Teasing Me: Modern Warfare 2/ME 2

Teaser Trailers

In the past couple of years we have seen a rise in teaser trailers for games. As games become a larger entertainment medium, more money is spent on promotion, and the more teasier these announcement trailers become. I shall post two obvious recent examples.


As you'll notice, both of these teaser trailers do nothing but confirm us that the game is already coming. However, both do the teasing in different ways, which I shall expand upon.

Modern Warfare 2 gives us no graphics, and simply talking, a few green shots of some...shooting of some kind, then the name. Everything has been meticulously planned and not a second wasted by the marketing department, a department I do not personally like, but that's beside the point. There is absolutely no valid game play footage in here. It takes it beyond the teaser trailers of things like GTA IV by using a distinct visual style which echoes that of the game, but heightens it. I hear a lot of people moaning about how invalid it is as a trailer, but it gets people interested and talking about the game, and that is all that it aims to do.

The Mass Effect 2 teaser trailer is in a slightly different boat. It calls back directly to the first game, looks slightly like a cutscene and is surprisingly reminiscent of the Halo 2 teaser, but then...BAM! A moment out of the blue that shocks and (here is the important bit) gets the audience talking. It's extremely effective as a teaser trailer, more so than the Modern Warfare 2 one as it has an obvious detail that you do not know how it will play into the game. Teasing, if you will. It is this trailer that truly lives up to its potential as what a teaser should be.

You see, the Modern Warfare 2 trailer has some tidbits of information, but more or less reassures us that a game is coming, and thats awesome. But to truly take advantage of the announcement trailer that you release, you have to bring something unexpected to the table which gets people thinking about how this will work out in the final product, and if a teaser has done that, it's done its job. Just like the Mass Effect 2 trailer or the "I Am Alive Trailer" from last year. So don't moan about how they are unvalid with the lack of gameplay etc. because that's not why they exist, that's not what they are there for.

In Other News....

  • Street Fighter IV is awesome. Still. I'm playing a hell of a lot of that. Gouken is my main, Fireball mind games are quite possibly the most epic thing to do with another human being. Oh how I laugh when they ALWAYS jump.
  • I've finally got around to playing GTA IV: The Lost and The Damned, and wow. Its just MORE GTA. And I cannot tell you how happy I am with simply More GTA. With better bikes and an awesome grenade launcher. It's just the DLC the game needed.
  • I have a double bass pedal for my drums, I may get around to uploading a video of me messing around with them this weekend. Damn I love drumming. Especially over things that don't have drums, improvisation ftw.
  • Exams coming soon. This coupled with 4 Essays about to be set during the revision period makes me feel very nervous indeed.

This was a fun blog. It even made sense for once. That's a change. And it's gone midnight. Not like me at all.

Inspired by TANG

TANG inspired me to watch Advent Children.
The film was bad. The action was awesome.
I now see why there are so many AMVs of it.
Out of sheer boredom, I made one:



How old is old?

About, what was it now, a week or so ago, I was sitting on a bench, chewing into a sandwich in my lunch break, and my friend Alex was talking to someone else about Gears 2, and how awesome it was. To which this other guy replied: Gears 2? Dude that got old ages ago.”

Right, is this the world we have come to? A world in which to play a game older than 2 months is living in the past? Now, I’ll admit this person, whom I do know, belongs very much to the “stereotypical young person” bracket of people. Fuck that, Rich young person suits him better. He shall not be named, for obvious reasons, but it goes to show that he bought 4 different iPod upgrades in a year. Now this blog would be shit if it went on Ranting about an unknown person, but it did bring to my mind an issue, “how old is old?”

Personally, I am a great advocate of old games. They’re cheap. They’re Cheap. And they can be fun. Least, I normally buy the fun ones. I don’t feel a need to keep up with the here and now, unlike some people caught up in that strange culture. That’s why, when, on a rare occasions, I review games, I could review anything from Battletoads to Skate 2, I’d just do it in the context of the present.

This culture that you should only play games that are new, is frankly, a problem created my the media onto the impressionable people of our society. And the problem is, it seems to be the young people that are effected the most. Not people who would check up information on video games, but those that listen simply to adverts and promotional material which is thrust in our faces so frequently nowadays.
There's not too much more to say on the matter, except that I do not like it. We all know where it has come from, and it won't change until this culture changes. I'll quote an example now. When the first iPod was released in Great Britain, loads of people bought it, so it remained really expensive. When it was released in Denmark, where this culture, and the gap between the rich and poor is much less prevelant, barely anyone did. And the price was reduced til it was affordable to everyone. None of the people in Denmark felt a need to make sure they were only using the new thing, that wasn't "old," whereas in Britain, where that culture is far more obvious, People had this urge.

Gah, that was one uncoordinated rant. I suppose I can stop the ranting now. Its safe to come out.

Fable II info

I've nearly finished it! I hope to have it done in a couple of days, then I shall write a review around this weekend. Trying very hard now to get into the habit of playing a game, finishing it, then reviewing it.


And thus it begins..

I am now officially very excited.

Mass Effect, the original, was so damn good that I have not played the DLC yet, refusing to until I get to the highest difficulty. Thats how stubborn and stupid I am. I bought it first day as well.

But anyway, the announcement mentions "intelligent level design," which I hope means. SIDEQUESTS WHICH HAVE THOUGHT IN THEM! You see, as Brad says he did in his post, I love, love, LOVE, Mass Effect, and thought it appropriate to make sure that my love for this game (and its predecessors, by which I mean KOTOR and JE) is big enough for me to actually physically feel pain when Its only "game-y people" who will go and see this at GDC, and not me. Alas, life continues, I have a fanfic on the topic to write, that reminds me...