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@tru3_blu3: There are plenty of games with female leads that are incredible, so I'm not sure what you are getting at..

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@brodehouse: Nobody is "scandalized".

Yeah, please give us an example of someone being "scandalized" for calling a character ugly in this thread.

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@humanity said:

@liquidprince: In Dragon Age: Inquisition, the fact that Sera is made purposefully really ugly made me cringe every time she showed up in cutscenes. As you mentioned, she wasn't like your typical battle scarred character while still maintaining good looks - that was Cassandra. Sera was just downright bad looking, and personally it detracted from the enjoyment of the gameplay for me. I don't know if that is considered sexist in the current political climate, but I really rather not look at ugly characters whether they be male or female. I'm also one of those people who will spend hours in the character creator making sure my protagonist doesn't look goofy in any way. I honestly think people wouldn't react positively if developers started making less idealized heroes.

Just because you find her ugly doesn't mean that everyone will, or that she was purposefully made to look ugly. I personally like having people who look more like someone you would actually meet on the street, instead of everyone looking like they belong in a beauty magazine.

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I wonder how these games sell. Cause I feel like there are like a million DOA games by now.

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The keyboard and mouse controls are so bad, I'm amazed any of you could stand to play it that way.

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Pretty sure DS can't play GBC and GB games.

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moratorium on all dark/demon's souls talk in 2015 plz?

The year bloodborne is coming out? Good luck with that.

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@nardak said:

I think the reason why Dragon Age: Inquisition wasnt in the top ten was that only Jeff had finished the game at the time. Other Giant Bomb members (Vinny, Patrick, Brad) were still playing the game and nowhere near to finishing the game.

Divinity: Original Sin isnt everyones cup of tea (to use a cliche). It is a return to older type of gaming which was especially prevalent on PC. Most of the Giant Bomb staff members spent their childhood playing games on consoles so the nostalgia for those kind of games isnt there for most of the Giant Bomb staff members. I think Dave Snyder would have loved that game since he was the unofficial PC gamer among the Giant Bomb staff members.

I am still questioning the inclusion of Destiny to the top ten since that game has a barely coherent story and very little actual content. It is a very grindy game as a result of that lack of content. Also judging from the latest Destiny expansion leaks EA is going to make the player pay heavily for new content (40 dollars for the 2 dlcs...and according to the leak about 60 dollars for the next major expansion coming in 2015).

I'm guessing you mean Activision :)

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@ripelivejam: I hear you, but consider that not all people look forward to the same types of games, so I can see that if you really really loved bastion and was hoping for something in that same vein, it might be a pretty big dissapointment.

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@ripelivejam: Or maybe they were just really looking forward to it, and it didn't live up to what they had hoped?