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Wow you are a MGS fanatic and I like the pic. Thanks for the comment. 

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I have finally gotten Metal Gear Solid 4. The reason I didn't buy it when it came out, which I should have done, is because I though I wouldn't like it. Not because I thought it was bad, but because I never played any games from the series. I was too young and scared off the suspense from hiding and what not. I have played through at least half of the game and I am loving every minute of it. I on the part where you finish killing Crying Wolf. I did not expect to see lost of bouncing breasts and cleavage. Though I should be surprised, it is a Japanese games. And we all know how much they like boobs and other good stuff. And thats why we love them. So the point of this blog is that I Love MGS4 with a passion. Lol peace.

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Zorn20 said:
"If it had Jason Statham instead of Vin Diesel i would have."
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No not really. If it does good I might get it.

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I really don't care. I'm going to play both. I think im going to play Spore first and finish the story mode, than play LBP forever.

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The ability to make anything you want and to play with other friends on it. Sounds like a really cool game.

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LittleBigPlanet, it looks really fun.

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PhilESkyline said:
"JJGIANT said:
"I think the endings might be to gear you up for the dc to come. "
I'm thinking that as well because you never recovered the diamonds that landed in the truck, and you never got the guy who claimed you stole from.
A Vietnam veteran bum had found them at land fill. They were worth over 2 million dollars.
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Sultan RS