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I chose not to shoot Maurice. I had been picking up the audio logs throughout the game (to try and break up the monotony between missions) and found most of Maurice's. They shine a little light onto him as a character and attempt to explain why he did what he did in more detail as well as show the guilt he was left with afterwards. It was this i feel aimed me more to the choice at the end than anything else. I felt it drew some parallels to Aiden and with the voiceover from him after the logs had played I got a sense that the character began to see that too. It seemed odd that this relationship was explored more through the logs and not the main story other than a throwaway meeting at the start and an after-the-credits scene at the end. I wonder if I would have made the same choice if i had not found the logs or if I would have cared much at all.

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I pre-order most games I want to pick up purely based on having it sitting in my mailbox or on my table waiting for me to play once I finish work as I am nowhere near a games store, so while I see the benefit of pre-orders but the DLC stuff is getting pretty dirty. If it's cosmetic I could care less but to hold off on full missions etc? If it was a timed FREE piece of DLC id be OK with it but I think we all know how these things play out :(

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1) Rainbow Six : Siege ( Raven shield has been in my top 5 games off all time so here's hoping this is similar eventually)

2) Sunset Overdrive (this just looks like a lot of fun, hope it is)

3) Farcry 4 (......wing suits & elephants)

Honourable mentions: Batman : Arkham Knight & A new Crackdown.

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I wish Xbox would (could) stick to their guns on the Xbox One at least for the first year. I personally love the 2.0 for navigating the interface and fantasia looks cool. I hold out hope that they are going to view this as a new challenge to prove the kinect is a worthwhile purchase (as they should anyway) instead of defeat.

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Yep. Had to go into the server list and tried to join a CR game, it sent me to the premium download page then had to manually select, download and install on Xbox One. Also the install stopped twice. Did manage to get some rounds in afterwards tho, more than I've been able to do of late.

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@sterling: @mister_v: LOL. I'm having the opposite issue of seeing people asking for Ammo and having to chase them down and throw it at their heads as they don't wait to be resupplied. Crazy how people still don't know/care how to play BF games.

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Yeah that is some nice free PR right there. Pretty classy though as far as PR goes.

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2nd last mission on Dead Island and my save got corrupted. Not a big deal as i got to see the best parts of the game but the fact It was left unfinished was irritating.

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For the first time I ran into this situation from the other way round. I went into the Xbox One store to have a look at everything and try out the demo's. I was trying out Forza and overheard the Xbox staff talking to a guy in his 30s (the age is not relevant for the story as I'm also in my 30s). The guy was telling her how he is a big fan of the Xbox and he loved playing the Gran Turismo games on it, he then looked over to the wall that had Killer instinct and a kinect wave race demo playing with a BF4 video playing on the back wall and commented "I see the new Halo game is out too" and expressed his excitement.

The girl was left with level of confusion over her face that was hysterical but just nodded and said, "then you will probably enjoy Forza 5 as it is pretty similar to Gran Turismo" and brought him over to the stand. I didn't get the feeling he was trying to be funny, he seemed genuine.