I have finally gotten Metal Gear Solid 4. The reason I didn't buy it when it came out, which I should have done, is because I though I wouldn't like it. Not because I thought it was bad, but because I never played any games from the series. I was too young and scared off the suspense from hiding and what not. I have played through at least half of the game and I am loving every minute of it. I on the part where you finish killing Crying Wolf. I did not expect to see lost of bouncing breasts and cleavage. Though I should be surprised, it is a Japanese games. And we all know how much they like boobs and other good stuff. And thats why we love them. So the point of this blog is that I Love MGS4 with a passion. Lol peace.


Long time no Login.

Its been probably about 6-7 months since I last logged in. Honestly I stopped logging in because my speakers stopped working( I know lame excuse). Also I was busy with school. Now its the last week and I'm excited for summer. I'm getting a job, going to New York, E3 is coming soon, and I get to hang out with friends. I can't wait to see what new stuff there is in the Giant Bomb website. This is my first blog ever. So be easy on the comments. Well leave whatever you want if anyone does read this and leaves a comment. I'm going to keep bloging anyways cause its fun.