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US Bank. Been with them for about 12 years. I would swap to a credit union, but I have super checking and savings account due to the home mortgage going through them. Free Cashier's checks are pretty sweet.

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I have no idea who these folks are, but I can't wait to see what they bring to the mix. Hooray for new blood!

Really though, I'm just happy at the potential of less Brad led quick looks. Love the guy, but his playstyle can drive me a little bonkers.

Wrong thread?

With that said -- Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory lasted a long time. Probably still going on (hooray for private servers).

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As an American, I say fuck the imperial system.

  • I need to join this 2' 1 5/8" object to this 4' 11 15/16" object so that I will have something close to 7' 1/8"
  • How about instead I join this 65.08cm and add it to this 152.24cm for 217.32cm? Yea... pretty sure I will pick metric any day.

And on that note I want bitch about time zones and daylight savings time. UTC for life!

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I don't know you!! Oh, free candy? Well, then.... Welcome!

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Gas because I wouldn't be caught dead owning a pair of basketball shoes even if it was for a profit. I fucking hate basketball.

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@sbaitso said:

@tycobb: Do you mean the role of bass more generally? Or do you mean a certain bass instrument in particular, for example the synth or bass guitar?

Bass guitar or stand-up -- I like it all.

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I bought Rust several months ago when there were still zombies. That game was pretty fun, but I got tired of waking up only to find myself without my camp and no clue why. Not sure if they did already, but I probably won't play again until they implement some sort of way to tell you why you spawned as a starting player.

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Sweet! Just saw it updated in Steam. Hmmm..... perhaps I know what I am doing tonight. It's been a good year since I played it.

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I've said this elsewhere, but where is my Wishbone Kickstarter that I so desperately want?

No! Ghostwriter must happen first!