Mass Irony

I just wrote a long ass blog about a long ass blog

And it was an Interesting Experiment. I got most replies reminding me how I need to Copy and Paste to a word processor! Thank you guys. But, I did know that. The reason I actually pressed the button was because I knew I fucked up. I knew it was nobody's fault but my own. My reaction to that was to overreact, and just write something rambling, selfish yet honest. I suppose I should have mentioned it yesterday. But I'm not going to do something like that again. My mind is clear, I can write my thoughts in a reasonable matter.  Onto Mass Effect 2!

Mass Effect 2 - Part One

This shall be the first in a series of blogs where I write my detailed opinion on Mass Effect 2. Or there shall just be this one, and I will express my opinions through another media (Thanks to End_Boss for lighting a spark of hope inside my...mouth. I don't know where it was lit). Either way, suffice to say, I love Mass Effect, in all the forms I have played it on. No, I have not played Mass Effect Galaxy. I must be one of the lucky ones.
However, Today isn't my day to explain why I love it. Nor is it the day to explain how it "gets my goat." (I really, really, have no idea what that means. Radio 4 used it once, I follow suit to appear intelligent.) Today is the day for this. And now, this. If you don't need to be hyperlinked to Kotaku, let me fill you in: Mass Effect 2 has some really small text. They will not try to make the text bigger. This makes me, sad.
I am probably in a minority on this website. The TV which I game on is an old TV from at least 1997. It has one SCART lead on the back, which I use to connect consoles up to it. It is a broken machine. It cuts off text on the left, then slightly less on the write. It cuts of text at the top and bottom, and is slightly slanted, so may cut off the instruction at the bottom of the screen that says "B (Back)" but not the one slightly left of "A (Accept)." I need to upgrade. I cannot afford an upgrade, however, so I make do. If anyone tells me to get a Job, I will reply with no. I'm 16 and in School. Saturday Jobs are hard to find. Paper Rounds are laying people off left and right. The likelyhood I will get anything in the summer is low. I could labour this paragraph out into a joke about the Economic depression, oh the War Economy etc. but I won't.
 An exaggeration of what I have
 An exaggeration of what I need
Anyway, I am one who has to suffer through the tiny text in Mass Effect 2. I've already completed it, and it did prevent me from reading stuff on my 18 inch screen. Despite it's name, Mass Effect 2 doesn't want me reading some of the codex entries and planet scanning stuff. And I think I got through it. I play with subtitles off. I sit really close to my TV to make sure I can read text in this and any game, however. The days where I could lie on my couch with a controller in hand are long gone. The place where I was effected was on the dialogue trees. Whenever there was a light colour or source of in-game light behind the dialogue "wheel" it turned all text in front of it into an unreadable blur.
So. This is what it feels like as a remnant from a bygone era. Someone who is tied to the past whilst the world moves forward. Not nice. I do not like to have to suffer through the technical issue of not being able to afford what is still being portrayed to me as the "optional extra" of HDTV. Another instance of Irony, I suppose. I'm not the most well off person in the world, by far. Private issues have made that certain. However, I did have to go and pick expensive hobbies, didn't I? Heh. (They are Gaming, and Drumming)
Wow. I'm getting to the end of the blog and I'm left without closure. Its like writing a joke, labouring it out, and forgetting the punchline. What is my opinion on this? Do I even know? Well, I'm sure I could just get bitter about all those who have more money than I (For example, about two weeks ago, I went round to my friends house. Upon leaving this house, I was asked "Which Gate?") but that won't solve anything. It is like the Original Xbox support. People who are tied to the past, by choice or out of necessity, prevent the industry from moving forward.
I guess, sooner or later, I will need to find some way to get a nice, small, 720p monitor/TV. There was this nice Samsung for £240. Which sounds like too much of a price to pay simply to be able to read. I guess this is the world we live in. I love capitalism. Not.

In Other News...

  • This blog is currently on my clipboard. Just thought I'd say that.
  • Did I say earlier that End_Boss was aweso-oh, yes I did. He is pretty awesome. A well placed message can make people awesome, and bring smiles to faces.
  • I've lost my DS. I have an old DS, pre-lite, and I cannot get the touch screen to sync right. Another thing that I need to upgrade! Yay.
  • What is this? Two (Three, almost) blogs written in less than 24 hours? Maybe I can update regularly!
  • Don't hold your breath.

I had just written a long ass blog

It defended Sweep and put in my opinions on what this website needs. I think I'll just say what it needs right now:

An auto save for your blog so that you can't lose it all when the site decides to fuck up!

I am rather fucking pissed off. It said some good things too, about (ironically) how I really want more material produced by talented members of the community to get read and be appreciated. I even THOUGHT I had saved it on my clipboard. Turns out no. Thank you internet. And I lost a 2,000 word essay on Mass Effect 2.
I know I shouldn't be genuinely upset by this, but I am. I may even be crying. Who knows? You certainly don't. I am an enigma. That is a lie, you do know. And the fact that I punched a wall and shed a tear that my work will go unread is indicative of how much I care. How much I do want the community to read what I write. A desperate 16 year old's plea to be appreciated in the world. Apparently, he thinks the best way to do that is by writing about video games on the interenet. How wonderfully tragic.
So, I may write tomorrow. I may never write again. Who knows, I update so irregularly now that it is hard to find the energy to write something even when it is posted. Though, I can't wait for the comments. Genuinely, I am excited to see how many people do go "YOU SHOULD HAVE SAVED IT, DUMBASS."
In fact, here we go. I'll write something now. It won't be as good as the nice, witty blog I wrote on how the community could be a much more coherent place and how it could be inclusive and non intrusive to the editorial content. I think a short few bullet points will do. I think it can be on what has just happened, and why it affects me. It will end up being a mis-spelled, angry, rage fueled piece of writing that shows just what an immature teenager I am. So, without further ado, here is a short blog.


I enjoy to create. I really enjoy it. I enjoy it a lot. And more than that, I enjoy knowing what I have created is good. Whether it is a song I have just written, or a piece of creative writing, I want others to see it. I actively seek affirmation. I seek compliments. I want to know that what I am doing is beneficial. I wish I had my own website, where people would come simply to see what I had made. These wishes are just that. Wishes. I do not have a place where I can record my songs and upload them for criticism and enjoyment. Nor my stories. Nor my blogs. Instead I write a song in some program of some sorts, and show it to this friend I have. Always. Without fail. If he says I've done a good job, I'm happy. I write blogs and upload them here. I shove it into a sea of debates on whether you "totally cant stnad teh javelin glitch" or something.
I'm selfish. It is true. I'm selfish, thats all it is. And even though in this blog, I'm taking a self indulgent look at my own situation, I'm sure my feelings do echo many others who write on this site. I write because I want people to be excited to see what I have written. It is a feeling I get every time I see Lies and Sweep have written a new blog: OH AWESOME, MUST READ. It is a strange desire, but I really want to be able to write about what I love, and really have that feel like a worthwhile process.
Must stop. Am rambling. I'm just saying that I want you all to love me. And all that'll get me is a sea of insults. That isn't how this world works. If you have stuck with me through this blog so far, then I suppose I can try to find some closure to my rambling, hormone induced, selfish thoughts. Bullet points are needed. I should clear my mind. So, points I have made so far:
  • A blog is something I have created
  • I, as a selfish creature, want what I create to be appreciated
  • I, as a communal creature, want this to be in the environment of other works I appreciate. I want this site to be filled with great community content and discussion.
That was something I had touched on in the blog I was writing before this. Back to my rambling. I hate to see an hour and a half of work go completely to waste. Especially if I am proud of it.  Especially as I wanted people to see it! And so does everyone, so I know I am over-reacting. I look around the internet and I see talented people. I see them being appreciated for what they do. I become jealous, and want a piece of that pie. I have opinions, and I love to express them in forms that use words. It is why I love the idea of podcasting, and would plead for a guest spot on the old BSHAF. Never got one. Have been offered the right to recurr as a guest on Jensonb's new show. That is by the by though. 
I'll finish now. I am truly sorry. This blog is terrible. But I think that is why it needs to be published. This isn't a piece of creation that deserves to be seen, but it shows the effects and the motivations of someone who writes "community blogs" in their spare time. Especially as I'm not presenting them with the spin and the same controlled writing style I would if I was calm right now. This is the pure, unadulterated, selfish, truth. I may not *want* you to see it, but I just wrote it, so I'm gonna press that button and give you something.
My life isn't complicated or hard, but there are not many things I get passionate about. The two things are writing songs and writing words. I can't record my songs, but I can share my words.  I am not a martyr for any kind of cause, this blog does not have some higher purpose, and isn't trying to be pretentious or mean. But it is honest, and that honesty only comes at the moment from my rather insensitive and over reactive mood. Hey, flame me if you want, but if you are someone who has read something on this site before, then this may give you insight into how much they might care about creating this content and having it be good. I'm not representative of everyone though, just me, so take what I'm saying with a pinch of salt.
I'm not perfect. I love you all. I wish that you love me. I am Endogene.

In Other News...

  • Maybe that Endogene line was a little stupid. I should delete it. I wrote the rest of this blog with the attitude of not deleting anything, no matter how bad. Keeping up the honesty.
  • I now see the irony in using that after having previously written about issues in how to improve the community of this site.
  • I'll try to write some kind of readable impressions of Mass Effect. I love it. Right now I'm obviously in a bad mood. Til a later date, guys!
  • Oh look, my internet has now decided to temorarily lose connection. If there is a god, he likes to taunt me. Yay!
  • Right, I'm really done.

I'm british, so I shall moan about this instead of feel lucky

I Have too many games.

Actually, that is kind of a lie, because I don't HAVE too many, I just spend my time with them unwisely. I really need to complete games more, and this list is my reminder that these games exist, and I *will* complete them. You'll all be here with me guys, right? Guys? 

My Backlog

Welcome to my personal reminder that I should really get to finishing Mass Effect. Catchy nickname, don't you think? Anyway, my list. These are games that I own that I have not finished, and do intend to. It doesn't include the games that I own and have barely played, such as my Sports games. I'm still debating as to whether to include Pure. Anyway, without further ado, the games I need to finish but haven't. What this means is these are the games my mind goes: DO THIS, so on some (one) of them, I've already completed it twice.
1. Saints Row 2

Amazing game. I am loving every second of this awesome adventure. I received it on Christmas day, and have almost finished it already. Hopefully this won't be on the list for long, but I am attempting to savour Saint's Row 2, with the extra activites and Real Estate buying, but other games are calling, so I'll finish this up soon.

2. Mass Effect

OK, this game is different. I finished it, then I did a renegade run, then I started a rushy Hardcore run, and now Mass Effect 2 is approaching on me and I haven't got to Level 60 (I'm 2 off) and don't have a file that has the decisions I originally made carried over. Yes, I'm trying to complete this twice before Mass Effect 2. Yes, I know its futile.

3. Shadow Complex

Bought this on Sale whilst it was 800 points, and I'm not dissapointed. I played it for about an hour, and I managed to get stuck. I'm sure I'll complete this later. Hopefully. I really don't like being stuck in games, its kinda demotivating.

4. Lost Odyssey

I *love* this game. So much. It is a testament to this love that I REFUSE to complete it until I have done more of the sidequests. I've got the DLC bonus dungeon, and yes it is like banging my head against a wall, but my head is enjoying every second being bashed against the wall of Lost Odyssey. I truly love this game, and aren't being quick about finishing, even though I HAVE TWO OTHER JRPGS. AHH.

5. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Got this for my Birthday in November, I'm sure I'll play it eventually, its not bad. I've already done the first level, but this isn't a priority as of now.

6. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Again, Birthday gift in November, and what a gift it is. I enjoyed the two days I played it on in November, then went back to Modern Warfare 2. I will come back to this eventually. This list will still be here until I do.

7. Tom Clancy's EndWar

Again, birthday gift. I'll never complete this, I know it in my heart. Which is a shame, but inside, I know I don't have it in me to complete an RTS game. Ever. Sadface.

8. Fable II

I love this game, rather a lot. Fable II is FUCKING AMAZING. Go buy it if you haven't. I bought it, I then bought see the future, and I haven't finished that yet. Its the one short thing I have to do, if only I could just put the game back in...

9. Bully: Scholarship Edition

Birthday gift. FROM 2008. I played it once, REALLY enjoyed that, then left it til I had time. I still don't. This saddens me.

10. Beautiful Katamari

Now, this was a christmas gift, and a very enjoyable christmas gift. A *very* enjoyable christmas gift. Too bad it doesn't have an auto-save function. Three hours lost, and I am a very upset annoying little teenager. I'll get back to it, its not that long, but its very good, though losing three hours of Katamari making through my own stupidity, its just frustrating.

11. BioShock

I got this game, I played it, and my original Xbox BROKE. I don't know how far I got, I cannot remember where I am in the game. I was really enjoying it, then everyone spoiled ALL of the twists. What Jackasses I know. I really hate spoilers. I currently am refusing to forgive my dad for spoiling Serenity, which I just watched, but thats by the by. I don't know if I have the motivation to finish this.

12. Blue Dragon

Oh boy. Oh lord. Two JRPGs. TWO! This will end up being the one I don't finish, because inside of me, I know that Star Ocean will be better, and less similar to Lost Odyssey in gameplay. But I like to think that I'll finish it, even if I won't.

13. Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Christmas gift, and I got it twice, from two people. I know have a spare copy of Star Ocean that I really don't need. This is rather annoying. Oh well.

Right, that was fun, wasn't it? I think the thing I am most saddened by this list is there are a few games that I've just gone "nope, never doing that" and won't ever complete, that aren't on this list. So, actually, think of this not as a moan, but as a To-Do list. I will report back to this website and show my progress! Heres to it being good!

In Other News...

  • I don't know if I said this in the main blog, but DUDE SAINTS ROW 2 IS PRETTY SWEET. It is really refreshing to not care about consequences, and have a game that does not care about consequences. I have guns AKIMBO, I have a car that may well be the batmobile, and I'm loving every second. Not realistic at all, but oh so amazing.
  • Happy new year, or whatever. New year is the most pointless celebration, just an excuse for people to get drunk and not feel guilty. Then again, I will never drink (part moral reasons and part fussy eater reasons) and so I will never understand why people enjoy it.
  • I'm getting a guitar. This will be awesome.
  • I should go and have a shower now, considering I'm going into london. I suppose I'll talk later.

My "..Of The Year" Plans

I would do my Games of the Year...

 ... but you see, I have a problem. I've played all of four games that were released this year. Street Fighter IV, Prototype, Halo 3 ODST and Modern Warfare 2. And I'm still playing stuff from years before. I just got Lost Planet, and its pretty sweet. Working through games is hard, and I've got a big backlog, though insist on replaying Mass Effect twice more before January so I've got level 60 and veteran. I'll never do it.
Another thing I've barely done, is blog. I enjoy blogging, I enjoy writing, I enjoy seeing sweep saying what I've written is good. I don't enjoy my reaction to that to be stopping writing any real blogs for months. Anyway, I'm gonna do some kind of Year wrap up in my next couple of blogs, that I'll write after my exams these couple of weeks. Won't be just games, won't be just stuff that was released this year, but hopefully it is interesting and enjoyable to write in some respect.   

 Here is a shot of Alex Mercer brooding for padding. And for your enjoyment, of course.

In Other News...

  • I have Exams. They are not fun.
  • Modern Warfare 2 is pretty sweet. I'm shit, unfortunately.
  • OmegaPirate is my buddy. Hydrant Guy is a legend.
  • I may add more bad in jokes here, but alas revision calls.
  • I'm calling it. This blog is done.

The Rest Of The Year

Game Buying Plans...

Aside from gifts from others, I'm only personally buying one more game before the end of the year, and I don't even want to play it.


In Other News...

  • I thought I should really blog. I've been bad about blogging the last FIVE MONTHS. But I'm doing coursework, so I only had five minutes to spend on this blog.
  • I could write a mini essay going into how I'd rather buy a game I have no intention of sticking in the drive more than once, and how this corresponds to my love of music and my intention to spend all my relieved money this year on a new drum kit or something, but I'm doing coursework.
  • I've almost finished ODST. I would have finished it, but I have coursework.
  • I make a habit of buying (most) games I want about a year after they come out. They are so much cheaper that way....I look forwards to Borderlands, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and Modern Warfare 2 sometime in 2010.

I Made A List!

Games That Need Sequels NOW.

  Its that time of year again folks, the time I look at the Holiday release schedule and still don't see...well if I said now I'd ruin the list for you. But anyway, these are the games that I love so hard and am sad that there isn't a sequel to them for me to play, and the likelyhood of one is low. 

Games That Need Sequels NOW.

Its that time of year again folks, the time I look at the Holiday release schedule and still don't see...well if I said now I'd ruin the list for you. But anyway, these are the games that I love so hard and am sad that there isn't a sequel to them for me to play, and the likelyhood of one is low.

1. Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

Was I the only one? I love Tony Hawk, I love the goofiness, I love the arcade style. Yes, to me, Proving Ground was a disappointment because it tried to be realistic and edgy, which was a mistake releasing side by side with skate. But it is the only TH game I'll have to play on my 360 ever. I loved the TH formula, and the additions, whilst minor each year, kept me interested. I may have been in a minority, but it made me sad. Now they've just moved Neversoft to whoring out Guitar Hero, and want to make me spend money to "fakeboard." That isn't a true sequel. They could have just remembered that arcade-like Tony Hawk is awesome, and all it needed was a bit of refining, but they just gave up. Ride is a new skating franchise, and my Tony Hawk will be missed.

2. Star Wars: Republic Commando

DAAAAAAAAAAMN I love this game. Tell this to George Lucas: This is the only Star Wars related piece of media that I shed a tear in. No, I'm not gonna spoil the ending, because I want you all to get it for xbox, buy it off steam if its on there, and play this game. In my eyes, its the last game from the golden era of Star Wars games, when the games kicked much butt, and the films did not. Unfortunately, the reason there will never be a sequel to this game, however, is star wars. It starts at the beginning of the clone wars, and ends at the end of them. You may say a sequel could be side-story of another group but it wouldn't be as awesome, this game really gave a sense of care for your team. I don't care for...michael and..I can't even remember what they were called in R6V. But Sev, Fixer and Scorch. I love you guys, and no one can replace you. =[. (Lucas Arts, even though it would break the clone wars itself, make an out of continuity game starting straight after the end of this one, you can guess what that would contain. kthxbai.)

3. American McGee presents SCRAPLAND

D-Tritus! I love you dude. This game ru-uu-les. This *IS* a more kid-friendly future GTA, and how it should be done. Even in this "kid friendly" attitude though, there are great standout elements of dark humour that the characters are impervious to that makes it just that little bit edgier. The gameplay was top notch in the cars themselves, which is where most of the action took place. Sure on foot it left a...little to be desired, but I looked past the faults, and I saw the great game beneath. There were so many unique ideas in storytelling and gameplay which deserve to be expanded upon at least one more time.

4. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

Its about time for another RollerCoaster Tycoon game, right? Damn I loved these. I must have spent HOURS in RCT 2 making coasters, making parks, putting no entry signs in front of the park exit. Ahhh, goodtimes. Then three came along, and I got that a bit later after I got a PC that was "with" the times. (Yes, my PC sucks), and whilst some additions were hit and miss, the loss of the isometric perspective was a necessity. The perfect isometric RC game was already made, and there were things you had to sacrifice to get the 3D in. Sure, it was harder to run and build coasters now, but YOU COULD RIDE THEM YOURSELF. That was awesome. And it was a bit buggy, sure, but they ironed them out with patch support, and could build so much more for a sequel. Its a sequel I wish I can see, someday.

5. Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

This game is different, I know more Ace Combat games will come. But they have a habit to jump around consoles, go to portable, go to iPhone etc. etc. And I just want another on the 360, I hope they don't switch to the PS3 for the next game. Why? BECAUSE I DONT HAVE A PS3 AND WANT TO PLAY IT. Sure, its selfish, but this game has the best orchestral soundtrack for any game, bar none. It had be shouting at the screen in the TRAILER. I was timing all my dives and shots for the big crescendos in the music. So yeah, its an awesomely inspirational game like that, and I want another to be able to play. I want to be able to pull my Hi-G turn, lock on and shoot 5 targets. And I want it on a console I can play it on. Sure its selfish, but thats what everyone is thinking about Persona 5 (please please please on a platform I can play it).

6. Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance

OOOOOOH The X-Wing games. I loved this game, I even bought a joystick for it. (Yes, another Star Wars Game) This game was awesome. Sure It was a lot of following the arrow for the offscreen target before you could shoot it, but the concept still remains as one of the most genius things ever. Now make a modern day sequel, Lucas Arts, if your reviving Monkey Island and what-have-you then you have an obligation to start making good star wars games, then the occasional good star wars game, then just whoring star wars games, then going back to re-releasing adventure games and MAKING THE WHOLE ENDLESS CYCLE ARGHHH. (Short message: Sequel pl0x)

7. Jade Empire

Sure, I loved what BioWare did with Mass Effect, but after they are done with that, go back to Jade Empire please, if EA aren't too busy making you make SHITTY iPHONE GAMES. Anyway, Jade Empire had an awesome eastern setting, with enough unique little twists to make it worth making a franchise out of. Sure, there were faults, but Mass Effect has faults too, and even though I probably like ME more, I want BioWare to make another game in this setting at some point. PLEEEEEASE.

8. JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future

Yes Yes, I made this entire list to mention this game. But let me say: This game has the best soundtrack ever, This game has the best sense of style ever, and this game RULES. I still listen to the soundtrack on my iPod, a whole 8(?) or so years on! And imagine what a Jet Set game powered by the xbox 360 could look like? Isn't it just amazing. (This is another occurrence where I wish to have the game I want on the platform I own, I'm not a fanboy, just selfish). There were many faults with the gameplay of future which I saw through because the style and everything was so good, but if SEGA could make a comeback, make a sequel to this game, make it EVEN BETTER and give me "Concept of Love" as the opening, and allow me to sing along to Aisle 10, I could die happy.

In Other News...

  • I still do not know the best way know...put lists in posts, which everyone else seems to do flawlessly :( (Thanks to Metal Gear Sunny, I know no :D)
  • I made the first blog I have in 3 months. Shame, to think Sweep recommended me as a blogger to read....
  • blink-182 make the best music ever. I've finally decided. Please come on tour in europe next year with Sum 41 and Green Day supporting. :D. (I can dream)
  • I'm STILL playing lost odyssey. I haven't done much gaming.

Two can play at this game

Some of you may know of another awesome user who posts some awesome indie music. Well, I'm going to shamelessly do the same.


Right, this "band" is one person who I found on whilst browsing, as it turned out he lives about 40 minutes away from me. Anyway, he had a couple of demo tracks on, and they were pretty sweet. Hes just now told me that hes got a 5 track EP on youtube, of which this is the second track. Its kinda ambiet electronic instrumental but with guitar. Its pretty sweet, nice to have on in the background whilst doing some...*shudder*

Oh, and the best news about this music? Its free, according to the youtube descriptions, so go download it, its pretty sweet with some MAD OUT THERE TIME SIGNATURES.

In Other News...

  • In the last couple of weeks, I finished TLAD (pretty sweet) and DMC 4 (Also sweet). I also did the last levels I'd been waiting to finish for a while of Ninja Gaiden II (its sweet) and Ace Combat 6 (That game is sweet, too)
  • I'm now doing me some Lost Odyssey.
  • I got 4200 Microsoft points for the Summer of Arcade and some DLC. Its still not enough -[.
  • *IT* is never enough, no matter what it is.

Franchises which should have good games but don't [The Sequel]

So, I am not Lies

But, I do have an extreme like for his , and especially his latest one. So, consider this blog some kind of "continuation" of his, yet totally not the original, written by someone new, done without the creators permission but with full credit given. I'm sort of like Treyarch to Lies' Infinity Ward. Anyhoo, without further ado:


I've even put the pictures in the same place as Lies.
I am a great fan of Transformers, I don't watch the old episodes every week or whatever, and I'm probably 10 years too old for them (as in, was born after they had finished), and thus was raised on Armada. But anyway, giant robots that can change into cars just easily translates into a free roaming action game. This has not yet happened. "That" PS2 game was pretty good, so I heard, but my Lack of PS2 meant I couldn't play it, though I really wanted to, being it coming out during my watching of Armada. However, that seems to be the only really ok game about CARS WHICH BECOME ROBOTS. All you need to do, is give a city, get the G1 liscence, and thus about a gazillion UNIQUE transformers, rather than making you fight nameless drones, and make it control right. It. Is. Not. Hard.

I sit here and await the day I get to play a transformers game, and it is the best game ever, because its truly possible, with TRANSFORMING CARS. But alas, no one in the industry seems to realise, at heart, what is needed to make a Transformers game fun, and thus we get unoriginal shooter/brawlers with a gimmicky transform mechanic.

Star Trek

They even got Sulu...*sigh*
One or perhaps two Star Trek games can be said "worthy" of the status of above mediocre games. Perhaps Elite Force is up there, perhaps that wierd RTS mini-series a while back that I never played, but most definately Bridge Commander. Bridge Commander is quite unique as a Star Trek game, as the AI does all the work. All you do is tell the AI what to do. You can control directly, but as the title suggests, it is BETTER TO SIT IN THE CAPTAINS CHAIR. End of. Direct Control pales in comparison to doing the same job as Picard. The game had a mildly decent Story Mode, but an epic mod community, which brought out Borg Ships, New Bridges, New AI to keep the game updated. Why do we not have a proper sequel? This game is what Star Trek Games should be, as all the recent attempts are a load of shit. See: Shattered Universe.

Its another franchise with a wealth of races and backgrounds. You could make any good game and stick the Star Trek name on it, and it would fit in, due to the huge number of aliens etc. that are in it. You could make a Star Trek Mass Effect, that would work, Mass Effect can do diplomacy and shooting right. But, as Bridge Commander proved to me, the best games are those that embrace the best parts of Star Trek, and put you where you want to be, in the captains chair. Please, make it happen again.

Thanks for reading, I also only have two, but only cause I need to go to work.

In Other News...

  • I'm on Work Experience. Meaning, I now Work. But I Don't Get Paid. But I Work. GAH!
  • I Finished Prototype, confusing it is, the Web of Intrigue means they often leave some important stuff out of the main cutscenes, like "what the fuck is going on?"
  • SFIV Clock: 50 Hours, 18 Minutes. I still suck.
  • Giving my DS some love, attempting to play Advanced Wars! That Game Rules.
  • I'm also giving more DS love with Devil Survivor. Damn, that game is awesome, The Death Clock is a great idea.
  • The Final DS game I'm juggling is Yu-Gi-Oh 2009. Its actually got context to the dueling, and I like the card game, so its a fun distraction.
  • I still don't have an iPhone, and thus cannot play ME: Galaxy. Apparently, I'm lucky.

Some Music: WTTBP

So, I listen to music

And I've listened to alot this week. And thus, I feel I need to present to you a song that you owe it to yourself to check out. I know this will get a negative response due to the internet to base how good music is in what genre it is, but I feel this song is amazing. Without further ado, the song, then my reasons.


Ok. Ignore the montage of shitty images, its just the song I bring before you today. Anyway, in my personal opinion it could very well be on my top 10 list of songs of all time, and my taste ranges from pop-punk to death metal. First off, the intro is easily sing-along-able, with an epic build up at the end which, when I went to see them, made everyone shit themeselves with awesomeness.

Then, when it breaks into the song, the guitars feel just right, the speed is just right, and the lyrics are awesome, not to "emo" not too "moany" but taking the form of a rally cry, they are perfect to have an entire crowd to sing along to, and personally, every time this song comes up, I'm not ashamed to say I normally get out of my chair and have a one man mosh pit. Eventually the song breaks, and gets into an even more epic build up, which, again, was amazing live. Eventually this epic slow cry combines with the chorus to make an amazing ending, with an awesome drum roll in the background the ending of the rest of the song.

This is how you write epic songs, and no matter your opinion on the connotations of the band, I'd like you to give it one more chance and see for yourself how epic music is done.

In Other News...

  • I'm writing my own songs. One of them is 8 minutes and 32 seconds long and is full of power chords. You may guess I like Green Day. You would be right.
  • If you want me to post any of my own songs, just ask me to, and I'll try to record vocals over the RSE versions.
  • Prototype soldiers need to know the meaning of Common Enemy.

My Last 3 Hours: Transformers 2 [MAD SPOILERS]

I just watched it. So, consider this a spoiler warning:

Here Be Spoilers!

OK. So, my impressions. In a nice, bullet point format. I'm tired, and I've just seen a film. Apologies for the brief-ness.

SECTION 1 - Plot and General Impressions On It

  • Film starts with exposition, and some Optimus Prime fanservice. Apparently the Autobots are part of "NEST" now, or at least some of them are. NEST is a VERY Michael Bay military squadron fighting against the internal and external enemy. More on that later. So anyway, they are hunting rouge decepticons, and within these first five minutes, quite a few newcomers to the live action movies are introduced, namely: Arcee, Sideswipe, Skids, Mudflap and Jolt. Ironhide is also there, with Optimus narrating, to remind us that this is still the same style from last year. They then proceed to in moments of epic fanservice, kill Demolitier who gives them a warning about the fallen yadda yadda.
  • The film then reminds us that Shia LeBouf still exists, and still has a Girlfriend. This is where Michael Bay proves his other side of his thirteen year old self. Again, more on that when I get a little bit more critical in section 2. Anyway, with an epic butchering of Green Day's "21 Guns." there is some exposition of how Sam has a brain and is going to college, Sams House burns down and he gets symbols in his mind. Small Dog humps Big Dog, Audience proceeds to laugh. Bumblebee is NOT to go to college. What a shame. Oh, and just so you know, this film is LONG.
  • I can't remember, as my brain is a little hazy, but I think "N.E.S.T." (have to remember the fact that its an anagram >_>) has problems of his own. Apparently, Obama (referenced by name in other scenes, not directly in these) doesn't like the Autobots, thinks they are not getting the Job done and are escalating things. But, as in Michael Bay's military warped mind, the super cool team is write, the suits are wrong. Shock.
  • Long story short, College happens. The Terminator is there. Tries to fuck sam. Has a crazy metal tounge. Smells of Deisel. Gets pwnt by Bumblebee. Also, in this time, whilst on the phone to Sam, Mikaela captures a Transformer (Wheely) who is trying to capture the shard of the cube that was trapped in sams shirt but she now has. Confusing, no? Anyway, she puts it in her car trunk in a box. Perfectly safe.
  • OK, things then proceed to go down. The "SHARDS OF THE CUBE" get busted out by the billions of new decepticons, Humans attempt to stop said decepticons, Humans get pwnt by Michael Bay's directing. He likes explosions, get over it. SHIT BLOWS UP. Anway, Megatron returns, and goes back to Cybertron to first have some fanservice by choking Starscream a little (So No, Starscream is at no point "In Charge." Shame.) then talks to The Fallen who goes on about his return with a cliched speech.
  • Apparently, conspiracy theory websites are the order of the day, and Sam's roomate happens to be the runner of one. Whilst going mental with Symbols in his head, said Terminator Decepticon pwns the college and they run away with Bumblebee, who has obviously followed him to college. If the way I'm writing this plot summary is strange, its because I'm tired and the film is a slight blur. Also the film is strange and makes no sense.
  • Well, anyway, at some point during the last couple bullet points, the Autobots get ordered by the suits to leave, and Optimus goes to Sam to ask for their help. Sam gives him the virtual finger, Peter Cullen says an old Transformers Line, fanboys weep, everyone else sighs.
  • THEN, Megatron and Starscream begin to chase Sam and his friends who have ran from college. They find them and prepare to cut out his brain or something. Right on cue, (Mad Spoilers Start...NOW) Bumblebee and Optimus fight them off. Bumblebee dissapears with the others, Sam runs a little, Optimus gets pwnt. He then, in a flurry of cliches gets told to get up, and proceeds to do so. "I'll take you all on." After destroying a few spare Decepticons, he gets stabbed in the back by megatron. DEAD. Sam screams "NO!" in slow motion. Gets told to run. He does. A little late, the other autobot members of N.E.S.T. reveal they were waiting but moments away to begin the assault, but were waiting for precious plot to actually happen. It's only halfway through, guys. Don't worry, I'll be quicker now.
  • Sam runs a little, hides a little, talks with the gangster twin Autobots. Yeah, more on that later, but Skids and Mudflap are "G." College friend helpfully reveals his rival conspiracy website "ROBOWARRIOR" can probably read the symbols in his mind. They go to robowarrior, and shockingly its that sector seven agent from the other film. They find, from said "Tamed Decepticon" in Mikaela's trunk that some OLD transformers can read the writing. They go to bust one out. Comedy happens. People laugh. Testicles are Tased. Michael Bay continues to be 13.
  • Old Decepticon is revealed to be Jetfire. They revive him with sams piece of the allspark. Why they didn't just revive prime with that, God knows. Anyway, He blows some shit up. Not very well though, hes old. He reads the symbols, teleports them to egypt and tells them some exposition and riddles. MORE PROBLEMS. Long story short, apparently the Matrix of Leadership is inside the "TOMB OF THE PRIMES" which is the key to the sun destroying machine.
  • The Twins, Bumblebee, Jetfire and The 4 Humans proceed to find the tomb, but the matrix turns to dust. Sam puts it in a handily placed bandage and goes all emo.
  • Lennox brings prime from N.E.S.T. to a village near them in egypt. Sam must now bring matrix to prime to bring him back to life. In between them happens to be lots of decepticons. another fourty minutes of battle happens. I'll spare you the details, I must sleep. So, again, Long Story short, people die. Jetfire gets pwnt, Sam gets to two seconds away from optimus, then Megatron kinda kills him. Sends him flying. Matrix rip off happens, and in the netherworld sam sees the old primes who go through the "Matrix is not found, it is earned" bullshit, he comes back, matrix ceases to be dust, Prime comes back. Two resurrections in like as many minutes. 
  • There are about fifty sub-plots in this messy battle, I'll only say one though: Devastator turns up (YES!), and eats a mudflap. Mudflap, sadly lives. He them proceeds to go to reveal SUN DESTROYING MACHINE and gets pwnt by the rail gun from quake, but on a boat. WTF?!
  • Anyway, Megatatron is undastandably pissed about the Optimus thing so shoots prime. Prime needs moar power. Jetfire gets handily wounded by that Skorpion one from the first film, and gives his parts to prime, as in that Armada scene I remember from when I was young. Good times. Primes powerlevel reaches over 9000, and he quickly, in somewhat of an anticlimax, disposes of Megatrons face and the Fallen entirely. Starscream and Megatron retreat, as is the way with Transformers, gotta keep em alive.
  • Peter Cullen makes a "You fall" reference then does a speech. The film ends. Cheering all around.

SECTION 2 - The Good

  • I have been told I write best while moaning, so this section will be short. I'd like to first clear this up. I did very much enjoy the film. There were more transformers, Devastator was there, Soundwave was there (albiet as a satellite recon dude, which is a shame) and so was Jetfire. The combat scenes were suitably epic, and the build ups intense. None of them reached me to the level of wanting to cheer like the Trailer to Ace Combat 6, but that was something else.
  • Some of it was funny. The suit being forced to jump out of a plane and pulling the chord whilst on it got some good laughs in the cinema. But then, so did all the dogs and robots humping. The audience, and michael bay are both 13.
  • Did I mention Devastator?
  • I'll stop there. Watch it yourself, you'll know whats good about it. Its a "fun" film. That doesn't mean I won't proceed to nitpick.
  • Also, Devastator.

SECTION 3 - The Bad

  • The Transformers + Micheal Bay's directing makes it pretty hard to see what is going on sometimes. Shame.
  • The Transformers themselves. Too much of a focus in the film on Sam's story lead to all of them being underused. Most of them had one key moment, and many were very distant from the source material counterparts. See: Soundwave and Arcee. Arcee is apparently three seperate autobots now. >_>. Soundwave a satellite.
  • The plot, the whole FIND THE BOY HE KNOWS SOMETHING was, well, exactly the same as the first movie. At least the climax had some point to it. Rather than the first movies: We have the cube in a remote location, instead of fighting here lets go to the city to extract it. Wait what? Go to a heavily populated area to change hands to the non robots. Strange. Anyway, there was some relavence to the final showdown here.
  • The final battle was dissapointing. There was a huge build up, and dude killed the Fallen in like one hit with his mega cannon. Should have cut a bit of the filler fights from the previous hour of build up. Jesus.
  • Remember, the military squad is without faults. The suits are always wrong.
  • Michael Bay is 13. He likes boobs, thus the college section, he likes the army and thinks they rule, thus the suits only ever doing wrong, he likes explosions. Thus the...explosions. The fact he has a robot with her power be the super extending tounge is...well strange. What goes through his mind, I wish not to know.
  • Using an ANTI-WAR SONG as the love theme for the two main characters angered me. Listen to 21 guns, then listen to how it is used in the film. >_>. God it make me angry.
  • Robot Gangsters. That is all.

So there you go, my last few hours for you guys. I'd talk about the trailer and how they reveal too much of the plot in said trailer, which I'm glad I covered my eyes and ears for in Star Trek, but it's 11:00. Time to bed, for me at least. But the film gets a recommendation from me overall, it was an enjoybale romp, especially in a Cinema with a good atmosphere. But it continues to be Micheal Bay.

In Other News...

  • I have Prototype. I need to finish it. LETS DO THIS.
  • Polo Spearmints are fucking tasty, guys.
  • Oh screw this section, I need to sleep.