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Cerny is such a fucking boss.

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I feel like WCW had a good grasp of how to do a 3 man team. Schavanni was a good enough play-by-play, Heenan was a great heel that provided color, and Tenay was a good person that could fill you in on a wrestlers back story and/or drop the line "I talked to (Insert Name) earlier backstage, and this is how he felt about the match he was in:"

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She's looking at the bite to show that she has it in her mind to build up the last conversation where she reveals how she was bitten and who she lost. Then telling Joel to swear to her his lie about the Fireflies was true, so the weight of the lie would be on Joel's shoulders and not hers (she knows that what Joel said was complete bullshit, but she knew that he also took her away for a reason).

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There's a lot of russle going on over Taz's TNA contract expiring and Taz debuting at WWE's first Raw at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Pretty much confirmed by Taz saying some things on Twitter hinting at being in Brooklyn during the Raw show and then removing the comments.

Taz might not be the best at commentary, but him and Michael Cole made a great team in the early 2000's. Does this mean the end for Lawler?(Probably Not.)

Will TNA do the TNA thing where they hire Matt Striker? And how excruciating would a Mike Tenay/Matt Striker team be? (They would probably just try to one-up each other.)

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I think you're off. I think the framing of the bite mark is just a bit closer than previous times that they show it, so you get a more detailed look at the bumps and redness, but it isn't more harsh than the first time you see it at the beginning of the game. It's also in a well-lit area compared to the other times you see it (at night and in David's dark holding cell).

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Stuff goes fairly bad for you throughout the game, and the combat is extremely stressful.

Man Up.

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@drx25: Probably explains why it never got picked up.

  • The sound is way off. The crowd noise is really drowned out. I love listening to Nigel McGuinness, but not like that. Also I'm guessing that the commentary wasn't recorded live with the action... it just seems off.
  • Names are dumb. I'm not going to associate people like Kenny Omega with any other name besides Kenny Omega, and that's how I feel about most of the roster. Chris Hero is the only exception because he's Kassius Ohno now, but at least I understand why for WWE wrestlers.
  • This was shot somewhere in California I'm guessing because I see Rick Knox is one of the referees. I question why all the Kickstarter money wasn't just dumped into PWG since they clearly have something going over there.
  • Battle Royals suck. There isn't one memorable battle royal in the history of time.
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Anybody got a comprehensive list of wrestlers who were champs when their contracts ran out?

  • Jeff Jarrett IC Champ
  • RVD TNA champ
  • Devon TNA TV champ
  • Bobby Roode TNA tag champ

gee, if only there were some kind of Wrestling Wiki where a page was devoted to "Wrestlers who left the company a champion"... kinda like a concept page on Giant Bomb.

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Note to self: Don't buy the camera.

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Thoughts on World Title MITB:

  • While Ambrose might have the most momentum, there's no way he's going to get a briefcase this early on.
  • Barrett is the top contender in my eyes. I think he was supposed to be the winner last year until he was forced out with an arm injury.
  • No chance Fandango wins it.
  • Cesaro is getting a push right now, but I don't think that he is in the running for getting the briefcase.
  • Rhodes and Sandow are both jokes right now.... I could see Rhodes somehow winning the match though.
  • Swagger could also win it to force him back into the picture, but he's probably getting de-pushed.