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I'd love one. I've been interested in the game for a while now, always been a fan of obsidian's previous work.

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While Arena is generally the best use of gold long term if this guys can only play a game or two a night and isn't that good at the game I feel he won't really enjoy arena. There are enough tier lists that choosing cards won't be a big problem (I personally use but I know a lot of people get turned off from arena after going 0-3 or 1-3 a few times.

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Is there a way I can watch the FA Cup from America? We have NBC for the premier league but I haven't yet found a way to watch cup games or the champions league. This is my first year really getting into football and it's frustrating that I am limited to regular premier league games.

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I got a Fire TV for my mother (who can send emails on a computer has a hell of a time trying to surf the web on her phone) and she loves it. It brings together a bunch of streaming services and the interface is simple enough that she can follow it intuitively. She can't troubleshoot it when something goes wrong but other than that it has been the perfect way to add streaming to the tv without as little tech knowledge as possible.

A side bonus is that the fire tv has a thorough subtitle menu. My mother is hard of hearing and needs subtitles but a few other devices I've tried either didn't have full support or turning it on and off was so cumbersome that it was ignored. It's been a real treat and for 20 bucks was an absolute steal!

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@winorwince_show: That's like getting mad at a store for kicking you out for setting up a smaller store inside their store. Giantbomb itself has rules against promotion/self promotion of material (though I forget the exact rule) for a similar reason.

Bottom line you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar and no amount of indignation or misplaced talk about the purpose of journalism is going to change that fact.

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a little offtopic but I find all the hair in inquisition to be terrible. It's all plasticky and super shiny, as if someone polished half a bowling ball and put it on top of people's heads. Is anyone else having a similar issue?

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@maniacjim: Thanks man. I am pretty sure it's not against EA's ToS to use a vpn to unlock a game early but I'll double check to be sure, this is awesome.

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PC: Twigg89

Off topic but does anyone know a way I can play this game before 12 AM EST? I have a really early morning tomorrow and I'd rather not stay up till 2 only to get up again at 5.

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@i_stay_puft: To be clear I think Conseco is a piece of shit, I just think the other baseball players who cheated are also pieces of shit. Maybe Conseco is a bigger piece of shit, but honestly at that level the differences are pretty meaningless. It's like differentiating between two robbers who robbed a billion and two billion dollars respectively. While the guy who robbed more is technically bad, they both robbed a ton of money and therefore are equally shitty people imo.

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I am not defending the guy or anything, but why is it a bad thing that he narced on a bunch of people using steroids? Wouldn't we want to know if people are cheating?

Snitches get stiches.

He was part of a brotherhood that trusted him and he betrayed them. Fuck that guy.

A brotherhood of people who were betraying their fellow players by actively cheating. Jose Conseco may be a cheating dick but so are all those other dudes and frankly I'd rather he rat them out and they all get fucked then some of them get away with it.