I want to see add-ons!.

Well i go to the marketplace to check for new DLC and all i get is a face full of Rockband, doesn't this game have it's own marketplace?.

Bearing in mind it's like this every week, how are other titles supposed to get there DLC Upfront if it's clogged up with this shit. If i was new this, i would of thought this was a Rockband 360!.


Where has the challenge gone?.

The last three generations of console haven't really given us a great challenge and we've become lazy, our teenage/toddler/young adult selves would look at us in discrace, I mean, how many times did you have to start; Sonic, Alex The Kid, Mario, Toe Jam and Earl etc right from the beginning and still want to play it everyday?. Now days people die 5 times in a row and thats it "this games shit" . AAA titles killed the challenge, lowered the bar for entry and held your hand. Then, for the "Gamer" they added veteran difficulty and called us "Hardcore Gamers". The veteran difficulty was more of a grind than it was a challenge, more frustation than stimulation. Games where when you die/lose, it was your fault and yours only, there the real challenges. anyway i've lost track of where i was headed.

I must point out that i do like easier games, but every-now and then i crave a challenge, heres the games i know of this generation that fed my addiction.

Dark Souls, Demon's Souls, Super Meat Boy, Fez(without internet help if possible) and Spelunky.

If people know of any others to keep me or others going please feel free to tell us.


Simply titled, Back in the Game

Game Over!

I found myself fall out of love with gaming about 6 months ago, I got rid of my XBOX 360 and my PC and settled for a Mac, which i love but not for gaming but hey its getting there with Steam. Although i was coming back to Giant Bomb everyday i found nothing that tickled my fancy. A few friends were talking about getting XBOX 360's because they heard me talking about it and asked me to recommend their first game. I told them That Fallout 3 was the best game i had ever played and went with one of them to get it, went back to his house and thought Yeah I'll show him how it's done. 5 Hours later i put the controller down.  


 I went back to his house a few days later, He'd bought Call Of Duty : MW and Gears Of War 1 & 2. Again i found my self completely immersed and realised i still had the skills as i dominated every match i was in and thought about getting an 360 again, but came to realise this was the reason i'd lost the love of gaming, it had become to easy and winning every time  wasn't fun.  

Electronic Entertainment Expo. E3

 As E3 rolled in i was excited, excited because i was going to buy a new console and E3 was going to help me decide, i watched on. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo,  Ubisoft, EA, Exclusives, pros and cons warts and all. i thought Microsoft was going to have the strongest line-up, i was wrong, in my opinion Sony had it in the bag and had a new customer. 

Second Thoughts

 i was all set i was on my way to buy my PS3 and i just thought, what am i doing? i have a great group of friends on the 360 and a team second to none. i went home and thought about all the pros and cons again and again for weeks, i went to a friends house for a gaming night and we played everything he had, checked out loads of arcade games and played some classics. 

Today, The Urge

 i woke up this morning with the biggest urge to play games more than i ever did before, i came straight to Giant Bomb to look for anything for my gaming needs and saw the Halo reach quick look, i loved Halo 3 but didn't go to ODST as i wasn't an enthusiast but Reach has just got something about it that i love in video games i just can't put my finger on it. 

Back in The Game!

 i'm happy to say that i have ordered the new XBOX 360 S and Halo Reach and i want to thank the Giant Bomb community for reigniting my love for video games!. I have come to realise that the reason i didn't get the PS3 was the lack of community. i think community is what gaming is all about now days and is why i came to Giant Bomb....for FUN, LAUGHS and a great COMMUNITY! 
Thanks again Giant Bomb!