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#1 Posted by Tweedster (33 posts) -

@mrpibb: Thanks for the update ... I jumped in here to relay a similar issue as reported above, but knowing it will be worked on fairly soon was great to hear. Understand you all have tons on your plates, so no worries. Nice to know it will be fixed sometime though :)

#2 Posted by Tweedster (33 posts) - returns a 404. I know the boxee link has been repaired, but this one is still 404-ing

Wanted to give a heads up ... I know you guys must be swamped with stuff at the moment.

#3 Posted by Tweedster (33 posts) -
@mrheist said:

I've been having issues over the past week or so. When I select any video, instead of immediately playing as it usually does, it pops up an intermediate screen that asks what resolution I want to play. I select one and it plays as usual. Not too big a deal, but if I select a premium stream, the same menu pops up, then throws up an error message and refuses to play.

The resolution menu is the same option that pops up elsewhere in Plex when I play something from youtube, so my guess is that it's not recognizing premium status, hence trying to play the videos from youtube instead of GB's player as well as not allowing premium streams.

I tried re-linking my account to no avail, and tried the full uninstall and reinstall of the channel, but still no luck.

To throw in an additional data point, I'm having exactly the same issue. It started recently, within the past few months, but I can't be exactly sure when. I'm getting the resolution popup dialog as well, and no matter which I chose for subscriber videos, the result is the "error opening file" menu and no access to the videos. Other videos are playing fine, just all subscriber videos are unplayable.

Thank you Matt, for looking into this!

#4 Posted by Tweedster (33 posts) -

I'll be the second to report the fixed Plex behavior that MrHeist mentioned above. I viewed a video today when I went home for lunch and I get HD automatically again. I didn't have to even update the app, it just worked flawlessly. No muss, no fuss. thanks TOP MEN! *tips hat*

#5 Posted by Tweedster (33 posts) -

@sdornan: Thanks a million! I'll keep my eye out and update as soon as I see it show up. I appreciate your investigation into this issue since I know we Plex users are a very small minority.

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@sdornan: Just to reinforce what's already been stated. My experience with the Plex app matches the others here:

  • I'm not running the new client ... still running on both my Plex boxes
  • I can watch premium videos via the stream (which means my account is still properly linked)
  • I only get two SD H264 options for every video. Both play, but they both play SD video

Thanks for looking into this :)

#7 Posted by Tweedster (33 posts) -

@sdornan: I checked today and now my app is behaving as tsigo indicated above. I did not comment out the code, so I assume the GB "top men" adjusted something on the backend. There is no HD video, and I get choices between two SD H264 versions on each video, but it plays. Thanks for getting it functional guys! Hopefully our beloved HD will return soon!

#8 Posted by Tweedster (33 posts) -

@tsigo: Thanks for the info and letting me know it's not just me. All of a sudden, this great app just stopped doing anything. Seems like it's being back-burnered, which is unfortunate. I can go back to auto-downloading the vids from the RSS feeds and watching them via the Plex + iTunes functionality, but the GB app was a much better solution.

As to commenting out code ... I'm familiar with the concept, but I'll have to hunt around to locate the specific script file. If it still only allows you to pick SD versions though, I'd rather just gimp along with the iTunes + Plex solution for the time being.

One suggestion: if you don't want to get the selection on your system, you can disable the "select alternate media" flag within the Plex settings. At least it removes the redundant choice for you, but won't help you get HD.

#9 Posted by Tweedster (33 posts) -

@sdornan: Just an update, the giantbomb app in Plex now just refreshes on the main link for about 3 seconds, but goes nowhere. It no longer dives into the grouped topic list.

I miss my giantbomb app working :(

#10 Posted by Tweedster (33 posts) -

@tsigo: I'll second (or third) this report. I returned from out of town and I also run into this issue. The categories load (recent, quick looks, etc ...), but when I select any category, I get a loading message briefly, and then it just sits there, no content is loaded for any category.

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