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So yeah... He shaved. Weird. 
My first reaction was: "oaaghhhttk" 
I don't.... I mean... What? 
Edit: I don't disapprove(at least not yet). I'm waiting for a video before I review his face.

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 I know I'm a pussy when it comes to horror games so this is a great alternative :P. Thank you very much for this entertaining thing. You didn't play through this in one sitting, right? A man would go crazy like that...
I would probably actually panic playing this and jump out of the first window I see(in-game obv). Amazing game.

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@WitchHunter_Z:  I agree. Looks kind of...twilighty?
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@denryu12:  @Mrskidders: It's the greatest at the same time as well :D...
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YMCA, everybody would die instantly if they saw me dancing to this song.

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@Jethuty said:
" im a buddist, and i play games.  Im rare and i dont care. "
I'm into buddhism, high five! I'm not a real buddist tho I just understand what buddhism is about. 
I wonder if OP actually thought he was not going to be flamed for this...
I think I might be christian, I don't really know, I'm something...
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Just went 21 6 3 with my assault :P. I got skill regen, armor, rate of fire. My strategy is to get in there, pump a bullet or two into a dude and then back out a little. Also bombs are awesome, so easy to harass people.
I'm kind of bummed that you only get $100 for the uber streak(15 kills)

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Hell yeah, just went 12-6-1 with my assault xD. nerd happiness :P

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GT: tycH00n
I'm not the best player ever but I'm decent-ish I'd say.

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GT: tycH00n