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"Bill Cosby is a funny dude."

He suuuure is.

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When did UPF become "mobile games your cousin plays" Fridays?

That game is fun. I have no shame whatsoever in liking it.

I'm with Dan here, that game is goofy fun.

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Hi nice computer lady! HELLO!

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@twolines: Hey! No problem, I didn't mean to make you feel bad, I know how the internet is! Your suggestions were sound.

I can tell you this much though, every game you ever comment on, you can be pretty sure that many people on the dev team will read it. Having just spent months or years (sometimes decades!) making it, the internet is a great place to find honest impressions ;)

Makes sense. It's what I would do.

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I like how Jeff says Takeda like Taquito.


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@twolines: Thanks for the comment twolines. I was lead level designer on this game, and have probably watched around a thousand people play through this game at various expos and internally.

This puzzle usually isn't a problem. However, I do find that when people record playthroughs while simultaneously narrating and having a conversation with someone else, their brain isn't really focused on solving puzzles as efficiently as it should be, and I certainly wouldn't redesign a game because of one user experience.

Also, the example you describe of forcing a situation where a block lands on an enemy to explode... this literally happens 2 or 3 levels before this one. It also happens during the intro to the game where a Clone gets exploded in the same way. This was done intentionally for the sake of the player's muscle memory. I suppose there are enough videos out there of the first chapter though, so the GB guys wanted to show something different.

Sorry, I wasn't trying to badmouth the game, or the work that was put into it. I guess I'm a nasty case of a backseat designer, which, I know, is the worst. I do think the game is neat, I just hate getting stuck in video games like this, but I guess that happens even if the game is polished, and the ideas thought-through.

Also- it's neat that the people that do the work read these comments, but you really shouldn't take what's being said here too seriously. I'm just an internet asshole.

Anyhow, I was overly harsh saying it needs to be better at puzzle design. After all, this is only a Quick Look and I have not seen the final product.

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Game, you have to be better at puzzle design. Teach the player the game mechanic before making a puzzle out of it. Valve is super good at that stuff, play Portal 2, or listen to the commentary.

By that I mean- make sure the player uses the mechanic by accident and sees what it does.

Let's say place a turret under the player, under the floor, and a climbable ledge right next to the player, but just beyond reach. When the player uses the inflatable block thing to climb it, the block passes through the floor and the turret goes boom (make sure that that is the only outcome, and that the turret will ALWAYS blow up). That shows the player that hey- this is how you can use this thing. I guess that's almost what they've been going for there, but really did not pull that off?

Or, you know, make sure it's super obvious the first time that you have to use it. Like, make the puzzle laughably easy, just to create that connection in the player's brain.

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Wow, so this is before all of the ladies got the breast augmentation surgeries, eh?

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The game's cheaper when you've bought Dark Souls 2. At least on PC.

Yeah good thing this DX11 upgrade only costs 30 dollars instead of 50

That's DX11 upgrade + the three pieces of DLC though. I think, they made the whole pricing structure way too complicated.

It's still 20 if you own everything. This is the biggest ripoff i can think of in a loooong time.

Eh. I've never bought the DLC, so 30 bucks for all of the DLC and a bunch of cool little changes? I'm super OK with that.

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The game's cheaper when you've bought Dark Souls 2. At least on PC.