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Here are my three freebies:

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Dan Ryckert of Game Informer posted a blog earlier today in which he revealed he is leaving Game Informer:

In it, he states that his new gig is "out west" and that if you're a fan of watching him on videos "that there will be a damn near intolerable amount of that happening in the near future". Considering Giant Bomb's emphasis on video content, I cannot help but wonder if Dan will be joining the Bomb crew.

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GoldenEye's multiplayer was put in at the last minute.

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@winsord: I was thinking the same thing.

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I immediately asked myself if it was an April Fool's joke before realizing that that would be stupid in August.

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Pokey from Earthbound. He's worthless and annoying, and then becomes...something else, in addition to being annoying.

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If Nintendo could survive the Nintendo 64 and the Gamecube, they can survive the Wii U after the flash-in-the-pan Wii.

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Their games are more or less almost always of a consistently-high quality and fun to play. They may make "the same kind of games" over and over, but they never drop the ball with them and they are essentially the only developer making the kinds of games that they make, whereas everyone else is making the same game as everyone else. How many other games emulate Super Smash Bros. and to the same quality? How many other games emulate Mario games and to the same quality (Rayman and...what?). How many other games emulate Pikmin? How many other games emulate Bayonetta? How many other games emulate X? How many other games emulate Mario Kart? How many other games emulate Donkey Kong? How many other games emulate The Wonderful 101? How many other games will emulate whatever Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem turns out to be? How many games emulate Zelda and to the same quality (Darksiders is dead for now, so who knows with that)? Everyone is making a hundred thousand shooters, for example, so while Nintendo "floods" its own stuff with the "same" games, other developers are flooding the market with thousands of the same kinds of games.

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