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Half-Life series.

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@trafalgarlaw said:

It's still unclear what exactly happened but I doubt Brown had to die for it. If Brown was really as violent as the media have tried to portray him as, and Brown really did try something harmful to the police officer, he could have been shot in one of his legs. Why did he have to be shot fatally? It seems there just isn't any restraint and there is always a kill or get killed mentality present with the American cops.

To be fair there is no guarantee that a shot to the leg wouldn't have led to a death anyway. Bullets do weird things when they enter the better and it could've ricocheted off of bones or whatever.

Cops are trained to shoot center mass. If they aren't shooting to stop then they definitely do not have a justified reason to shoot to begin with. They don't shoot to kill; they either shoot to stop or shoot to live (depending on the scenario). Please note that what I typed is in no way directed at anything that happened in Ferguson -- just what cops are trained to do in general.

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You obviously have the money if you were considering $1,000 for a guitar (not including an amp) as your first one. Get a guitar for $300-$400 and a small amp for $150.

Unless things have changed with Squier over the past decade, they are nothing but trash. I would look at Ibanez or Schecter.

Take what I say with a grain of salt as I play bass, not guitar, but I have never heard anything positive about Squier guitars.

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Luckily I still own a PS2 and the game. Sucks that I didn't have the Steam version installed to archive. Went to go turn off updates as suggested and saw it wasn't installed =/

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@troll93 said:

Wait, in the US do your previous employers have to pay unemployment benefits or are these all "Unjustified Dismissal" and works comp law suits?

Here, you have up to 2 years of leaving your previous job to file for unemployment. You get up to 2 full years of getting paid as if you were working your previous job; so basically whatever wages you got is what your previous employer has to pay you..... to not work at all. Theoretically you use this time as a cushion to finding your next job, but the majority slack off until the last couple of months.

You don't get your previous wages. You get a calculated amount which caps at $450 a week. It's all based on how much you made and how long you have been with the company (length doesn't factor price, but term of unemployment I believe).


Page 7 has the start of the table.

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@somedelicook: That's fucked. And I thought California couldn't get any shittier with unemployment. Just keep opening up those coffers California.... drive our ass even more in debt.....

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@troll93 said:

Wait, in the US do your previous employers have to pay unemployment benefits or are these all "Unjustified Dismissal" and works comp law suits?

In California, it is part of the Payroll Taxes that the employer pays every payday. It's only paid while the employee is employed with that company. Once the employee no longer works for the employer, they stop paying into the pool for the employee.

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@sanity said:

Fact is not many people really want to work or even know what work is, im going to sound like a dork, but i fear for our generation. No one wants to help themselves anymore and everyone runs away at the slightest bit of criticism. Fucking country is in a bad place if things don't shape up. Its just a shame that good people are taken advantage of like this, unemployment is a joke anymore because they have more claims then they can handle and its easier and quicker to accept most of the claims then wade through all the damn paperwork to sort it out. Hope things get better for your friends, though its hard to find good people in the retail sector.

Agreed. We used to be a hard working country and I know most of us still are, but it seems to just be getting worse and worse. I don't know if it is just generational thing or what, but it's sad.

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Maybe it differs by state, but I could have sworn the labor board or unemployment service called the previous employer to find out why they were let go. The reason the employer gives determines if the former employee is actually eligible for unemployment. In California, if you are fired you don't get it. If you are laid off, you do. You also don't get it if you are still employed which of course seems to go against one of the employees in your story.

I am shocked that those weren't turned down. May I ask what state this is? In California, employers pay for unemployment for the employee while they are working there and not something that is paid after the fact like worker's comp which would really screw over hard working mom and pops; not sure if other states work differently.

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