What i did this week (Baylis Blog)


-Finally finished my filming for my end of year grading for college . Took 3 weeks to finally organize , film and log all the footage . So now i can finally look back on my week i can safely say i am never working with the rest of the people in my team . 
Not only did 1 out of the 4 of the other group members show up . But i ended up producing and directing both my film and my friends film . They should not be on the course . (Rant over ) 
 This is our home made "broom" mic

-Apart from the craziness of my other members i had a lot of fun . this is the kind of thing i live for . Here are a few pictures of the last couple of days 
 Bad blood effects

-Still can't use photo shop to its full potential . But now i don't have to film i have some free time to blow . 
-Now i have the epic job of editing this master piece . I will post the final video when its done.
-I found the best format to to export in Adobe Premier CS4 for youtube .  If your interested it is FLV/ F4V

- I got a new mouse mat today . It is a Razor eXact Mat X-speed . I think its amazing . so much better than using my scratched desk surface for gaming . 
- Finally i uploaded a new video . Its about how funny some radio adverts can be without meaning to be . The subject of the advert isn't funny but its the way they made it .... 
we recorded it while we were filming a time lapse in the car .. 

Gaming Wise ....

-Still hooked to TF2 . specially now the new update is out . I don't play as a soldier or demo man but i have fun healing all the people now playing as them . At one point i had 9 demos on Red team vs 9 Sollys on blue team . 
-Made the new GB steam group . Its growing ...slowly but surely . If you want to join here is the steam community link 
-Still haven't found time to play Dragon Age . But now filming is over i should be able to fins some time 


-Having played a lot of TF2 i decided to make a new part of this blog which gives advice to new medics starting off . 
- This week we will talk about ......

Who to heal ?

Having played my fair share of clan matches i know that deciding who to heal in the middle of a fight can be confusing . The thing you have to keep in mind is HEALTH . Simply put heal the members of your team that have less health . I know it may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many medics i have seen who don't keep an eye on EVERYONE'S health .  

The point of a good medic is to keep everyone alive . Don't fall into the common trap of sticking to one player . That is being a "Pocket Medic" .
Now you know who to heal next week we will talk about who is the most effective to uber and which uber to use . 
let me know if you found the guide helpfull . 

My first blog like blog .

Well guys i decided i might as well start one of these things seeming as i have a bunch of stuff going on at the moment which i think you might be interested in . 
So here it goes 
 Photos taken during production


- From Monday to Friday i have been busy filming for my end of term media moving image assessment at york college . 
( Here is a link to my course ignore all the smiling people its all fake)

 as you can see we did a lot of public filming

- I have finally started going back to the gym to loose some of the weight i put on when i broke my arm . 
- I tried to learn how to use photoshop in between filming ...not doing so well it that one 
- I learned that it is impossible for my camera to take pictures of the moon at night .


Gaming wise ....

- well i decided i was sick and tired of using my wireless shit mouse and keyboard for gaming so i bought a Logitech g15 keyboard and a G9 mouse of the interwebs  Got them in a bundle so i saved about 30 quid . Then becuase i had money left over i bought a G35 gaming headset . its going to be a boring Xmas this year .
I have put aside MW2 and in fact my entire xbox  and have been really getting into team Fortress 2 again . I play a medic if you wanted to know . 
Here is a screen shot of my last game tonight  if you care .
This and DOW2 have been taking up most of my time gaming wise last week . 


- Sit down and play some Dragon age 
- Get editing done 
Simple goals but i doubt either will get done . 
Thanks for reading .

I was dead wrong about Dawn of war 2 ..

Now i consider myself  a die hard RTS player . The first game i played were Dune 2 on the Amiga . I have played every command and conquer game made . From there humble beggings with Westwood studios to EA . Games like Empire earth , Rise of nations , Warcraft (starcraft not so much) , Age of empires etc i have played and loved them all .   
 The William Wallace campaign on age of empires 2 was fucking awesome)

 Anyone else remember this game ?

 Never really got into this game .

Now when Dawn of war came out in 2004 i immediately got it . It was what i craved as at that point i was into the table top game as well . It combined a cool but simple combat and resource system which was easy to get into and meant less time thinking about resources and more time killing . It was a fairly traditional RTS with base building etc . I continually played that game for about 3-4 years since . Then i discovered company of heroes . Made by the same people i knew i was going to like it and i did .  

 More based on combat this was a good step with RTS


 Such a good game .

 It was much harder than Dow but it was much more rewarding . The whole cover system was something that was kind of built into DOW but now properly like in this game . units would move to cover themselves to get out of the line of fire etc. 
Anyway back on track . When i heard about DOW 2 being developed i immediately  bought a new computer . I eagerly awaited the game . When the demo came out i was so excited i remember i couldn't wait for it to downlaod . But when i finally got on the game ....no....base...building .....
I not going to lie i was massively disappointed . I didn't even finish playing the rest of the game and deleted it from steam and never touched the game again ...until the steam Xmas sale .. For a XMas present for my friend i got him the THQ pack . (He had got a new gaming laptop so i thought I'd get him some games to play ) In the pack was DOW 2 . Now my other mate who i always play with online got DOW 2 also . SO they persuaded me to give it a shot . SO i did . And OMG ....its so much better than i expected . I mean as a traditional RTS fan i was put of by the lack of base building but i really think the series took a turn for the better . I take back every bad thing i said about the game in my previous posts on these forums . Its a great game which i have not really been able to put down since i got it .
 Sorry for the wall of text just thought i would share this with you . 
And orks are possibly the best thing ever created in a video game . WAAAAAGH!!!!!

Now this really makes me angry

I don't know if you have heard of the this branch of Christianity called the " Westboro Baptist Church" They have been the  target of a lot of controversy in their extremist beliefs and protests . Some examples of these include showing up at army funerals and preaching that God wanted their sons and daughters to die . 
Now i am not writing this blog to target this church . 

 You might have seen images like these on your internet viewing

However i can express my views on their website . Now i would normally NEVER go onto a site that is connected with this church . However my friend linked me to this site and i have to say i am very upset that this site has been created .

  Basically they have a map and you select where you live in the world and they tell you if they have a opinion about it or not . Now Noramlyl i would shrug this off and say 
"Well they are American its their problem let them deal with it .."
However the page about the UK and Ireland really made my blood boil . 

here is what they say about the UK :

The United Kingdom is fully given over to fags, and proud of it – they are grevious sinners before their God like ancient Sodom, and they shall receive the same firey end.  They roundly declare that what God says is an abomination is in fact an innocent lifestyle to be aspired to and rewarded.


Now this really makes me upset . I consider my self a christian . (not a very good one) But i do believe in something up there . Anyway to be told i am going to hell becuase the UK has the Intelligence to realize that all humans deserve equal rights . Now i would normally shrug this insult off . But it really got to me for some reason . And if you spend a lot of time on internet forums you develop a thick skin to insults etc . But this really got to me . 
They continue to mention abortions :

The murder of unborn babies has been legal in the United Kingdom since the Abortion Act of 1967.  Abortion has been historically legal under common law in England, Scotland and Wales in certain situations, don’t you know.  The English and their cohorts are oh so proper.  Today, you can kill a 24-week old baby for social reasons; but most hospitals and clinics reportedly will not perform them after 18-20 weeks.  18 weeks or 24 weeks, IT’S STILL MURDER, you vile beasts!  God Hates murder and murderers!! 

Like it or not abortion is often necessary . I'm not going to turn this blog into a pro choice debate . But its the way this church uses the bible to support their claims and arguments that makes me livid . 
In fact . This is  enough for me to abandon my faith . To see people use God in this way makes me sick . 
Sorry i just had to vent my anger .

Hot Damn ! Borderlands Is Fun !

Well me and my mate went to go get Borderlands on Friday (that's when it came out in Europe) anyway so we played no stop till we got to about lvl 23 . And then with any game where you can choose different classes we had our first nerd argument . God it feels like Baulders gate  . Anyway . 
He said :
"Dude Sirens are way better than soldiers . Also you sub class says Leader i refuse to follow you anymore . (he likes to RP a little too much ;P)
And i was like :
"Oh yea lets prove it who the leader is ! " ( did i mention i like to RP also) 
We both smacked each other and it was ON ! 
 I fucked him up . 
He underestimated my turret and seeming as i was medic spec i never got hurt xD 
Now this is what makes it so cool the fact you can just say fuck it i anit following you anymore lets fight to see who is the victor . 
Oh and i have a habit of killing this mate in every game but on this game i heal him when i shoot him :) 


Street Fighter 4 AWESOME .. The Comuintiy Not So Much

 Now i love street fighter 4 and i love playing it with my friends and i guess i what I'm about to say is because I'm not very good at the game  .
(lets get that out the way before you say i don't like the game because i suck ...i know )
But i find the street fighter 4 community on the whole to be one of the most annoying and hate filled  communities i have ever experienced . Now I'm all for players talking a bit of trash to each other in fact that's what competitive games are all about beating the other player . 
However there is a limit to what i with stand . I've played counter strike and halo 3 extensively which are known for their annoying communities also but street fighter 4 takes the fucking cake .
Let me run through some of the experiences i have come across on the game playing online and on this forum too . 
There seems to be a unwritten rule of idiots who play street fighter 4 .
1 If you win you cheap
2 If you loose your a scrub
Having experienced Both of these on games online i have to say i am thoroughly put of ever wasting my time on this game . It seems that people who play this game have a goal to make themselves look like the biggest dumb ass as possible . 
HEAVEN FORBID you use a character such as ken or akuma and beat a street fighter idiot  . If you do prepare for a bombardment of angry messages and flaming . 
On the GB forums they have users who  go through character threads and express there stupidity because you don't play the way you like . 
"OMG you play as ken go back to the training mode scrub ..."
Any way back to the point . I think i'm done with street fighter . Well at least playing online and participating in the threads about street fighter 4 .
If you want to see most of these things i have talked about in action just watch any Darksyde phill  video . Now i know he puts it on but he does imitate the things that the community does that really annoys me . 
Anyway i had to vent that .


My Favourite Gamecube Games

That's right i am quite the Gamecube fan . Oh i miss he days of the last generation of consoles . Good games . Great multilayer and no fucking online services . I have had way more fun with these games then most of the games on my PC or Xbox 360 .
I remember when me and my buddies would sit down and play some split screen action on time splitters on normal definition TV's and we had a great time . Unlike today Where everything is online and in HD etc blah blah

Well anyway these are my favourite games for the console . I have others ofc like Zelda and Metroid . But some of these are Rare and Hard to Find copies of thems these days .


3 Amazing reviews in one

First we start of with my new DVDs

1. D U N E  -David Lynch 3 hour extended edition

Review: okay first off this is only available in American . Therefore we are faced with the problem of it being region code 1 . But stroke of luck my trusty friend Mr Apple Macbook is region 1 so i watched it on there while eating some pizzahut .
The original cut of the film is still as confusing obscure and amazing as it was back in the 80s David lynch takes a un-filmable books and well ..films it . Briiliant props costumes story follows the book but does miss a couple of points . But thats knit picking . Music is awesome with some cool tracks by Toto . And of course it has my all time best cast actor in any film Brad Dourif as the Harknonen Mentat . Such amazing acting .
Bonus Content is very good and extensive showing all the behind the cnens footage etc . Deleted scenens are cool but not really that interesting appart from from teh extra fremen fight .
Now we get to the Bad things about this DVD Its dual sided and on the otherside is a 3 hour extended version of Dune . This is AWFULL . Repeating of footage is really obvious and it flows like a river of Concreate .
Therefore if you ever buy this DVD dont turn it over :)

 8/10 (without other side)

Second DVD purchase is the D U N E Miniseries that showed on the scifi channel

I wont bore you with stroy but its really good :) Good acting Good costumes and cool FX for the time it was made . I'll cut this revfiew short for the best thing i got


Holy shit these were tasty . Unlucky you Yankies Can't get these over the pond . SO tasty :P

Its True What They Say About The Number 7

Good old lucky number 7
I don't usually believe in these kind of things but today i had a experience that changed my mind .
In the U.K before you can sit your Driving test to get a full license you have to pass a thoery test . It invloves a number of questions with mulitple choice answers and a hazzard perception portion in which you must click the mouse if you se a hazard on a clip they show you .
I tried and failed to pass this stupid easy test 6 different times . Each one i failed by 2 . Exactly 2 marks off passing .
However this is where things start to get weird :

- I booked my test that i did today on the 7th of June .

- This is my seventh attempt at the test

- I woke up at exactly 7am

- I was placed on the 7th machine

And gues what .... I FUCKING PASSED !!!11

This can't be a coincednce . Maybe there is something to the number 7 after all .