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The teaser is full of info... you just need to slow it down. Brazil is one destination (look for Rio's statue in top left), obviously the airport assault is another (but maybe you play as the terrorists), the Marines return (bottom right american badge on soldier), Venezuela (oil rig on right), Underwater assault (SAS in diving equipment centre of screen)... just slow it down and look close. ;)

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Hey guys, over the last month I've been converted from a cynic to a believer in Too Human's cause. As a result I wrote a three part series entitled "Addicted to Too Human", with the first part in particular gaining significant notoriety for what I had to say about the camera and control scheme.

On the eve of release I thought I might post it here just in case you haven't read it, or are looking for a reason why being a cynic doesn't necessarily mean you'll end up "Against" Too Human...

For or Against?

Parts 1&2: Camera & Combat

"Surrendering the Camera" and "Goodbye Point and Click, Hello Thumbsticks!" cover how I initially hated and then learned to love both.

Parts 3&4: Graphics & Story

"The Good, The Average, and the Occasionally Fugly..." & "The Future Of Our Past Is Our Future" cover the ugly eyebrows, stunning loot, plugging and asking WTF is the goblin man?

Parts 5&6: Gaming Crack & Rabbit Holes

“Loot Sweets! Loot Sweets! The playable, craveable treats!” & "Classes, Skill Trees and... Ethics?" covers loot junkies, spreadsheet whores, loot physicality as well as the classes, fatalistic skill trees and some terribly random song/film references (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang case in point).

There's also a section about what I think about all the crap that the game and its developers have had to endure over the title's development. So tell me how you feel about my words. ;)

Please let me know how you feel and whether you are for or against Too Human.

Cheers. TWODOGSz. :)
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I'm not kidding. This is freakin ridiculous and was announced at the World Cyber Games meet in Sydney last weekend.

Details here.

Personally I'm not all that good at Forza, but I'll have a crack anyway. Anybody else up for it, or for wiping my attempt into the tarmac?

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Yeah if they took the "bloody mess" perk out I'll be importing. But I doubt they would've given NG2 and Gears haven't had trouble.

I'm more interested in what fictional name Bethesda came up with for Morphine. Any guesses?

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Awesome news right here

Lets just hope that the only thing changed was the word "morphine" or else I might have to inject a little bit extra into the necks of those Aussie censors! lol
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You're not the only one, I think that since consoles have become more prominent a lot of the console focused media and gamers tend to forget or be completely unaware of the  contribution he's made to the gaming industry over three decades. I personally regard him in the top echelon of veteran designers still in the industry today, which also includes Sid Meire and Will Wright.

Whilst the Fable baggage may add some salt to his passion, personally I regard him as a leading light of the industry who is enthused not just about his games but the progress and innovation taking place across the industry. [That'd be my blurb on the GB Wiki entry. ;)]

Anyways, he's apparently got three projects on his slate. With Fable 2, Dmitri and something else (MMO/Bullfrog remakes?) on the table.

I expect Fable 2 to surprise many given his relatively PR restrained tongue this time round and innovate all over the shop, but more coherently. If he makes a Syndicate re-imagining  or transplants the concept to an MMO he'll be my gaming god. And if Dmitri is as scientifically significant as the whispers suggest he may well prove to have more far reaching affects than the domain of the game industry...

Fingers crossed. :D