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I'd say no unless you hate the 3DS. You'd probably only get like, $100 for it unless it's a limited edition one or something.

I'm not sure what this $300 PC you were looking at has inside of it but... a pre-built at that price probably won't be very promising. I mean, if you wanted to JUST play TF2 sure, that game would run fine on Intel's integrated graphics, but some of the more demanding games would look and probably run like crud. If you raise your budget to about $400 and build your own you can easily build something that will max TF2 (or any other Source engine game) and even play modern titles at 1080p on about medium settings. (Maybe higher if it's optimized well or if you game at resolutions like 720p or 900p)

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3D Land and Pokemon (either X/Y or ORAS) would be my immediate recommendations.

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@oscar__explosion said:

@viking_funeral: I thought there was a patch put out for Bayonetta that made it pretty much ok?

Anyone who says that patch made Bayonetta okay is either high or has really low standards. It looks murky as hell and runs at like... 20 fps. Would never recommend to anyone ever.

Anyway, yeah I think a PS3 is worthwhile considering it and its games are cheap as dirt now. Makes more a nice blu ray player too.

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@jrm: Probably, but I just don't feel right doing literally nothing with it and waiting and waiting for those games. The games I know I'd really want probably won't be out until like, late 2016 either.

And for whatever it's worth, I have the white Xbox One so I could easily sell it for more than I initially paid for.

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Yeah, I'm in the process of selling my Xbox One actually. I like the console but... I'm just not using it very much. I'm glad I got to play Sunset Overdrive and 60fps Halo but I stopped paying for Gold and just rarely feel like going on it. I bought it under the impression my friends and I would be playing Halo like, all the time, but the busted launch kinda made that not happen. These days I'd much rather just game on my PC... which isn't even that impressive of a rig but still manages to outperform the Xbox One and PS4. (I'm actually thinking of the using the money I get from the Xbox One to make some upgrades.)

I think my biggest problem with the current consoles is I know there's shit coming that I really want to play, it's just that none of those games are currently out and I feel like it's a waste (for me) to have the consoles just wait there until those games come.

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@lestephan: I read on Twitter apparently you need to unlock mirror mode to get it, which I think you do by beating all the cups on 150cc. Apparently you can still use 200cc online though.

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I thought 200cc was part of a free update? It's not popping up for me.

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Naruto Gaiden 01- Hm, it's interesting so far. I have to admit that while I'm super glad it ended, I still miss Naruto.

Looking forward to seeing Sarada, Sasuke, Sakura, and Karin appear on the Maury show.

One Piece 784 - For everyone complaining that Luffy didn't get strong enough post timeskip... haha.

But seriously Gear Fourth is fucking amazing. Oda senpai did not disappoint. Now to suffer another week long break because of Golden Week in Japan.

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@skytylz: Pairing an R9 290 with a 500 watt PSU probably wouldn't work out very well.

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The 3DS straight up murders the Vita as far as first party support and exclusives go. I'd definitely go with that if I didn't already have one.