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I don't like having a time limit in my games. Ever. Pac Man CEDX is the ONLY exception. Timers are no fun, stresfull and remind me of the inevitability of death.

I. Don't. Like. Timers.

In short- this oxygen thing is bogus.


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YEAH AC!D 2! Rorie, I love you.

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This is the best website in the world. I'm glad I'm alive to experience this.

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Jeff thinks Burnout Paradise is one of the best ever?

Eh. I loooved Burnout 3, I've played about 100 hours of that game.

I don't like Burnout Paradise at all.

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Well, if this ain't workin', I'm gonna watch the Link Between Worlds Quick Look.


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@baka_shinji17 said:

I still need to finish PS:T. Got it installed from gog but haven't really touched it. I really liked the hour or two that I played. I've heard it's possible to finish the game with without engaging in combat, how true is that?.

From my time with the game, I can think of one main-quest fight that is literally impossible to skip, and several more that would be very difficult to avoid.

Played it all the way through fighting only two times.

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@hailinel: Man, you are reaally, reaaally, REALLY defending this series. i've played a couple of these, and they're... I don't know, they are okay I guess. But you have to be really into this thing to see what the differences between the games are and... That means they are on a mechanical level, and the game itself has not changed much. From the outside it does look like they are making the same game over and over again.

Maybe it's time to shake things up a bit? I mean the game looked the same for the last 10 years dagnabbit, I tuned out a couple years ago. Chaaaange something. Make the maps way bigger. Maybe make the strategy portion real time? I don't know, experiment! Bold moves! This is too much like the last one.

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@simkas: Not the same. He gave him that to drink it, he tried it, he likes it better with coke, why shouldn't he do it? He likes it better with coke, let him drink it with coke. Gorsh.

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@mooseymcman: Darn it. Then it is the best Metal Gear game I've played.

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@truthtellah: I'm not telling them to stop. ;)

More on topic: As the residential Metal Gear Mod, and apparently the true MGS fan in these parts, I should say that Peace Walker is a great game overall (though it definitely has its issues), and that I want nothing to do with the Metal Gear Ac!d games, because card based games can burn in hell for all I care.

Ac!d games are great card games, if you're not into card games you won't like it.

I think Ac!d2 is the BEST MGS game I have ever played, and I've played all of them except for the Ground Zeros one and the second one.