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Wow, Sterling comes across very angered over this.

His arguments are understandable but his reasoning for anger just seem childish. He seems to confuse marketing and reality, something that is somewhat forgivable for a fan or forum poster but imo not for a journalist.

Honestly this comes across as someone who doesn't understand that business' don't often come out admitting their mistakes but instead choose to move on and take up a different marketing strategy in hopes of improving their outlook.

Overall this is a disappointing video. To get so worked up and angry over a business making mistakes and to do it so focused on only Microsoft (Sony has it's share of mistakes and U-turns) seems short-sided.

Jim is more a consumer advocate than a journalist, he's been that way for years. He's a reviewer, yes, but his opinion stuff is straight up subjective, angry pro-consumer stuff. Doesn't mean you have to agree with him, but just know that this is nothing new from him.

I'm not sure if I completely agree with the video. I prefer them going back on stuff they see doesn't work with the public rather than just press on, even if they lose their "vision" or whatever. I'll never understand people who hated the original vision saying they'd respected MS more if they'd stuck with it, just seems like some backwards bullshit.

That is not what he is saying though, he is saying that they should at least admit that they have been lying about stuff like the kinect always having to be turned on and so on, instead of trying to pass it off like they are doing everyone a huge favour and "listening to the fans" or whatever.

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This is the only video intro Dan needs.

Peter Molyneux is great :D

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I really hope Uruguay go home. I have lost a lot of respect for them for the way they have handled this whole suarez situation..

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I can't remember this game. So I played it as a kid, probably between 8 and 10 years ago. It was on PC I think it was only PC game. You played as a blue kid who starts in his house then you go to this other world where you fix stuff. One of the things you do requires you to where a construction hat before you go through the room. I think it was point and click style game and its intended office would have been kids.

Pajama Sam?

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Nice detail about brad being weak to sleep status, made me chuckle at least ;)

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If anyone in the EU stills wants a pass, I still have two left:

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I have three, but I live in europe, so I'm guessing it won't work for you?

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Games Done Quick website down for anyone else?

Yes, it's down for me aswell.

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@twinsun: You could run on rooftops and stab things like a ninja! Just climbing things was fun! All the repetitve parts took at most 20 minutes or so out of a very unique experience in a unique locale with totally alright combat!

Now it doesn't hold up worth shit. Especially not compared to Brotherhood, but please. Have some mercy on the origins of the series.

Well, fair enough.. But still, if you are asking which one I find the least enjoyable, I would still have to say the first, even if it at the time did some cool stuff.

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There was so little variety in the first one, you literally did like 3 things over and over in that game. I really liked the setting, but it got boring rather fast imo.