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I just want to say, +1 for The Age of Cage or just Age of Cage.

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And thus begins the next cycle in your 100 year reliving of the world over and over again... Muahaha I mean, that's weird guys, right?

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Like the title says.

It started at 10:00 am PST Dec 10, 2013 so it ends 10:00 am PST Dec 12, 2013.

Price is $5.99 from $11.99.

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I hope its front to back and not back to front.

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Puppy Microsoft and their puppying puppy console and puppy terms.

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The Year of EA's Broken ass games. I feel bad for the devs.

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I have this feeling this movie is going to be gritty and dark now.

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If the quick look was just the guys being extremely quiet and making awkward sounds and remarks every so often I'd still be happy.

EDIT: and Wii u please, We gotta know what the touch screen does.

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Go Hotline Miami!

Sorry other duders your favorites weren't on there.

I still listen to this sound track every so often. Even got my wife into it even though she barely plays video games.

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I'll just add to the already mentioned MX518 answers. I've had mine for years now and it still works flawlessly. If the G400 or G400s works the same or better, get it. There is no going wrong with this mouse.