Games That I'm Most Looking Forward To (in no particular order)

This list includes games that I am excited about in the future (the future being after July 9th, 2010).

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lol @ Two Worlds II.  I would add Mass Effect 3 to that, along with Mafia II, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, and Dragon Age 2.  Good list overall, though.  Welcome to the site.

Posted by twboyd

I added a couple of the titles you mentioned to the list.  Good call with the Metal Gear, as I had forgotten all about it.  I have hope for Mafia II, but I have reservations as well. 

Posted by atsnead

Lets be honest with ourselves, EVERYONE is happy that Raiden became a little more badass  and a lot less whiny b*#&$ so Metal Gear is a good call (the fact that I am a huge fanboy has nothing to do with it what so ever).  Fable III is one of those I have to see it to believe it.  Sadly I didn't even finish ME 2 and the gods of gaming will surely frown up me for this, so I'm not really excited about ME 3.  If Crackdown builds on the immense fun of the first game it will be great.  Dues Ex looks amazing and the story seems really cool.  Brink has some potential like you said.  I would like to play FEAR 3 but I have to play the second one first.  The rest all look very good as well.  I'm preemptively giving my vote to Two Worlds II for game of the year because it's just gonna be that good.

Posted by MajorMitch

"I can feel you judging me."
Mwahaha, feel my judgment! Anyway, I'm taking Snead's "seeing is believing" method with anything Mr. Molyneux makes anymore.