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I'm buying the Complete Package and need to know if the DLC is on the disc. My internet isn't the best at the moment so I'd rather not have to lug my PS3 to a friend's house just to download the DLC.

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@david3cm: There's one for no upgrades, one for no kills, one for not being detected, and one for beating it on very hard. So 4 trophies in one playthrough.

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I played through it once on Hard, beat it today actually. I'm going back for an even harder playthrough.

Very Hard + No magic + Ghost + No kills + No upgrades.

It's going to be a bitch.

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I'd put it over Bioshock and Half Life. Bioshock was too linear, more of a point n' shoot. Half Life is in the same boat in it.

But, to compare Dishonored, a stealth/action game to two FPSs is unfair. Dishonored, if played a certain way, could be a FPS. It wouldn't be a very good one though.

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Right now I'm sitting at 135 hours played. I think I might have a problem.  
How about you Giantbomb community?

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@49th: No survival mode? Well then fuck that.
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I'm getting an android phone soon and I'm looking forward to playing Minecraft but I don't know if I will have to pay for it again. 
Do have to buy the mobile app even if you already bought Minecraft?

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Do certain quest become available after a certain level? I've noticed a few quest become available later on in the game and I was wondering if this was because of my character's level. 

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Fallout New Vegas please.

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You'll need an audience.