Thank you Ryan

I think that I've written and deleted so many sentences today trying to figure out what to say. So here's the best I can come up with:

Thank you Ryan for providing me with hundreds of hours of great, incredible videos and podcasts. Even if I never got to meet you (I've been kicking myself all day today for not getting those PAX East tickets for last years show because I've wanted to be a part of it for so long but schedules and college has always held me back), I felt like I had a close, personal attachment to you because of the way you conducted and handled yourself on a day to day basis.

You were extremely funny and a great host, I've been trying to think of flaws with Ryan Davis all day and I can not come up with any. I remember a few years ago (maybe last year?) where you accidentally got mad at a game and yelled out a slur, but you immediately apologized and called yourself out on your mistake. It's rare to be great at your job, but it's equally as rare when you find someone with that kind of humility as well.

I'll definitely miss your maniacal cackle as well, as it brings me great joy whenever I got to hear it.

RIP Ryan

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I'm really glad someone else remembers Ted Nyman. Thinking of him playing NBA Jam and dropping knowledge about 1825 is bringing me further from grief.

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It's been hard on all of us. I wish I could have reached out and said thanks too.

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