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D LEAZY in this piece!

someone should just strap a camera to dave lang and just stream what its like to be in the langzone 24/7

I approve of this. Someone make it happen!

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$300 for any arcade machine is worth it. You don't move it though. You pay some crappy local moving company to do it since they usually just charge by the hour. If I can get a 2 floor house moved in 5 hours across town and only cost $500, it should be relatively cheap for you to move that without hassle.

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Nope. Northern California here. With any luck, a big ass one will come and send San Francisco out into the abyss and split Southern California away from us. =)

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FFXI - The only game where fishing was actually really beneficial.

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Well this looks like utter garbage.

That "BOOOOoooooo" sound is starting to get on my nerves. I want it to die.


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This is fucking bullshit. I was so excited for it. Now... I guess watch it turn to a pile of crap?

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My first introduction to GWAR as a kid. RIP

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I'll take it. I like free stuff. Plus I already have a UPlay account due to Rocksmith.

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So much debate over classification.

Mechas. Robots. Is a gundam a tank? Mechwarrior. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Whatever.

The post clearly isn't about Metal Mario, or even Metroid.It's pretty damn clear: It's about big robots that look like people. Enough semantics.

So we're talking about Cyborgs the size of Andre the Giant?

Perhaps this?

He's technically a tank and has arms and a head.