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I am moving to PA, having you all next door will be awesome!

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So we can expect the 3DS to release a week after pokemon comes out, or will the US version be retooled for a 3DS release. That would be sick and wrong to use Pokemon to sell 3DS....sick and wrong I tell you!

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I'm leaving for the Video Games Live Concert in New Orleans tomorrow morning with my roommates! I wanted to get some tracks out before I left. I will post more today if I get them done before I leave.
Featuring "War Without a World" by Midnight Brown from their newest Album "Deadly Electric"
 War Without a World by Midnight Brown 
1. Abe's Photograph (War Without a World Fanfare)
2. Time Traveling Duo (Main Menu)
3. War on the Lawn
4. John Wilkes Booth's Brain 
5. Clash with Washington's Monument 
6. Jefferson's Town House 
7. Adams Pickle 
8.  The Underground
You can find "War Without a World" and more of Midnight Brown's work at their Website

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yeah, I would..i just got one...

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What does the community think? Is this a good direction for Zelda music. I would like to know how I can improve this...thanks...


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War is hell, sure I understand that and tossing families and Xbox won't bring their Dads or Moms home any faster. The thing is young military families have a lot of things to worry about financially (from experience here...) and providing bundles like this one is a very SMALL thing Microsoft can do to help them out. Believe it or not, Armed Forces families still like videogames.

I'm in no way supporting war with this post.

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Dude, not cool! I know some people here who've lost their loved ones. It is sad whenever a soilder is wounded.

On the other hand, I've tried playing Weapon of Choice and the F.E.A.R. 2 demo with my feet....not too bad if you use your heals.

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-Marcus Pheonix

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Xbox 360 / HDMI + 3 games + 60 HDD = $299.99

Microsoft Supports the Troops

Why are so many still on the shelf?
Vicenza, Italy--Microsoft is known for its console holiday bundles, but Microsoft have gone a step beyond for the troops of the US Armed Forces by putting something extra special in the $299.99 pro bundle. The $299 Bundle includes an Xbox 360 Pro with the new 60 GB HDD, Lego Indie, KF Panda and a choice of either Blue Dragon or Gears of War. Each bundle comes with 3 games, however, buyers must look carefully at the packaging to see if they are getting the Gears of War bundle or Blue Dragon bundle. Microsoft also discounts many other of its products for the Army such as Windows Vista discounts, Office 2007 discounts and even marked down prices on controllers and other accessories.

The Personal note:
Now that my launch 360 has finally died, might as well get a new one....right?

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If there were some more games for PS3 that I actually wanted, I'd buy it for this. So far only Killzone 2 and FF13 have teased that's not enough.

Does anyone else hear that music though...sounds like it came from Final Fantasy 11....