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I dated an Indian girl for about 6 years and I am essentially white (half scandanavian/half turkish). My family couldn't care less who I date, which is awesome having that kind of support, but her family was like a brick wall for 5 of those 6 years. Since I wasn't a "nice indian boy" trying to penetrate that wall took a metric shit-ton of effort and even then I was never fully accepted.

It was pretty horrible being shunned at gatherings and such but if you like the person you just gotta go for it and worry about yourself. At the end of the day its your life and even if they think it's bad and don't condone it, they'll love you for who you are and will hopefully come around eventually if they see that the person you're with is awesome.

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This is seriously the fucking worst. Words can not express how awful and tragic this is, but watching everyone in the gaming community come together to celebrate all the memories and good times with Ryan can only express how much this man was respected and loved. We're all gonna miss you Ryan, godspeed.

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I've just started chapter 4 and this game has been frustrating to me only because they do so many things so well, but then other stuff like the constant super tight corridor design and the hit or miss voice acting pops up and it's kind of a bummer. I still think the game is pretty good and not bad by any stretch of the imagination but this is the kinda game that if they ever get another shot at another one, they could make something really special.

The visual design of Neo-Paris, the absolutely wonderful soundtrack are things that made me excited to play this game and the interesting story premise are keeping me excited going foward. Seriously, the soundtrack is holy shit fantastic, one of the best I've heard in this generation of games The combo system is a neat idea but I can see how it would get repetitive later on as it seems like you're going to make your "best" 2 or 3 combos and just spam that the whole game. Overall I'm definitely digging this game and hope by the time it finishes I feel the same way.

Anyone know if there going to be any plans to release an OST, cause I'd be there day 1!

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Totally down for warframing with some duders/dudettes.

Steam ID: Turkfinn

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How about SeriouslyShirley or rather SurelyShirley and try to get people to say 5 times fast. My brain hurts now.

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Totally agree with all the points about the music. The music in the game is definitely one of its bright spots. Personally I really enjoyed the combat, especially when everything opens up later on in the game. I can see why people disliked the game with all its flaws and all, but I enjoyed the whole thing for what its worth. It deserves some of the hate it gets but I feel like it gets piled on a bit much by some people as there were plenty of redeeming qualities about the game. I wouldn't say it was my favorite FF game or RPG but I wouldn't call it a bad game and had a good time with it. I'm curious to see what your opinion on the game is by the time they get away from the corridor stuff.

FF-XIII 2 is something that also improves a lot of things about FF-XIII and I'm kinda looking forward to ffxiii-3. Say what you want about the series, at the very least, it's not stagnating and they're switching things up pretty drastically across all 3 games. That's more than you can say for most franchises at this point in time.

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Y'all mother fuckers need to calm down, way too much rage going on in here.

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Red Dead or Vice City for me. I just enjoyed everything about Red Dead and Vice City was just a ton of fun. A lot of the other games were technically superior to it, but it's one of those things where the game just clicks with you for no specific reason.

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I can't believe he did it, that was absolutely amazing. Future Breaking Brads willl be spoiled now due to this momentous occasion.

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Now try using the grenades underwater, pop elixir U and THEN see how fast things die. It seems kind of stupid broken but so much fun.