Unlocking All Classes in Too Human!

For really, really, simple people...
Well teh internets have been slowly spreading the existence of a rather large and decidedly old-school Easter Egg in the Too Human demo on XBL.

So having come to love the game, beyond all my initially cautious expectations, I've published a guide for the world to see! Hopefully this will attract a whole bunch of new fans that were not so impressed by the demo or just didn't "get it".

You can check the guide out here in video and text format.

Let me know what you think and what classes are your favourites... Bioengineer FTW! ;)

Mass Effect Trilogy Shenanigans

1, 2, 3....
Well if you hadn't heard already I posted a lil' article over at XboxOZ360 that caused quite the internet melting fuss when I reprinted the claims of Australian & UK 360 Magazine that Dr Muzyka, CEO of Bioware, stated "to bring the Mass Effect trilogy exclusively to the Xbox360". Needless to say the 360 fanboys where screaming to the rafters to anybody who cared to listen, whilst the Sony fanboys tried to keep yet more salt out of their recent FF inflicted wounds.

Or at least that was until Bioware's PR contacted us to explain that, well, Dr Muzyka didn't really say that! So being the responsible, Bioware fans we are we immediately retracted the statement on their behalf and promptly pointed the finger at who was to blame *cough* UK 360 *cough*.

And whilst some realised we had simply reprinted the mistakes of others (Joystiq & GameDaily), it seems that others don't read so good... In fact I'm kind of wondering if they read at all, because the "exclusivity" claims had been in the magazines for well over a week before we reprinted them!

Whilst some suspect the "exclusivity" claims printed originally in UK 360 may have been off the record rather than fabricated, we're happy to take Bioware's explanation, safe in the knowledge that the trilogy appears to be very much in the works for the 360 and quite likely the PC as well (at minimum). We also loved the hints dropped about many more games in the franchise once the trilogy is completed.

Personally I can't wait to see what improvements will come and how the story line develops in the sequel, hopefully come 2009! :)

Some Top 10 Stuff from E3!

WTF is with the tags above?!

Poor E3, it may not be dead and buried but it's definitely got one foot stuck in the grave!

Anyways as my first little tid-bit of gaming goodness I thought I'd draw your attention to our earlier E3 coverage over at XboxOZ360, particularly what we wanted to see at E3, but for the most part we didn't... Although we did pick the Final Fantasy shocker! ;)

Why the plug? Well there are four key reasons:

1) It's more exciting and entertaining than anything at the slowly dying E3!
2) It's better than any other lists out there because we justify our choices. Each Top 10 is around the 2000 word mark!
3) It'll get the fanboys into all kinds of convoluted flaming and illogical arguments... See the third list below as it should now read Top 9 (thankyou Square!). ;)
4) I'm a shameless promoter, who whores himself out without a moment's regret.
Enjoy and make your voices heard. :)

Top 10 Confirmed 360 Exclusives @ E3 '08 - What made the Top 10? And how do we rate the big hitters in Gears 2, Fable 2, Halo Wars and Banjo Kazooie.

Top 10 Unconfirmed 360 Exclusives @ E3 ' 08 - How did we come up with 10? And where does Bungie, Rockstar, a fugitive and someone Wake-ing up fit in?

Top 10 Exclusives We'd Steal for the 360 @ E3 '08 - Every platform has great exclusives, which ones would we steal from the PS3, Wii & PC if given half a chance?

Top 10 Multiplatform Titles @ E3 '08 - Who's got the Edge? Who's had a Fallout? And are we Good... or Evil? Or why should we love EA, Ubisoft and Capcom?

Top 10 360 Hardware & Xbox Live @ E3 '08 - We nailed this one... Errr except for the Newton! But it's best just to ignore that (like I have) and see how right we were! :P

And so it begins...

First off, Giant Bomb, you've blown my expectations out of the sky and into millions of tiny, insignificant pieces. Never could I have foreseen the amazing cocktail of Web 2.0 and gaming goodness you guys have achieved here. And it's only the beta!!!

Given my own aspirations for a life fulfilled (consumed?) in the gaming industry, I intend to use this little piece of virtual real estate to update the community on my progress and the articles, reviews and a whole kitchen sink of shenanigans that I get up to over at my home away from home at XboxOZ360.

XboxOZ360 is a Microsoft endorsed community site for Xbox gamers (fanboys not welcome!), written and managed from a distinctly Aussie perspective of unpaid but passionate gamers. So make sure to check it out and let us know what you love, hate or how we could possibly give our site a little bit of that Giant Bomb awesomeness!

We're currently moving to our own servers and a new site so check out XboxOZ and hang out for X360. :)