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@jjweatherman: Yea I noticed how everyone had red names. They did some work while I was gone :D

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I've been a part of this site since its conception.

And I thought it would be cool if we could take a moment and reflect back on these forums.

Does anyone remember the Nintendo defence force? Back when you chose your alignment (Nintendo,Sony,Microsoft etc) we had red names. If someone criticised anything Nintendo the powers of users such as Linkyshinks and Oldskool would swoop down to the rescue.... Yea those were my fanboy days.

That and the photoshop thread. Such memories :)

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I think they need to focus on one market. They are trying very hard to get both Skyrim fans and MMORPG players. They might end up loosing both.

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Sorry if this has been mentioned before. But for some reason when I try watch any video content on giantbomb it so stuttery and laggy I cant bare more than a few mintues.

Has anyone else had this problem?

I tired on all 3 video settings. Lowering the the quality etc etc nothing seems to work.

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This really is amazing dude.

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@pezen said:

Overall I think they're both good and you do have an eye for good shots. Here's my take on the videos;

First video; I think the overall style works for the band and the going in and out focus fits with the music. However, I think you're putting way too much emphasis on the keyboard player. The drummer barely get screen time and when he does you can barely see what he's doing because half of his shots are closeups of his instrument. And the bassist is so rarely in shot you forget he's even in the video.

Second video; Great slow shots, didn't necessarily need to do the first cut but could instead have let that first shot continue because the cut feels like it works against the tempo of the music. This video gives me a tv morning show vibe for some reason. I think as the video went on, the cuts slowed down and ended up feeling less stressful and more fitting. I think the focus shift to the saxophone player when his part came in was great and worked well with the music.

Im glad you liked it duder.

The first video the guy who paid us was the keybaord player. He specificly wanted their to be a lot of keybaord shots at all times haha xD

The second video the band is a function band. they wanted something that look kinda cheasy and live a live gig.

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@fattony12000: Thanks for watching. we use a cannon 550d with a 50mm lens. A cannon 7d (im not sure what lens but it is in the pictures in the post) and 2 panasonic 151 cameras for the wide shots.

They wanted a kinetic feel for the first video. Lots of going in and out of focus etc.

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