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I was a big fan of Ranger. Ran with a Fighter main pawn and a Sorcerer and then a Warrior. Tenfold is king! Magick Archer got a big usefulness buff in Dark Arisen, considering most stuff in Bitterblack is weak to some form of magick.

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A friend on a forum I used to visit was talking about GB and I asked for a link to their stuff. He sent me a link to the Rogue Warrior QL. Hooked ever since.

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3 rolling saves! When I play a Bethesda/Obsidian game I keep about 7 rolling ones because they tend to be buggier than most games.

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These are amazing! Everything looks super clean, great work duder!

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Is this your first time playing it? I was curious when this was announced if people new to the game would enjoy it.

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See you at E3 Scoops!! You'll always be a Giant Bomber to me! Best of luck in the future too, eager to see what you're up to!

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Warlock. Titan's fine too, shoulder charge is too much fun to pass up. Hunter, I can't stand. Had one and deleted it once I found out all the jumps suck for it.

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These are so good, duder!

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That would be the raddest.

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Congrats Vinny and fam!!