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Looks like AdBlockPlus is the cause of my issue for not playing videos.

Need to add a custom filter in order to allow the static.giantbomb.com javascript files. Just put the following in the filters.


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Normally about $50-$100 a month. However, I have recently submitted to the spell that is iRacing. If I play my cards right, less than that, but a lot more upfront when new seasons start and I need to buy tracks.

Hardware on the other hand..... damn you simracing!!!

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I need a handbrake!

Really like this game, but a little too buggy to keep on playing until the next update. I never had an issue with co-driver, but love how the "Pause" just closes the game. It also doesn't save any of my controls so I need to set them up every time. Not really painful, but in combination with the former, it is.

Hope they spend some time on FFB; it just feels weird.

Extremely excited for this game though once they give the wheel some love and polishing.

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@believer258: Man, I miss Funcoland. Aside from the weird multi-game Genesis at Target, there was nowhere else you could actually try the damn game before you bought it.

Remember this thing?

Also I got really excited when they would give me enough cash to buy new games by getting rid of my old ones. Now I just call myself an idiot for doing it, but it sure was great when I did it. I didn't feel like I was getting bent over like I would now if I were to try to take a game to GameStop today.

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I know how you feel. When I first moved out, I snagged an apartment. It was great for the first 2 months. Then a bunch of douche-bag teens / early-twenty-somethings moved in upstairs. My apartment would constantly smell like weed and worst of it all was the most concentrated part was in my closet with my clothes.

Luckily they got evicted 3 months later for destroying a closet door. However, 8 months later a really shitty family moved in and it smelled like weed again.

You are in a sticky situation because you don't know who exactly it is. My guess though -- it is the person right above you. In my old building there were pot smokers to my left, top-left, and right. It never smelled until the people directly above me smoked. Maybe that will help narrow it down for you? How long have you been there? Have you watched people move-in/out from your building? You can try to eliminate people by thinking that the new tenants aren't the cause or think if it started after someone moved in.

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@htr10: I see it no different than sites like StackOverflow. I am not going to do someone else's homework (especially having shown zero effort in trying to solve it =P ). Peez's answer was the most appropriate as I like to think that leading someone to come up with a solution is much more valuable than actually telling them the solution.

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@blu3v3nom07: I don't know why, but I absolutely love that video. I saved it so I could I reply to that in work emails. Thanks for the Christmas present.

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Half-Life series.