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I'm having trouble getting this working. Is anyone else having any luck?

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I'm in psn: sk814

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im loving the game. its easy enough. i did get stuck trying to prove a babys innocence for a bit.

also my girl has it for 3ds and i have it on the ds.the only difference is sharpness and the 3ds is pulled back a bit

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@TooWalrus: I know what your saying. My younger brother said the same things about FES vs P3P, but I liked it. It Stream lined it for me which when all was said and done cut a couple hours off of my total playtime. I also pretty much played P3P at my brothers place while his girlfriend played it on PS2 right beside me. but it worked for me.

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I always prefored persona 3 over 4, but I'm loving how quick the load times are. I think one of the reasons I liked 3 more was because I was playing P3P while I was playing 4 on the PS2j, and I loved the load times. I know its a dumb reason but they are both amazing.

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@TheMatrixOnline said:

It went to $19.99 today, so it was just a one day deal i guess

LoL I saw that too. I hope ppl got on that deal. that was good of you to give us a heads up.

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It's not just online. If you have a Vita Jump on this Deal!!!!!!!!! and add me cuz I want to get better at this game so shoot me a msg on the vita so we can get a couple fights in.

My PSN is; Sk814

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Thank you all for the input. I decided to go with persona 3 because I never played it and I've played castlevania SoTN a couple times already. It is my favorite PS1 game but I'm just gonna wait for the PS1 classics to hit the vita store and download it then. I just knew I loved that game and thought maybe those other Castlevanias would grab me too.

Anyway I'm walking into the world of Persona 3 LoL I really hope I don't get to engrossed in its world, and end up losing my girlfriend for a couple of days(lol, they always come back) :-)

Really; thanks again!!!

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I really don't know. I do know I like castlevania sotn It's up there for me. I never played persona 3 I like persona 1 I really can't decide. it's so hard.