Hat, meet ring.

Well, hello everyone!

It's been a while, hasn't it? Don't worry, I'm only just popping bac-OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE PLACE?!  Screaming children everywhere. Dear lord. This is going to take some cleaning up. Yes,  of course, I am talking about this whole Bombcast thing. The whole thing. You know, that thing. Yeah, that one. Well, here's my stance. I know everyone's made their own little post and or blog and everything, but yo, I have an opinion, and I shall damn well write it. It's a simple one, but one which I will obviously feel compelled to write a full on essay deconstructing or something. God knows why.
Podcasts, by their very nature, are a different sort of content. They are not live videos. They are not quick looks. They are their own beasts. A group of people talk into microphones, minimal editing occurs, and we listen to the result. This is the ideal. And the Giant Bombcast is one of the most successful podcasts that exists at this moment in time. Or, last week. I don't know what's going to happen going forward. And I shall watch, as an observer.
The internet is a strange place. It allows equality, greater contact and a false relationship between those that create content and those that consume it. The kind of relationship that is in itself a fallacy, founded on the belief that it is the opposite of what it is. Or something like that. Words confuse me. GiantBomb, and Whiskey as a whole, have made a name for themselves with honesty and integrity. Or at least, that's what they'd claim. But it's not really honesty and integrity at all. Honesty and Integrity are impossible ideals to make money on the internet. The name they have built has not been built by them at all, but by an expecting group of people, sometimes collectively referred to as a "Community."
You may have noticed I've avoided even mentioning the meat of the issue here, the Bombcast split thing. I like to ramble, I really do. I shall discuss it with myself now. The move is not one of sheer horror in of itself. It's the unveiling of a curtain, the revealing that these 4 guys round a microphone are there to make money. It's their jobs, after all, one would assume you'd have worked that out. But before now, many people have chosen to ignore that fact. And now it's been forced into the spotlight of their minds, and knee jerk reactions will fly all over the place. Using words like "Betrayed." They never owed you anything. They can therefore, not betray you, only go a route which you did not wish them to take.
The real tragedy is the Hypocrisy of the situation. Just last week, a certain Ryan Davis was lamenting PAX, and how it's gotten too big and corporate. How the feel, the heart of it may be being sacrificed for increased monetary gain. The irony almost makes me chuckle. 
I'm not angry at Giant Bomb. The Bombcast has always been fun, it's kept me going on dark days, and I'll stay listening. I think. But the damage has been done. The format is no issue - the fact that it's so clear they are planning and monetizing the format is. It's something that's blindingly obvious, that we all knew from the beginning, but now the elephant in the room has brought the house down, we've gone into a state of panic. No matter who picks up the pieces, it'll still be a broken home.
And with that terribly emo last line, I leave you all. I shall not be supporting whiskey with my money. At least, not yet. My only real enjoyment on the site is the Bombcast. And with this sheer huge community uproar, I don't know how it's going to feel to listen to the next one. It'll be an interesting experience. Maybe one day, I'll decide that it's worth it, that my measly money is worth spending. I'm not angry. I'm not betrayed. I'm just a bit "Eh, alright then." Though, I do want to see what Endogene would think of this. Can I still make jokes about that? I've been away for a while.
Ta, ta

Moving on

Well, this has been obvious for a while, but I've not really been as active on GiantBomb, not blogging, dropped out of Luchazine. And it's not cause of some "I am Endogene" conspiracy (though mentioning Endogene in a blog such as this is actually mandatory) but I've just got other priorities. I still love my video games, but I'm focusing a lot on writing, and found another forum called MZP for script-based writing which I'm hella enjoying, like I enjoyed GB at the beginning of my time here.
This isn't a big "I'M NEVER COMING BACK" blog, just one to say that I'm doing other things and won't be as active on Giantbom,, though I'll still be listening to the bombcast every week!. I may post the odd blog post though, who knows, as well as doing a bit of chilling in the IRC.  Not gonna attatch this to the forum, no point.


The Art Of Fighting (...In The Street) I: 59 Hours

I don't know if you know this, but...

I have spent 59 hours with Street Fighter IV. Fifty Nine hours. Fucking count them! I'm still as shit as the day is long though. And I want to learn! I really do! But I'm not good enough. And I went on SRK once (Yes, I only put SRK cause I forgot how to spell Shroyouken. Also, the spell check when I click on that is "Shropshire") to see if I could get some help. I saw that I couldn't understand a word. And I was already 40 hours deep into Street Fighter IV, yet I'd barely scratched the surface. This stroke me as rather problematic, and still, 59 hours in, I am not getting past trial 4 in the easy tier for Gouken. And instead of telling myself I've wasted my time, I've just kept on going? It begs the question, why?!
So, I ordered Super Street Fighter IV. In my mind, I'm watching all these videos, I'm looking at all these clips and everything, and I'm just going "i can't wait to be able to do this! I'm gonna take on the world!" But then, I go to get some practise in with my Street Fighter IV, and I can't do combos in matches, I can't do anything situational. All I know is to do the upwards hurricane kick when they jump in, and that if Ken gets close, do the punch counter a lot. Surely, learning through doing would have taught me more than that.  

 You would be correct to assume that this is just a random image I chose upon the searching of "Super"
Jeff makes an excellent point on the bombcast. There is no proper tutorial. Oh, what I would give to have a 5 hour mode that takes you through a series of battles, challenges, win conditions, tutorials, conditional battles and everything. It is the *one* place where one of those sports style career modes would actually improve the game. I need to know these things! And trying to know them so far has been like, aptly, trying to beat up a car with your BARE HANDS.
I shall refrain from going on anymore about Street Fighter. The game arrives, hopefully, on Tuesday. And after it has arrived, I will play it, and post my impressions. But until then, if the helpful eye of a SF Veteran does fall onto this blog, do answer the question that plauges me and many others, and you have no doubt answered a thousand times, yet have no right to be forced to. Where do I start?  

In Other News...

  • How Is a duck pond a duck pond if there aren't any ducks?
  • Life is not currently fun for me. I won't go into it, we'll just say I've had my share of breakdowns this week. Fun times.
  • GCSEs are nearing their conclusion. It's a strange feeling, because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but before the light is a big fun hammer that i must hit myself with until I can be allowed through. The light only lasts a while? Does life ever actually become fun?
  • Oh yes, I'm also having an existential crisis. You see, I like existing. It's one of my favourite things. The thought of not existing is one I cannot comprehend. And I don't need to think about that, when I'm thinking about my skills at a fake fighting simulation.
  • Alright, I should go watch CSI:NY

Black Rainbows and the Years Thereof

I'm going to review an album!

As  I do believe I established, I like me some Coheed and Cambria. And hey, they have a new album out. Now I'm not an experienced music "reviewer" but I'll give it my best shot. Also, I'd love whiskey media to do a GB style site for music. Music and films are the big two left standing. And then they should merge all the sites so that you have one universal account, and blog and all that and I'll shut up now, onto the review!.  

Year of the Black Rainbow - Coheed and Cambria

Obviously, it goes without saying, that my stoked meter was pretty high for this album. I tried to avoid singles and pre-relesae versions of songs, so i could experience the album  through first time.  The album starts off with "One," an overly long instrumental, atmospheric beginning to the album. It's not bad, it's not a song, it's just 2 minutes of atmosphere that flows nicely into the opening track. Safe to say, that opening track really benefits from it, but, as a fan, "One" dissapoints me, by not being a reprise of the earlier intro tracks, as per tradition. Music and story are clashing, this album is a prequel to the others, and frankly, who cares? Well me, but if you don't already care about the story and "all that crap" then One's atmosphere works *perfectly* for the album. And as the atmosphere builds, there is a crescenco of effects, followed by the sound of  guitar feedback, and, we lead perfectly. into "The Broken"
"The Broken" is a kickass opening track. I hated it, at first. The slow tempo, the heavy production, it made me long for the opening in the vein of their earlier album In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3. Whilst In Keeping Secrets is still, in my eyes, a superior song, after a couple of listens through the album, I began to appreciate the different sound, and fell in love with the track. The vocals are sing alongtastic, pumping chords and catchy choruses, and guitarist Travis really shines in this song, with awesome licks and riffs behind the vocals, complimenting and adding to the texture of the song. Also, the bassline at the end, is made of win. 
"Guns of Summer" is next. Do me a favour and listen to it. When I heard the intro, I wanted to scream out NOOOOOO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! Techno fade up, into techno riff. I will admit the drumming in this song is some of the best drumming I have ever heard. If I can ever play this well, I'll be happy. Anyway, multiple listens softened me up on the song, and I like it now, but overproduction and a style that just feels forced makes me yearn for some of the earlier, more natural stuff like Three Evils (Embodied in Love and Shadow). Also, the guitar solo was a bad idea. Yes it is guitar. All the way through. And the ending, well I don't like produced endings like complete sound cut outs. Just feels wrong.
"Here We Are Juggernaut" is the first single, and I can totally tell why. Catchy riff, catchy chorus, sing along the whole way through. The industrial sounding production is, again, throughout this album, an area of dissapointment for me, but I can forget all that when claudio screams, with all the passion he always does "This is not your playground it's my heart!" and you can tell there is still feeling behind the production. Good to know they can still write heartfelt stuff. It is very, very similar to the broken, as a song, similar tempo, similar chorus and song structure. But they both feel very good, and "Juggernaut" is definately a strong song and a great choice for first single. One thing that feels wierd. It ends on exactly the same notes, same synth feeling, that "Spaceman" by The Killers starts on. That is pretty wierd.
"Far" is a truly beautiful song. Again, every time, industrial thumping drums, I don't really like them. (I have more beef with the producers but will get onto that at the end) But they do compliment the song after you can get used to them (I often wonder how much the production outlash with me is my own preconceptions or genuine dislike), and it is a great song. Slow, and full of feeling. The guitar solo is haunting and sounding awesome indeed, and you can't help but sigh and sing along when claudio sings out "No matter the distance, now matter how far."
"This Shattered Symphony" begins with an intro which raises my hopes for an up tempo, much more natural song. Alas, they are dashed straight after both speakers are at play, the slow thumping tempo returns. But it definately is a song with less production, and feels more natural. It is one of the strongest on the album. Drums. Bass, chords, and Travis' licks all come together in the chorus with a nice yell of "Go on and give me the gun!" Gang vocals come into it later, and once you accept what kind of song it is, you will come to like it for that.  But then, out of nowhere, comes...
 "World of Lines." It is my favourite song on the album. It begins with a very cool riff, backed up by (natrual sounding!) awesome drumming. It definately harkens back to favourites of mine like "Three Evils" and "Gravemakers & Gunslingers." Fast paced, filled with almost punk and classic rock sensibilities combined. It feels very My Chemical Romance to me, similar to songs such as "Welcome to the Black Parade" yet having a wildly different sound. And I know there is a pre-conception of hatred for bands like MCR, but that was a compliment, they have made an epic anthem, and has the best chorus on the album - "Just leave us alone!."
"Made Out Of Nothing (All That I Am) is a power ballad. I'm ashamed to say it, but it is. Get your lighters out, and get ready to sway. Very similar to "The Road and The Damned" from the previous album. I quite like it, even though I'm not a big power ballad guy. Is interesting enough to stay out of enough power ballad traps to make it good. The guitar work is damn fine, and as with all the album, Chris Pennie's precussion talents make the drum parts damn fine throughout. Shame about the production.  Yes, I don't have much to say, its a power ballad, and its done well enough to be interesting, but its never going to be the best song they've ever written.
"Pearl of The Stars" is very, very strage. Starts off with an accoustic guitar, which is disconcerting. Then, claudio sings with a really low raspy voice, which is one of the most disconcerting things I have ever known. It feels wrong, but doesn't last long. Has the same electronic feel to "Far" but isn't as good a song. Again, gets into power ballad territorry at the 3 minute mark when the full band comes in, and the guitar solo kicks off. Another song for the lighters. But after five minutes of sentimentality, you hear chords that begin to signify the end. And when the next song starts, you know the shit is getting real.
"In The Flame of Error" starts with a chord progression that reminds me of many things. Reminds me of the short instrumental, "The Fall of House Atlantic" from the last album. The whole song never lets up with the sinister, desperate feel. There are little bits of really interesting, intricate instrumental work throughout the song, but when you get down to it, this song is about pumping fucking chords with desperate vocals. As claudio says, "This is War."
"When Skeletons Live" is the second last song on the album, and is similar to World of Lines, in tempo and feel. And I do like me some slightly faster, more poppy sounding songs. Coheed do them really well, and it makes me happy when they ldo. It ticks all the boxes, interesting guitar augmentation, nice precussion, and a catchy-ass chorus. The post-chorus does, however, remind you that this is a story album, and calls back to just the last track, with some dark chords. It's great, catchy song, but is overshadowed by just how great and catchy "World of Lines" is.
"The Black Rainbow" closes the album out. As coheed always do, its a big creschendo the whole way through, starting out with a riff very similar to "Pearl of the Stars." Claudio's vocals are fed through effects over atmospheric synth, and reverb filled drums. It stays low, with Chris providing some nice military drums, and then suddenly it explodes into an amazing riff, complete with yells of "It's over! It's over" above the track. Then the producers ruin it. Things become more distorted, and crechendo builds for minutes, and I'm sitting in my seat all excited for an awesome ending, and then after some wierd synth effect comes in the song cuts out. Dead. Mid-fucking-bar. Then, 10 seconds of silence, and we get some atmospheric sounds and creepy laughing.  Way to ruin an epic ending.
And thus, brings me onto the beef with the producers. You see, there are 2 more bonus tracks, and a making of half an hour clip in my deluxe version. And here is the problem! The two bonus tracks are fucking awesome. "Chamberlain" is another faster song, with an awesome chorus, that falls flat without the right mix. As much as I hate the industrial production in the early parts of the album (it gets better later on), I can't enjoy a song with a chordy chorus, if the drums are too distorted, and you can barely hear the guitar chords.  It just makes me sad, for the song is one of the better ones on the album.
"The Lost Shepard" is the same. Not in feel, It's not fast tempo, it's in fact very similar to guns of summer, but it is an awesome song, and does that style of song in a better way, in my opinion (By not doing as much techno). I just...I'm genuinely annoyed that these were not included on the album, because they are really bloody good, and would add to the sound in a great way, if included in the main tracklist. They've done albums with 15 songs before, so why not put these two on?
Well, I'll tell you why. Because, in the making of video, one of the producers (The main producer, by the looks of it), Mr Atticus Ross, pursuaded the band to drop them from the main album. Good going, good going. It is a damn shame, as Chamberlain could easily be my favourite (or second favourite next to Lines) song on the album, but it obviously just sounds incomplete, the levels are all off.
Overall, it's a good to great album. Musically, it is amazing. Whilst I can probably say that none of the songs here are there single best song, as an album it works really damn well, and once you can come to terms with the production and what the album actually is, you will have a great time with it, and I reccommend it heartily. Though, as I say, if you haven't heard this band before, I reccommend their older stuff more, but it is a worthy enough successor.

Best Tracks

  • Here We Are Juggernaut
  • Far
  • World Of Lines
  • Chamberlain (Demo)

In Other News...

  • Yo, revision is fun. Especially as it's probably pointless.
  • Shit has happened in my personal life that hasn't been great. Not to me, but someone I know got hurt pretty bad, and It's not good. Not good one bit. Trying to do what I can to help.
  • Plants vs Zombies *is* fun. A good tower defence game!

A Real Essay on the Subject of Morals


And Lo, Giant Bomb is a meta game. I was going to comment on this yesterday, but didn't have time, and thus posted a shameless attempt for points, which achieved a lock and some strange looks from passers by. Well, at least a "Son, I am Disappoint" comment from Mracoon. A prime example of one of the problems of this questing in this fine establishment called giant bomb. In the short time I spent figuring out the answers to some of the easier ones, and contemplating creating 10 forum topics (I never create Forum topics, why do that when you can blog?) I think I've got a good idea of what the system can be. A bullet point list, if I may. (I did not create 10 forum topics, by the way.) 
 Level up! (This is the best picture they had, I apologise)
  • Clues for people on Wiki Pages. GENIUS, if I may say. Good job, this is the best part of the system by far!
  • The ones about real achievements and S ranking are pretty cool, and I suppose on a video game site we should reward that.
  • XP for Wiki Editing is a good idea. It may cause some people to try to "boost" but nothing appears there unless moderated, so it shall work fine.
  • Getting XP for doing stuff to do with the site can help people try out more of the awesome stuff that GIANT BOMB has to offer.
Not so Good. I won't say bad, it's more risky stuff.
Longer responses for this one, it needs to go into paragraphs. I'm a critical motherfucker.
The XP system seems like its going to become the entire ranking system for the whole site, indicated by Dave in his post.. This includes wiki editing and forum posts. This is hells of risky. The boosting yesterday, which I so expertly demonstrated, just proved that when there are points available the forums become clogged with rushed shit, bad one line jokes about boosting (this was my category) and not really thought out discussion, which is what should be there (Even if it isn't most of the time. OH BURN. I kid.) There is a place for, shall we say, a small amount of XP for every forum post, It will make more people motivated to reply to a lot more in the forums, and hopefully means that more topics get more responses. Obviously the opposite could happen, and it could encourage more one line "k." type responses.
However, if we are going to roll out XP for everything, we need to reward quality over quantity. You could call this bullet point self preservation, and you would be right. I would love some points if my blog is good enough. That's right, *good* enough. I really don't want points for quantities of blogs. That is a bad idea. I've already ranted about how blogging isn't really, well, actively encouraged here, and this is another area where the limited number of bloggers here need to be rewarded (If forum kings and wiki champs are, it's only fair *innocent face), and as I always say, *good* blogs need to be more accessible in an easier way. Sweep deserves a large chunk of XP, and more people need to read what Sweep writes, for example. Who can say I'm wrong?
 Wouldn't be Giantbomb without Hamburger Jokes. I don't like hamburgers. This is related to quests in some way, right?
Don't think I'm being all negative on this one, though. I *greatly* approve of Wiki treasure hunting, and if that is regularly publicized and updated (so people know when new quests are about) it will be something beautiful. I was one of the lucky ones who remembered the most important man in the video game industry, by the way. Pretty good, pretty good. 
A question though. It seems to me there is a category for Mods only that has way more XP available than all the other sections. 18k, in fact. This is a balance problem, if true. I hope not, but if it is, then I suggest to people up high, that you make it a fair playing ground. Equal opportunities. I won't ever get the User review one either, because I live in the UK and often personally cannot by what I want on week day. The game I had the best chance of getting front page review for was ME2, and UR was up for that before I received  it on the Friday. Tis a sad time. But I digress, I am complaining about selfish issues now. Like the lack of a featured blog on the fr... I'll stop.
I think I've said my piece now. Can I be forgiven for yesterday? May I suggest (not retroactively, please) that mods can remove XP if there is obvious, blatant boosting going on. I also shouldn't have attached that shit to the forums, I realise now, but I learn and move on. Anyway, yes, if this system is eventually going to be THE system for everyone, it needs to include everyone on the site. Otherwise, I'll make an angry blog about it.

In Other News...

  • What is the best TV show that I watch at the moment? It is either The Mentalist or Doctor Who. I cannot decide. The Mentalist is very good though. Very good.
  • Still going through Borderlands in gaming. Have a lend of Arkham Asylum, need to finish that. Finishing games is a good idea. I can tell I'm not gonna buy any more new ones til Christmastime, so there is hope!
  • Music! I love Music! My current fad bands are The Offspring, and some stuff with HORNS like Less than Jake and the Bosstones. Good stuff. Coheed's new album comes out next week, and I cannot wait.
  • GCSEs are a fun time in the UK. You have to continually revise over and over, yet you know in your heart you don't really need to. It is strange indeed.
  • Also, I was serious. I don't like hamburgers. I really don't eat much, its strange. I don't like eating so much food. I miss out on pizza and hamburgers.

Blurderlands And Cambria

Exactly What It Says On The Tin

As you may have guessed, the two games featured in today's blog are Blur and Borderlands. And a musical interlude. Shall we begin?


Oh Borderlands. How I love thee. How I love the single player MMO idea. How I love that, in my sixteen year old, non-experienced mind, I can see the genius design decisions that were made in your development. Also: Oh Borderlands. How I hate the. How I hate the single player MMO idea. How I hate that, in my sixteen year old, non-experienced mind, I can see the terrible design decisions that were made in your development. 
I'm divided, to say the least, on Borderlands. Not as much as that last paragraph may have led you to believe, because don't get me wrong: I love that game. It is just that, I always notice the flower of my love is drooping, with maggots and holes, and not enough light is getting to it to allow it to prosper like it should. Then swiftly, the light comes and the plant is healed. Its almost like this plant itself is on pandora, 20 minutes of love, 20 minutes of hate. Kind of.
The shooting is spot on. The RPG mechanics, when they are spot on, are spot on. When they aren't spot on, however, they terrorise me to levels of anger and outrage that are rarely felt from a video game. Getting new guns is awesome. Getting XP is awesome. Therefore, I do *all* the quests. Then the game tells me I'm overlevelled for every quest. I understand you need to balance it for everyone, and In my mind, I have no legitimate solution to this problem, but it just makes me sad. Also, I hate losing money for dying. I hate it so much! Just...its just...man. If they make a Borderlands 2, I'd prefer a much nicer punishment than losing hella money.
I'll lay off talking for now. Will share my opinions more when its finished. I did buy all DLC packs when I bought the game, so I look forward to shooting zombies and mechs. I *don't* look forward to Mad Moxxi, though. I still bought it, though. The bank is good, I suppose.

A Musical Interlude

This September, shortly after being addicted to the release of The Protomen's new album, I discovered a band. Never before have I discovered a band, became addicted for a short while, then, months later, they have remained my favourite and I totally have tickets to see them in London the very day after my examinations this summer. Shit is getting awesome. So I present to you a song, an excuse to break up the blog, and a chance for you to listen to one of the best musical experiences ever. Also, if you care about my opinions, and actually read my blog, do tell me if I should start doing some musical themed blogs. I like music.  Anyway, without further ado...

Blur: Multiplayer Beta

Blur is a video game. One that I am lucky to be able to play. I have now played it for, lets say 40 minutes, won 0 races, got 0 top three finishes and, obviously, can see room for improvement. However, credit to Bizzarre where credit is due, it is a fun, surprisingly deep arcade racing game, at its best when 20 racers are in a pack together and shit is crazy. I only had one match like that, having waited in the same lobby for a few games, it slowly built up, til it peaked at 15 and then EVERYONE left after that game. This made me sad.
Anyway, because prose is too complicated for my immature mind, allow me to quote a wise man. Bring da lists, mutherfucka. 

Blur - The Good

  • Power Ups. They work Great, and are balanced well.
  • Carnage. Mayhem. Metal Destruction. Any other phrase that may have been used by Craig Charles on Robot Wars. (REFERENCES!)
  • Meta Games are awesome. Levelling up, challenges and everything, seems like it will have a positive impact on my experience in the future.

Blur - The Improvable

  • It's a Beta! Graphical bugs in the opening cinematics for each race are present every time. That *will* be Ironed out, I trust Bizarre.
  • Handling. Maybe I haven't gotten the turning right yet, but it definitely isn't like PGR for corners. I still have yet to work out how to truly turn properly in that game, and am usually bottom o' the pack for that.
  • Track Design. Too many streets, too many corners. Not enough JUMPS. Game is best in JUMPS. There are various JUMPS in certain tracks, and the JUMPS are definitely the highlight. Feels like they held back and went more NFS style with it, though perhaps I'd prefer the other direction. Not too much of an issue, I just like fucking JUMPS.
And so ends Today's Coverage on Blur. My feelings and ability to actually play the game shall progress as the beta continues. Also I am from the UK and will pronounce it "Beeta."

In Other News...

  • Examinations! Good times. NOT.
  • I write songs for fun, as I probably mention all the fucking time. A project is now forming up! If any...wait, no. This is a video game site! Though when I do upload songs, I'll fucking plug 'em to shit.
  • Polo Spearmint is a damn tasty thing. I am unsure of how exactly to define it, but it tastes good. One is in my mouth now.
  • Also, Coheed and Cambria are fucking awesome and I can see myself doing a blog on my favourite bands. And films and games, to keep it relevant.
  • PEACE!

And now I am depressed

I don't live in America

And therefore cannot go to PAX East. Though to those who can, I am jealous of beyond belief. Because I got one a mailing list mail:
Protomen Tour Dates
  26th – Boston, MA – PAX East 
I cannot talk more. Or type more. It is too saddening. =[.

Super Special Awesome Unrelated Blog Title Go!

Issue One: Final Fantasy XIII and Linearity

FFXIII Is a game that will be terrible in every way. Every single decision they make in the design in that game will be wrong, and result in a game that is top to bottom awful. Apparently. You'd be forgiven for thinking that with the UPROAR over the lack of towns. Fucking. Uproar. Over the lack of towns. Truly they have betrayed the fans in every way! If it wasn't for the Xbox 360, I (a PS3 Owner) would have the Final Fantasy game I deserve, I have been betrayed in every single way!
Yes, yes, I am being sarcastic. In fact, I own an Xbox 360. But what is my opinion on the issue, I hear (none of) you cry. Well I'm glad that (none of) you asked, because otherwise I would have shouted at you. With anger. I've played all of an hour of Final Fantasy in my life, but I did watch Spoony's FFVIII thing. That was pretty awesome. But from my passive experiences with Final Fantasy in my time on this earth, I can see why people play it. For. The. Story.
This design decision was made early on, it wasn't like they had to take it out of the game. Consoles have limitations, as I'm sure you know. And if you are a fan of a series, then you probably have the ability to reserve your knee jerk reaction to a change, and trust your developer. Case in point: Mass Effect 2. Changed almost everything, and it still felt like a natural progression.  I know my point won't go down well with the Internet, because most people don't take kindly to the point of "a little trust never hurt anyone," but it is the sentiment that I wish to betroth unto you, my dear reader.  
Also, it is a story based game. No one (that I have talked to) has said to me "Yo, that bit in FFVI was dope, ya'll, where you went to that town and walked around and found like a sword and it took shit long, dawg." Mainly because absolutely no one, and I mean no one, talks like that . And if you do, go get help. People remember the Aeris scene, and that FUCKING SONG. I've heard Lost Odyssey is a little similar to Final Fantasy and I love that game. I love it so much I am going to all these sidequest areas to see everything. But If they made the game more linear, I would probably love it more. I will play all of what is there, but if it wasn't so expansive, and necessary for guides and actual planning on the ring construction and skill stuff, I would have probably enjoyed it more. Got to the next Jansen moment faster. 
I've rambled on this issue for enough. Barely came to a proper conclusion. Next up!

Issue Two: Just Cause and Non-Linearity

This is a lie. This is more about Stories in games in general. Maybe I should split these blogs in two. Maybe I will! Who knows? Not me, as a type away at this keyboard, with wafers to one side, and on the other side a damp tissue that is stained with the tears and the memories of my unchanging future.
Oh shit, I've turned emo. Dear god, please save me, internet. 
Anyway, I have a lot to say on this subject, so I shall actually leave you with that link to the interesting story. Expect a nice blog eventually on Stories, Plots, Characters, Media, and probably lots of Mass Effect. 

In Other News...

  • I've survived. Two plane Journeys.
  • That trip to Prauge definitely deprived me of time I could have spent blogging about  Mass Effect and forcing my way onto End_Boss's podcast. Turns out I did neither of those things. Instead, I watched an Eastern European Choir sing Leekspin (seriously) and then had to sing a bad Michael Jackson song. Goodtimes. And I say that Ironically.
  • This is also an interesting news story. I may also blog about it.
  • Also, I've been watching Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abriged Series a lot. Again. Its very funny. Check it out. That shit is on iTunes.
  • The game that has the biggest chance of making me buy a PS3 is almost here. It isn't working. No matter how good Heavy Rain is, I won't play it. This is a shame. But such is life.
  • Oh, and I went to Prauge and ate some KFC and Starbucks. Tastes of Culture.

I may die today

Today, I leave the country

 This is a very sad occasion, as this Holiday means you all won't be able to hear my voice talk about Mass Effect 2. Sadface. But thankfully, for this plane journey, I have a DS. Trusty, old, launch DS with a battery life of twenty seconds and a touch screen that is so fucked that...well...its so fucked.
I'm on a time limit unfortunately, with packing, and charging and all that. I've got my DS and Games all ready. I'll try to play SMT:DS, and fail, and go back to my trusty old Yu-Gi-Oh 2009. Which is surprisingly, a more than competent RPG. Yu-Gi-Oh has a good card battle system. Shame about, well, EVERYTHING STORY RELATED. Sigh.
Two line paragraphs are the order of the day, as I struggle to search the depths of my soul for interesting things to write. I'm sure I'll think of many blog topics whilst I'm away, and then this weekend when I return, I'll write NONE of them up. That seems to me to be how this will end up working. 
Also, I got the Mass Effect 2 Soundtrack, again for plane journey "funs." It is pretty awesome so far. I really enjoy good soundtracks. The one with the best song is easily Ace Combat 6, and the Liberation of Gracemeria IS one g the GREATEST VIDEO GAME SONGS EVER. Actually, I have many albums I need to listen to. Perhaps I'll write about music when I come back, seeing as I do *really* love my music.

In Other News...

  • Well...I just kinda did a whole blog of this.
  • I'll be back on Saturday. Well, Friday night, but won't be back on the Site til Saturday
  • You have about 2 hours to recommend me other DS games to play, also.
  • I hope the plane doesn't crash. That would be bad.