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Even if it wasnt intended to say his job is as hard or demanding as a service member deployed or anything offensive at all...

its still a terrible comparison.

first off, Being deployed isnt a choice its an order.

second, you are there, on call 24/7 the entire time (anywhere from 4 months to over a year).

Third, because of 2, you may go days, if not weeks, without any way of making contact with family and friends.

fourth, unlike being an actor, theres no chance in hell your friends or family can come with you or visit you under any circumstances whatsoever.and theres no chance in hell you could fly home on a private jet whenever you have a couple of days off.

bottom line theres a million reasons the comparison is just plain stupid regardless of his intentions, which I dont think were bad in any way, im sure he was just compaing the being away part, but he is so far off its ridiculous. he should make an apology statement.

shit, you dont even have to be deployed- im stationed about 1500 miles away from my home and family have to save money and leave time to go home and visit, because its too far to just go home on the weekends without taking leave.

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The Last Of Us


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Haven't been nearly as active on this site as i was when it first launched (or honestly way before that, when it was just a blog, and obviously back when he was on gamespot, hold up... damn i spent half my life reading this guys work and watching his videos etc. and out of all of the gb crew i always agreed with his opinions the most... i made an account the second it was possible on GB for the first couple of years i was easily one of the top ten most active members) but i havent been so active the past couple of years because im busy being in the military. Just found this out moments ago, i noticed a lot of ryan davis art on my facebook feed and at first just thought ha thats cool. Scrolled through like ok wtf its all ryan davis did he leave the site!? Like damn huge loss but wish him the best ill obviously still follow him though. Then i saw the news and was totally shocked. Dont know what happened but damn... I've alwYs thought the guys on the forum who ran to pax to meet other members and the site staff and seemed as though they cared about the guys who created this site a little too much were, sorry, but kind of weird... But for real, ialways loved these guys and their work and i find myself shocked and very very sorry for this loss... So i feel bad for having thought like that before now. Definitely right there with everyone else who was basically a just a fan. The extent of any communication with him i ever had was a few quips on the forums but i couldve easily seen myself buyin him a drink and hangin out he was definitely cool as fuck.

Definitely going to miss this guy. No idea what happened but RIP man... And to the GB crew- keep heads up guys. Terrible news. Going to listen to the bombcast now its been a while since last time i did...

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hopefully that exclusive Rock* game finally comes out.. sheesh whatever happened to it??

the last guardian.. just ... i dunno man.

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i think the ps4 looks better, they clearly cared more about its design, and its does look cool from different angles. i also love that they brought back some style from the ps2. the xone is just a shiny black box.

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that song wasnt bad... i was surprised. the lyrics were cheesy at first but it ended up being catchy had a good sound

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well good find none the less...

looks like it was filmed a while ago- that doesnt appear to be the final design. but its cool to see it in action and a game i am totally unfamiliar with

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looking back, yeah, what an utter disappointment. its just one of those things that one paper the idea sounded very cool, but in practice came off pretty lame- not too mention how poorly constructed the whole damn thing was (insane load times, pointlessness etc.) Home seems entirely unnecessary now with all of this "share" integration, and the ability to watch what others are playing and jump in to help them out etc.. pretty awesome stuff on the PS4 that does sound both great on paper and will obviously be successful features.

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the name doesnt even make sense as the "all in one" concept isnt true at all...

you still need a cable box, and will probably need an external hard drive eventually

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B-1 air crews/pilots have always embraced calling their prized aircraft the "Bone", albeit it makes more sense since spelled out its literally called b-one. but still, it goes to show calling it bone doesn't take away from its perceived greatness; however, I do not see any greatness in the XBone just yet!