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Biggest disappointment of the year? Brad defending Destiny. Boo Brad. Boo.

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I think Dan just trolled around with the Tolkien stuff. I mean, the meta thing is not that hard to understand.

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Awesome Scoopin, Spooks!

Wait... Shit, sorry, that came out really wrong.

...I have black friends, I swear.

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Also- "Ice to see you" is from The Simpsons. McBain says it while shooting people out of an ice sculpture.

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I don't know how to swim. There ya go. It's not scary not to know that, like, at all.

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I'm late but uh... On the subject of "Why Beth is Such a Pile of Human Garbage":

Beth THINKS she wants the power- but in reality, she doesn't. Being the victim Is a defense mechanism. She WANTS to be the victim, or rather, she NEEDS to be the victim because that is an excuse, an excuse to suck and to be in the last place all the time. Everybody is using her and the world sucks. That's why her power is making everything hold everyone back- making it difficult to progress. It's her subconscious.

So she NEEDS this feeling. She NEEDS this excuse, it's how she functions, it's how she designed herself to function. Now, her logical part of her brain tells her (and it tells her that because, as Norman tells us, most people are not in tune with their emotional side) that she can stop being the victim if she achieves the sphere's power. This is her consciousnes speaking. Easy, huh? But she doesn't know that she NEEDS to be the victim. It MUST be this way for her to function.

So she goes into the sphere and after she gets the power, she rejects it. She cannot have all the power in the world- because then she has no excuses any more, she's not the victim, and she CANNOT function like that. She would have to go through a psychotherapy to be able to do that. So she forgets. Denial.

Now Norman uncovers the truth and she has a meltdown. One cannot exists without defense mechanisms. She has to erase the evidence of her having power in order to function, she has to erase Norman. She cannot accept the truth- she goes psychotic, she gets bipolar- she gets unstable.

She sucks because the sphere crushed her psyche. Not because of some kinda magical power, not because she willed it so, it's because she could not live with herself knowing that she can do whatever she wanted to do. It's not how her entire psyche worked.

This book is about anxiety, defense mechanisms and human psyche, Norman talks a WHOLE lot about anxiety and fear and subconsciousnes, it all comes down to that last bit with Beth. And he is reminded of one of his patients from his past, that's why he saves her.

This traumatic experience has been like a psychotherapy session for Beth, she confronted her "dark self" and survived. At the end of the book she decides she can handle it, so she keeps the power.

I thought it was the coolest part of the book. To have that kind of power- it would fuck with our psyche in interesting ways, and I rarely find a piece of fiction that explores this concept as well as it is done here.

Oh, and I think Norman totally did not have the power before he went into the sphere at the end there. Now, I'm not sure about this one, but I think It wouldn't make much sense. It's possible- but the whole thing would be kinda dumb.

Also- if you like this "The alien is beyond our understanding" stuff, read Lem's Solaris, yes, the Solaris movies were based on a book, and, as with most cases, the book is way better. Also- I feel like Crichton totally read Solaris before writing Sphere.

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@krataur said:

@djmoo: I believe they've confirmed each tile set has its own physics. Don't quote me on that, though.

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Pretty good at naming European countries there Ryckerts.

Except for Poland and Greece you got all of the big ones.

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VINNY! That is all.

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Three things, one- the sound is great in my game, so I dunno what was happening there. The voices sound crisp and hiss free.

Two- they really, REALLY streamlined fusing personas, it's great. No random skills, you can just select which skills you want the fused persona to inherit, and it shows you which personas you can fuse instead of randomly selecting who to fuse with, they did well on that front.

And three- now everyone uses a second persona. It's pretty cool, it gives you more control and feels like it's a deeper game. Mechanically deeper I mean. The story's fun too.

Oh, and you really don't have to draw a map. It shows you where you've been, so it doesn't matter. Whenever there's a fork in the road I just put an exclemation mark and that's that.

Play this game- it's a TON of fun.