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I'm fine with the roster for the most part...but I still don't understand why Big daddy is in this

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Metal gear solid

Resident Evil Remake

Metal Gear Solid 3

Persona 4

Shadow of the colossus

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

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this sounds awesome! add me everyone! PSN is RuinerPrime

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Mortal Kombat? really?

UMvC3 all the way

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i got list from the past 4 years

2008 - MGS4

2009 - batman AA

2010 - mass effect 2

2011 - Skyrim

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ellen page & juno temple

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i cant wait to play Marvel 3 at work :D

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@jasondesante said:


Alex, I want to voice my concern with as much respect as possible, and trying as hard as I can to be factual and only point out specifics. You in response say I am bitching up a storm.

"I'm not going anywhere, and I'm not going to completely change the way I do things because a few people opt to bitch up a storm."

You are rubbing it in my face the fact you are "not going anywhere". keep up the good work.

well you kinda are "bitching up a storm"

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@mason said:

I almost fell out of my chair. Rocket Raccoon? Seriously?

Isn't he like the most obscure Marvel character ever? I'm surprised anyone else has ever heard of him. I only know him because issue #2 was in a pile of bargain bin books I bought bulk in 1986. I guess he's meant to be another wacky inclusion like MODOK, but at least people have actually heard of MODOK.

he's actually come into his own in the cosmic marvel series, along with nova. both nova and rocket have had a huge turn around in the passed 5 years. great comics. and shuma is still the most obscure :P