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I don't understand how people can still watch wrestling, once you're past the age of 15 and all.

That and it was better pre-PG13.

Wrestling has never been rated R...

You probably didn't watch Raw last night when CM Punk cursed out somebody who was booing him for no reason

I would like them to do a Wrestling podcast and explain how the entire system works, it is really confusing to me. Are they all owned by the same corporation and feed into each other or are the separate, competing organizations that sign and drop wrestlers as their popularity increases or decreases.

WWE is the biggest federation in the world and sign all of their wrestlers to exclusive contracts, they own a developmental federation called "NXT". NXT is where newly signed WWE wrestlers go to train and get themselves ready for TV. Recently it's been the place for these guys to kind of make up new gimmicks constantly and see if anything sticks. For instance, there's this guy named Tyler Breeze that's been in NXT for three years, and just recently he's undergone a character change that the fans are really latched to (basically Zoolander), so he'll probably be called up some time soon to be on the road for the WWE.

Outside of WWE, there's TNA, which is the second biggest company in America. They also have signed most of their wrestlers to exclusive contracts.

Outside of WWE and TNA, there's the independents. This includes ROH, PWG, Chikara, CZW, Dragon Gate USA, etc etc. All of these wrestlers are hired to work night-by-night and are free to work for whichever company they choose. Usually the best of the best from the independents get picked up by either TNA or WWE.

There's also foreign leagues in Japan, Mexico, UK, etc.


Not to be a big shill for myself, but I'm about to start a wrestling site soon and will probably post the podcasts/videos on these forums as blog posts.... so if you'd like to support me and want to have more wrestling podcasts in your life, get ready.

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@biggiedubs: Bray was pretty dominant last night on Raw over R-Truth

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Just looking around on the internet and I can neither confirm nor deny that there will or won't be a live stream of the press conference tomorrow morning. Anyone here know if there will be one?

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However you take that ending you can not deny it was flat. Putting myself in Bryan's shoes I wouldn't just waltz down to the ring without a plan. Also, there must have been some faces on the stage, none of them felt the need to help Bryan out? Too afraid for their jobs?


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Uh... maybe not the best way to kick off the start of your new top babyface's run, WWE.

Yes, it was. They established the villains. You can't expect him to get any sort of revenge ONE NIGHT after it happened.

Villains were established pretty clearly last night. Tonight was the night for Bryan to prove he can hang. Instead, he looked like a child.

Daniel Bryan proved he could hang when he beat Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Christian before the Money in the Bank match, and when he kicked ass and took names in the gauntlet match... oh yeah, and when he BEAT John Cena clean at the main event of the second biggest PPV of the year.

Tonight wasn't about establishing whether or not Bryan could hang, it was establishing that the new Corporations are complete fucking assholes

If the Shield let Bryan pass with no confrontation, then the Corporation would at least have dignity. It was proven tonight that the Corporation is full of dicks (and Steph), and must be overcome.

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If you think Daniel Bryan looked weak...

  1. He beat Cena clean last night
  2. Was blindsided by HHH, pinned by Orton
  3. He survived a 3 on 1 attack from The Shield for a little while
  4. Had to be blindsided by The Shield in order for them to get the upper hand on Bryan
  5. Was blindsided again by Orton

If anything, Bryan is the ultimate underdog(Luke Skywalker, if you will), and is fighting his heart out in order to even get to Randy Orton (Darth Vader, if you will). We will ultimately have this confrontation and good will prevail, but it takes time in order for this to have a payoff... some people call it Telling A Story.

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Just got done watching the PPV here after work (4AM, geez...)

Overall, I thought the main event was great, and if Cena was wrestling with a borked arm, then my hats off to him. Also Daniel Bryan looks to be in his zone in the WWE. I wish Orton and HHH heeled it up a bit more, like I said earlier playing his song was a huge mistake and it made the crowd pop loudly and forget about sympathizing with Bryan. I wonder if Vince is in on it too or not... anyhoo it was a memorable moment that was needed to cap off the PPV.

If you have any doubt whether or not Lesnar cares if he's at WWE or not, then you need to get over yourself. Him and Punk had an all out war in the ring tonight and very much felt like a main event match from the Attitude Era. Punk is ok with the loss, since he came out of the match looking STRONG.

Bray Wyatt's debut was solid. It's hard to do anything in that kind of match, so it all might as well be one giant angle. I'm quite a big fan of the guillotine stair spot. He had a real lantern but we couldn't see shit, so that might be the end of the real lantern. Also, the firemen on standby was really fucking dumb/hilarious.

Rhodes/Sandow was super good within its time constraint. Once again, this feud can last forever.

If you're not happy about the ending, you need to realize that Daniel Bryan isn't going anywhere and is a major player in a major storyline. Calm Down.

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It was just a scene that was cut from the movie. On the special edition DVD, it's in the deleted scenes section and each time you watch one of the scenes, there's a quick video from Quintin explaining that he wanted to do a scene with a handheld camera, but he ended up taking it out for pacing reasons and he clearly mentions that there will never be a "Director's Cut" of Pulp Fiction because the movie he wanted to make was the one that was released.

No clue why AMC played it though...

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By the way, can you use PSN credit to buy Summerslam? I have $26 in Gamestop credit which I could then turn into PSN credits.

I'm guessing not, for Netflix and Hulu it seems to be its own separate store, I'm sure it's the same for the PPV app.


Sadly, tonight is my last night of work at Domino's Pizza and I will have to miss the PPV chat.