You can't fucking argue with these people .

Don't get me wrong i'm all for standing up for your rights and all but these people are fools .

I'm talking about the idiots who have made the Boycott LFD2 group on steam . I joined the group ..not becuase i agree about thier cause . But becuase i attempted to argue there points .
But you know what ... i don't think a single member of that group knows what their on about . They keep on talking about their goals and how valve will stop supporting the game and how they demmand that they get it for free .

Here are some of the respinses i got .

@ Shut the fuck up about LFD2

go play TF2 heal people which gives you a warm fussy feeling inside

Thats what is on his profile everyone

"i love to heal ppl on tf2 gives me a warm fussy feeling inside"

How do you love Valve ? With their dick in your mouth or in your ass ?

Lets have a intelligent discussion .
about "Shut the fuck up about LFD2 "

1 You be the one who should shut the fuck up

2 Fuck yourself with a knife

We are in 2012. Valve just shiped LEft 4 Dead 5 who will replace LFD 4. (and the teams start working at LFD6 who must be shiped in 5 months: can be done cause they will use the same engine as LFD 1 , 2 ,3 ,4 and 5)

We got new weapons : the pan was replaced with a pot. The knife with a scissor , the AKM soviet version with a AKM czech version. They also retextured the axe and the chainsaw wich is now yellow instead of red.

We got 4 new survivors : a nigger from Somalia (with huge abdomen ), a dutch gay wearing gold necklaces , a chineese cook and a hungarian prostitute with big tits.

We also got 5 new improved songs ( including Macarena ,Cocojambo and PokerFace ).

The new campains (ofcourse incompatible with all the old games) will take place in Rio de Janeiro on the beaches. , so we can admire the sun and the ocean.

All will cost just 60 bucks .
One idiot will come on the boycott group and will post : " omg faggots , is ONLY 60 bucks. You should be happy "

 This is the response i got .
Don't try and and argue with them there idiots .


I actually did well in CS:S. The end of the world is coming !

Well folks every once in a while i manage to get kills in counter strike

I can't believe it . I know this does not seem very good , but if you had seen my preivous games you would be as happy as i am now .

Now this brings me round to my point . Do you reckon some games have been played for so long that the learning curve for new players is just too high ? . I mean games like street fighter e.t.c
Iv'e been playing CS:S for a while now (like a year) and i'm still awfull .

(BTW I'm Tgg Handicap)

Also another note : This below is what a Turbomokney really is :)

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