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Rest in peace Ryan, you will be missed

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Looks cool to me, I'll probably get it on Xbox, but if the Surface controls work well I could see myself double dipping

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Very excited for IE9 support
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2010 game candidate for 2011 Endurance Run

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I am thinking about getting a new XBox 360 and I am debating between getting the 250 GB model vs getting the 4GB arcade model and adding a 250 GB hard drive IF its faster. It seems like it might make sense to save game data to one drive (like the save file) and load game from another (installed games) would be faster than thrashing the same drive doing both. Does anyone know if there is any difference in practice. Money is not really an issue as long as I am getting a better experience. 
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"I think it's time for another Indie Games Roundup by the GB crew." 

I'd like to see that too, just sort by rating next time
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" Using MS points to buy all this = super boo. " 
I will give younger family members those point cards from the store since they cannot make credit card purchances. So am I all for having a point system available. Also, I believe there is the options to do pure credit card purchase as well, there certainly is in the GFWL client now.
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Can someone explain the Games on Demand problem?
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I also reported this as well, the problem is that giantbomb and the other sites are using an old version of a javascript framework called 'mootools.js' 
That framework use to work around a bug in IE8 with non-standard behavior, unfortunately mootools can't tell the difference between IE8 and IE9 so it send IE9 the invalid non-standard code that IE9 can't run (you see a DOMException). Clicking the compatibility button near the address bar should work around the issue for now, but whisky should fix this soon.

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