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I really liked it. I didn't find going into the menus frustrating, I liked the managment of the survival mission, made me feel like I was really planning it out.

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@nightriff said:

I want them to do another book club...I guess this will do. I want Jeff to do a solo one of these while watching Cobra, then I may actually like the movie.

EDIT: I want Alex to do one for Birdman

God, I watched Cobra because Jeff kept praising it over the years and what a terrible fucking movie. It's so bad. No good characters, no original or fun action scenes of any kind, boring ass plot. Cobra is bad.

In the words of one Jeff Gerstmann- I feel bad for you, I feel bad because you can't appreciate this movie. You also probably wouldn't like The Substitute. This ain't a bad thing- it's just a shame since I like them so much.

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Yep, that Drobot bit is gold. But the main award goes to the Nintendo Rabbit.

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Yes, and it's still fun.

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I feel right with myself. I'm down here, a new god who has found a calling.

I am a beautiful animal!

I am a destroyer of worlds!

...I mean uh, that's cool I guess. Thanks for the notification.

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I alwas wanted to do some kind of a game thing, but I have no idea how to make games. I guess this would be a good opportunity to learn!

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@ben_h: Thanks, it's been... heck, it's been years since I saw those.

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Yep, it's a great game. It's really long though, so hold on to your butt, cause it's gonna get sore. From, you know, sitting on your couch... And... Playing this... Game- look it made sense in my head.

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Yeah, FF IX is okay I guess.

Neat visuals and some other... stuff.