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Damn. So many good memories listening to the early Bombcast episodes. Though I haven't listened in awhile, I still always have had the utmost respect and admiration for Ryan.

RIP man.

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The ending to Borderlands. Blah. 
EDIT - LA Noire, too.

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I'm not surprised that the 3DS is faltering - to me, the "3D-effect" seems excessively gimmicky; I wouldn't consider purchasing it myself. 

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I'm not buying this game if the story is as terribad as the first one. 
Don't get me wrong - Borderlands had cool, unique graphics, nice variation in guns, excellent sound design, and decent (co-op) gameplay... but an absolutely horrid story ruined the original. 

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@RiotBananas said:
" What is Partner? "
Who was phone?
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Felt the need to swear.

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I'm on Screened more than this. I already have another "main" site for games.

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I was going to say Klipsch, but I think they're out of your price-range.

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I played through CYC mode with a newly created player, but ended up losing in the semis. Now it appears there's no way to export my player with the improved attributes. 
Do I need to play the mode all over again because I didn't win the World Cup? Or is there an option I'm missing somewhere? 
Any help would be greatly appreciated.