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Playing through Wrestlemania mode in WWE 2k14 (redbox)

will update later.

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Anyone been to an ROH show? I was thinking of taking my son to the Columbus Ohio show until I saw it'd be $120 for us to sit front row. Having a hard time justifying the cost.

I'm guessing $60 a piece?

That doesn't sound too bad... ROH front row could be fun for you and your son cause you got the big loud barrier that you're encouraged to bang on throughout the show. I haven't been keeping up with ROH lately because they've kind of been fading out in terms of overall quality (and they're current streaming situation is DIRE). I've been to a few ROH shows and the crowd is going to be respectful, expect cursing though.

I would almost recommend you in buying GA seats though, especially if those are elevated seating.

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Picked it up from Redbox and played the first few hours for a bit...

Totally more Assassin's Creed. The controls are starting to feel like shit for me. Plus, framerate drops on PS3 is not a good sight on the eyes.

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I never really liked to use anything other than my default XMB skin anyways. I guess they'll add it in later.

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Something interesting: There seems to be a bit more pop to the colors on the XBONE edition. Or in comparison, the PC and PS4 looks a tad more washed out and/or subtle? Wonder how/why that happened?

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This website is a pretty great place to look at to get your first glimpses of an XBONE game vs. a PS4 game:


TL;DR is basically that both XBONE and PS4 versions of the game isn't as good as the PC on the highest setting. It's worth pointing out that it was captured using dev kits and the games at a near-finalized state. Also, XBONE is a couple of weeks outside of the PS4 release so who knows.

Battlefield 4's performance is almost perfectly handled in campaign mode, with the avoidance of full 1080p allowing both PS4 and Xbox One to deliver smooth 60fps playback with v-sync engaged. Exceptions are few and far between, with drops to 50fps seen in three cut-scenes here, and once down to 30fps during an explosive battle.

And also, PS4 multiplayer's Framerate drops a bit also, but there's not XBONE footage to compare it with.

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@meatball: I wouldn't say that Bryan/Punk are being demoted. Rather it's just that the Wyatt Family is making a major power play right now. Kane's motivations are still unclear and it's still unexplained what the hell the Wyatt's did to Kane months ago, and perhaps the Wyatt's are just trying to be in the good graces of the Authority by picking off two of the biggest locker room leaders in the company.

@sparky_buzzsaw: Yeah, I'm not too up for another well-past-his-prime HHH match anytime soon, but if it advances the storyline, so be it. (Also, I would just about die to see a Daniel Bryan vs. HBK match.)

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@sparky_buzzsaw: Punk is on top of the food chain, but he needed to step out of the way in order for somebody like Daniel Bryan to rise up. The feud with Heyman was the perfect way of doing that (even though admittedly it lasted a bit too long). Bryan might have lost the feud against Orton, but it's pretty easy to see that we're going to get more of Bryan vs. HHH/HBK for the next few months and probably the ultimate payoff match at Wrestlemania. I'm all for that type of buildup.

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@demoskinos: That kind of build up requires trust. I expected that Ziggler losing the title and turning face would amount to a big push for Zigglypuff, and I got nuffin.

I don't expect anything more for Sandow.