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if you haven't played Guacamelee, please play it.

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Then you add in Wind Waker HD Pikmin 3 Bayonetta 2 Wonderful 101 Donkey Kong wow thats class.

Not sure if this is flamebait or what, but I find it so fucking insane when people use $ to spell a company's name.

Ya don't think Nintendo wants to make money either? They've been profiting off of the same four characters for the past 30 years!

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I just hope someone makes a BEST OF video with all the best moments composed into one long video.

Please? All of you video editing doods out there, please make this happen!

@turboman has you covered

Is something in the works or is Turboman a known quantity?

my current plans: do a best of video for each of the console launch streams for the rest of November and then get all of the Dark Souls videos out during Christmas time

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I'm never a fan of orchestral music, but the way Journey's score melted along with what was happening on the screen really reached out to me. That game had the best music of the generation.

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the announcement of Regal vs. Cesaro made my balls pucker up a bit.

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Shame is a super good character study kind of movie, btw.

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So what was the point of Monday?

. . . Okay, I can't help but laugh at this. I'm assuming they want one more Raw to build up the 6v6 that was implied yesterday, so they announced this so they can change it live on TV. It has to be that, right (not that it makes much more sense...)? They could not have seriously done all that, got the awesome reaction they did, only to just turn around and say "Nah, let's just do a regular tag match". Or maybe they did, because it's the WWE.

FAHCKING BULSHEET if that's true.

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Let the record show that Nintendo had the greatest launch [window] lineup in the console & handheld wars of 2013.

Dat Three-Year Launch Window

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The only way next week's Raw can be saved is Curtis Axel doing the sequel to this song:

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Raw was meh tonight (usually is at UK shows)

Though we did get our first tease at a Shield vs. Wyatt Family match (might as well try to force that in as soon as possible before the inevitable Shield breakup).

6 vs 6 Survivor Series match looks super awesome on paper. Might be the only reason to give a damn about Survivor Series though.

I can't come up with a thread title :(