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Friend me @DontLikeClowns and I'll randomly give one via XBL message. I have 2 extra to give. Good luck. I will send the codes in 1 hour.

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I have and I see others in my race who are not on my friends list. Theoretically mine should show up in others as well?

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I have heard people saying there Drivatar is doing hundreds of races while they are off-line racking up good XP. However, when I log on it's only done 2 or 3 races? Any insight on this?


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GT: DontLikeClowns


DR3, Forza 5, Zoo Tycoon

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I for one am happy there is diversity in gaming but when it comes at the cost of dealing with these "personalities" I'm out. I have no sympathy for him as it's 90 percent self inflicted. I remember being very puzzled when Braid came out and saw great success then Blow said he was upset because people didn't "get it". Maybe stop being pretentious "attention whores"? Just a thought.

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In the process of moving I discovered my Genesis, SNES, 3DO and 2600. I was curious what the best way to hook them all up to a modern LCD TV was. Some kind of switch box? If so, any recommendations?

Thanks a bunch!

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Anybody know if they are doing one this week with PAX prep and all I wasn't sure and since there was no ILM...


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when selecting html 5 as the player I get major audio popping in any size.

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Well seeing as I can watch directly on the twitch site it should be possible here too you would think.