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I would just like to say from my phone that I fucking called that


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Fuck bones.

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Technically the Daniel Bryan news isn't new at all, he pretty much said as much on the last PPV and it was pretty clear that he won't be in action for the next few months and/or the rest of the year. Definitely sucks to see that happen to someone so talented, reminds me a lot of Austin and his neck problems.

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I never knew about the anti-mustard feelings until this week. What is wrong with you people? Mustard makes the burger/hot dog/sandwich.

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You know, you CAN cancel preorders....

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No Stone Pitbull shirt, and I love the Bullet Club shirt but I know I'll never wear it in public.

I really like the idea of owning a NJPW logo black shirt though... might have to buy me that one.

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Maybe Santino never heard that WWE hired Emma back and he accidentally protested WWE by retiring.

Son Of Ma Gun!

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Wow, I'm shocked at all of the Planet Terror love going on here. I thought the movie was way trying way too hard, and made me think that perhaps Robert Rodriguez would be a good candidate for directing Sharknado 2.

Death Proof is a movie straight from the 70's. The first half is PERFECT. Second half is a bit slow but the 30 minute car chase at the end makes up for it.