes) I seem to remember were good. I had to stop watching that depressing Cart Life QL, but there might be something worthwhile there considering the reaction it got. Unfortunately, a larger than average portion of January's QLs were puzzle games, and they're always the worst to watch.

/ETA: I'll wait to see what the ruling is on the premium stuff. You could end up having permission to use clips from anything recent, or only from videos more than x months old, or nothing at all. Then again, the site's been pretty cool in the past about you using them sparingly. There's plenty from the last two Unprofessional Fridays alone to choose from.

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The entirety of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Quick Look.

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At the first possible opportunity, you should compile all of Jeff's Space Jam readings into one video.

Also, Brad's hipster moments in the Proteus Quick Look.