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Orton's attacker was charged and he plead guilty to the charge. Apparently the price you pay for hitting Orton in the balls is only $50.

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I just realized that Bellator and TNA are exactly the same.

TNA hires old WWE talent to be their main event

Bellator hires old UFC talent to headline their PPV's.

Honestly, I don't know why anybody would find it appealing to watch two way-past-their-prime guys fighting each other.

Also, Tito Ortiz in TNA (along with Rampage Jackson) puts approx. zero new butts in the seats for TNA.

EDIT: Oh, they're making the show at Norfolk into a PPV-kinda event? I might as well go now...

EDIT2: Boy, that Tito reveal lasted about 2 minutes of the camera just going back and forth between Tito and everybody else, that was really cringeworthy

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Wrestlemania buyrate: 1,039,000 down 200,000 buys from last year's WM. I guess twice in a lifetime wasn't as big of a draw, and to be honest I'm sure it wouldn't have cracked a million if the CM Punk vs. Undertaker build up wasn't so good.

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God, this is the greatest thing ever. The guy who attacked Randy Orton was going into business for himself and expected it could've made him a huge star. He was 20 and a trained kick boxer.

The fan who attacked Randy Orton yesterday at a wrestling show in Capetown, South Africa was identified as 20-year-old Tshepo Sekhabi.

Sekhabi, who called himself, "Jozi, the wrestling machine," was from Johannesburg, where he had quit his job in order to attend yesterday's show, and attacked Orton with the hope it would lead to him becoming a big wrestling star.

Instead, he got a black eye, has been banned from the Grand West Casino in Capetown, where the show took place, and may have charges filed against him according to an article on the www.enca.com web site in South Africa.

The WWE has claimed that Orton is considering pressing charges for the attack which left him with a sore groin from an uppercut between the legs. Orton wasn't seriously injured and worked with Wade Barrett on the recently completed show today.

Sekhabi, who trains as a kickboxer, admitted quitting his job as an administrative clerk this week, admitted the attack was premeditated.

"I just don't like Randy Orton," he said. "This was an opporutnity for me, so I got up there and made a name for myself."

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@cannonballbam: Card subject to change. They always advertise certain matches months in advanced, but it will never spoil the result of the PPV

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@lord_canti: not at all going to happen (they only have two weeks left before this match).

What is going to happen is that Cena vs. Bryan is an awesome match, and Orton will fuck it up and become the new corporate champion.

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The video was made by a kid in the audience, if you search for it on YouTube you'll find the original (horribly shot) video. Doubt it was worked since Big E looked like he wanted to kick the shit out of somebody.


Somebody on Wreddit has compiled all of the things that have happened in the TNA Trainwreck.

  • Significant cut backs on flying in wrestlers for tapings.

  • Office staff, vendors, and wrestlers (reportedly even Hogan) began receiving their paychecks late. Even the OVW developmental guys were getting paid late.

  • Rumors of morale sinking, with many wrestlers sending out feelers through WWE friends to see if there was interest there.

  • Many staff members deals restructured and asked to take paycuts or to work on per-night appearances.

  • Senior VP of Programming and Talent Relations Bruce Prichard released after refusing to take a paycut.

  • TNA agent D-Lo Brown agrees to per-night deal, only to be laid off anyway.

  • Lindsey Bynum, manager of live events publicity left the company (unsure if quit or laid off)

  • Matt Morgan released (reportedly asked for it after seeing the writing on the wall)

  • DOC (who was seemingly in the midst of a storyline), Tara, Taelor Hendrix all released from their contracts. Taelor Hendrix goes on to confirm in interviews that talent are being paid late.

  • TNA house show in Missouri is changed because someone dropped the ball and Chris Sabin, Garett Bischoff, Jay Bradley, Wes Brisco, Gail Kim and Miss Tessmacher were all unable to get licensed to wrestle in the state.

  • Dixie Carter gives a speech to the locker room, to try and reassure everyone that things are going to be fine...which usually is a sign that they're not. Here's a video of the speech.

  • TNA releases Jesse Sorenson, a guy who literally broke his neck for the company. Although reasons have since come out that make it sound as though TNA was perhaps justified, it's still a PR nightmare.

  • Then #AskDixie happens, and well....yeah. It didn't go well, to say the least.

  • Word comes out that Taz tried to jump ship from TNA but was unable to get WWE to sign him.

  • The coup de gras: Dixie Carter releases a long statement online to the fans, attempting to once again reassure everyone that things are fine, which...once again, when things get so bad that you feel the need to address the rumors publicly, generally things are the total opposite of "fine." The President of the company being forced to address rumors about their stability is not something that makes employees, networks, or investors feel confident.

  • TNA recently cancelled 2 live events in the northwest due to low ticket sales

  • TNA OnDemand subscribers have started getting emails stating that the video on demand service will no longer be offered as of Friday, August 2. Refunds will be given to subscribers. But were reminded that they could still watch videos on TNA's YouTube channel.

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@crusader8463: I'd recommend watching it with a live chat and seeing how that goes for ya

@apparatus_unearth: somebody will post one up before every Raw/smackdown/PPV/whatever We also have a weekly show we put on every Wednesday (hey @drx25, are we doing Wednesday Night Wrasslin tomorrow?)

I have been totally obsessed with the whole Chikara story thing that I am totally disinterested in watching Raw every Monday but I will say that Daniel Bryan is the guy that keeps me following what's going on.

We are too! King of Trios is supposed to be coming up soon... I'm sure they wouldn't skip out of their biggest payday of the year for an angle... right!?

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Wasn't the PS3/360 versions of that game death?

Maybe it runs smooth when nobody else is playing it.

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@demoskinos Lost his smile :(

see ya around the forums