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@zella: The thing about this is, it is just in the list of downloads like any other download. I don't have to go to any other menu to look at it. If I go to Notifications and then to downloads, it shows up there. It's about 3/4 of the way done downloading, and I don't want to have to delete it and redownload if I don't have to.

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@mb: It is on PS4.

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I bought The Old Blood, and it downloaded and installed fine. However, after that, there was another download that started after called Application Data which is 39GB. I don't remember how long it took The Old Blood (first download) to complete, so I don't know if this is normal, as I've heard that the game is quite large. Has this happened to anyone else? This is the first game that this has ever happened with on both physical games and downloadable games. Usually there's an update along with a lot of games, but this just says "Application Data".

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@mb: I might wait next year for a card. I'm not into the idea of spending another wad of cash so soon after blowing 800 bucks on a monitor. It's funny to think that as a PC gamer my video card is the weakest link.

At least I can run The Witcher 3 just fine with 40 Chrome tabs open.

I have to know what monitor you got that cost $800. My $100 monitor from around 3 years ago is still trucking along and looks great except for a couple off colored pixels around the edge. I can't even fathom spending that much on a monitor as opposed to upgrading something more substantial, like getting a couple 970s or something. Anyway, I'm still curious what it might be.

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@nateema said:

Right. Hold onto your butts.

The Winter Soldier. A series of average fight scenes linked by episodes of things blowing up. That's it. The awful conspiracy plot falls by the wayside as the main point of the film, to blow things up with maximum CGI intensity, ploughs headfirst into absurdity.

I don't know - there's a USB stick that could blow everything wide open, like Hitler's Diaries or something equally trite. Airships with guns that are hiding under Washington? Yeah, that'll do. Black Widow looks perpetually bored and confused and bored and seems to react to almost dying on numerous occasions by looking really cross - we know this because Johansson creases her forehead. Acting! Evans is Evans and makes a great Captain actually - boy scout charm and crazy shoulders the size of a Volkswagen. Can't fault him.

The titular Soldier, Captain America's supposed arch nemesis turns up because f**king Hydra and... jumps about a bit and shoots some guns. Instead of being a powerhouse of Soviet revenge and fury, he's nothing more than a bell boy and is outwitted by a mobile phone. Teutonic butts! The Sundance Kid walks around like he's had a stroke and is as menacing as a newsagent. There's some fighting, some cars flipping over, some fighting on cars. Some stuff explodes, including cars. Oh, and buses! Got to have a bus-load of people tip over and be shot to hell. Can't be a Marvel film on Earth without at least one bus being wrecked. I guess if Bendis was allowed anywhere near the GotG film he would have buses falling out the sky. Anyway. A grand plan is hatched to kill the baddies and save the entire planet, no-one really cares. More stuff explodes, things sloooooooowly fall from the sky in slow motion to pad out the running time. Johansson still looks bored and does stuff? The Winter Soldier and Captain fight and who knew that decades of punishing and aggressive mental conditioning could be overcome by being hit by some falling metal? They both escape the slowly falling airship - Bucky runs off into the woods to have some special alone time with some WD40 and a Clas Ohlson catalogue. No-one notices that a good portion of Washington has been wrecked and that actual flying warships came from out under the Potomac. Larry Sanders is arrested. The end.

I didn't mention the Falcon because I didn't really notice he was in the film. Substitute him for anyone else and it wouldn't have made a difference. He flies about a bit - end of. What could have been, from the outset, a good cat-and-mouse story between Capt. and The Winter Soldier descends into another CGI showreel. Crushing tedium from beginning to end.

While I don't think I hated it as much as you and that it isn't nearly as bad as some of the travesties on this forum (Catwoman, Ghost Rider 2, Batman and Robin, etc.), I do agree with a lot of what you said. The major part being about how the movie"...could have been...a good cat-and-mouse story between Capt. and The Winter Soldier". I was really hoping for this. It would have been great if it was a more meticulously crafted plot that was given to us in bits and pieces along with Cap, all leading to him finally realizing the winter soldier is his friend and a big climactic fight scene between the two. Instead, it's more like they just took the plot and started bashing us over the head with it. I really wanted to like this one as much as everyone else did, but in the end, I just couldn't understand where all the adulation came from when I finished it.

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@hestilllives19: @tyrrael:It's like you aren't actually reading what myself and some others in here are saying. The three people in this thread that have said they are against matchmaking for raids have all said we want Bungie to introduce a grouping system for raids. I want you and others like you to be able to raid. I want everyone that plays Destiny to be able to raid and I want Bungie to address the current system that prevents a large majority of people from raiding.

You need to stop getting caught up on the term matchmaking, because it's not the only way achieve the result you're looking for. Why does it distress you so much that I'm advocating for Bungie to come up with a better means of allowing solo players to join raids than just the standard matchmaking that's in the game? The personal attacks don't help either. Calling someone "as wrong as they could possibly be" just for disagreeing with you (about a subject you have admitted you have no experience with) is rude and counter to having a legitimate discussion.

The thing that is actually really starting to annoy me though is that we don't actually disagree with you as much as you believe, yet you act as if we are 100% against you on every single point. You've taken this hostile approach because we are against matchmaking, but I genuinely want Bungie to implement some means of allowing people to group up for raids. Just because I want them to do it right and I don't think matchmaking specifically is the best solution DOES NOT mean I don't want you and others like you to be able to raid.

First, those aren't personal attacks or insults. Those are directly referring to the logic you're using. I have said repeatedly that I have plenty of experience with nightfalls, which is my primary focus for having matchmaking. As I've said before, they are just the same strikes people have done dozens of times with a few modifiers thrown in. I've only done them with PUGs, and almost every time at least two us didn't have mics. There is no reason why matchmaking couldn't work for nightfalls as it is now. I'm proof that it absolutely would work, because the people that I find after hours of searching that may want to do a nightfall could just do the exact same thing I would do. That is, simply go and push the matchmaking button. Having specific classes is absolutely unnecessary in nightfalls. However, after saying all this, I will say that I'm not saying that bungie should take away the option for people to solo if they want. I felt the same way with the weekly heroic. They could have had one button for matchmaking and one button the old way which would start the game solo if you weren't with anybody else.

I can't stress this enough. I'm not attacking you personally. I'm attacking your logic and reasoning.

I actually posted a response to someone else right before this that you should read. I think it may clear things up a little, but the gist of it is this. We both want LFG systems implemented in the game. That we agree on for sure. I'm all for options, and I'm all for people wanting to group however they want. I have no problem with bungie just adding matchmaking as a quick and dirty option. I'm sure other people like myself would be fine with it, but I'm not saying that they should remove other people's ability to group the way they currently do. If bungie added matchmaking to the nightfalls tomorrow and took out the ability to solo it, that's not my fault. Having both isn't a problem at all, however, if given the choice, I would choose the matchmaking option any day.

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@hestilllives19: I'll try to keep this as brief as possible. First, that's not what I'm saying in that quote. What I'm saying is that bungie could add matchmaking without removing other features people may like. That's what I meant when I cited the weekly heroics not being able to be done solo anymore. They could have had a matchmaking button and a regular button. This could also be done for the other modes, primarily nightfalls, which I still will say, having played at least a couple dozen that the exact same matchmaking could be used just like in the weekly heroics and it would be just fine. That's all I'm really doing when I'm asking literally every single person in the tower that is the appropriate level anyway. It just way faster to hit that button and get people that want to play, rather than having to ask every single person if they want to play. The raids may be different for the reasons you stated. I use matchmaking as a, more or less, universal term for automatic player matching of all kinds. That is, there could be options that people could set, level restrictions or being able to check people's gear before starting, for example, but the automatic matching of people would still be there. I'm all for more options. The more the better, especially with this game, because it is sorely lacking in that department.

I absolutely disagree that nightfalls couldn't work with the same matchmaking as the weekly heroics. They absolutely could. I've done them where all three people haven't had mics and we did fine 90% of the time. That's essentially all I'm doing when I ask a bunch of people in the tower anyway. It's not like we're looking over each other's gear and then leaving if someone doesn't have a Ghorn, for example.

I haven't done a raid firsthand, but I do know a bit about them. I'm not going into this blind. The same matchmaking may be a quick and dirty for people like me that don't have a problem jumping in, but bungie shouldn't remove the other ways of team building just to add matchmaking. Both would be fine. It shouldn't be one or the other. I'm with you on that.

If there is one thing that I can say we do agree on, it's that there needs to be a LFG function within the game. I mean, there's not even scrolling text. Seriously, FFS bungie. That alone would be a great help. And in lieu of matchmaking, they could add something as simple as an option to put a symbol over your head in the tower. One for weekly heroic, one for nightfalls, and one for each raid. Then people that are also interested could just walk up and join your fireteam, which you could choose to have temporarily open for a certain amount of time. Something as simple as this would help tremendously, and the reason I often talk about this topic with such vitriol is that they're literally doing absolutely nothing about this problem.

I don't want either of us to leave angry, so I'll end with this. The game needs a LFG function badly. We both agree on that for sure. While I may be ok with matchmaking as it is, especially for nightfalls (I can't stress this enough), I'm not opposed to more options. I welcome them, and hopefully, someday, there will ways within the game to throw a team together in the tower with ease and be off raiding or doing whatever without wasting any time at all. I look forward to the day there are systems in place that everybody can be happy with, but as it stands, anything is asking a lot, which is a real shame, because I want to play this game more than I'm currently able.

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You are the most wrong person I have ever heard about this, because you're not criticizing the idea of matchmaking so much as criticizing bungie for not putting a little extra work in to try and add the most options possible. Everything you said could be done if bungie put the time in to make it so. I agree that the weekly heroics could have easily had one button for matchmaking and another for just launching it solo like before, but I would choose matchmaking over the time wasting idiocy of finding a group anyday. The same could be done for anything else that has or would have matchmaking. Your essentially saying that all the problems you have with it couldn't be fixed, when they could be remedied if bungie made it appoint to remedy them. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, you said is not a reason for there not to be matchmaking, at least in some form.

And I also have 100s of hours, if not 1000+ like yourself, of destiny played, and I've done everything except the raids, including nightfalls. Everytime I've done a nightfall, the group I'm with is the one that finished it. I've never had a group with friends or a mic and I've never had anybody quit (primarily because not any of my friends play on PS4), so it IS absolutely possible and 90% of the time it goes rather well. I also quite like doing nightfalls, but there's a reason why I stopped. You are 100% as wrong as someone can possibly be about nightfalls specifically. I've done at least a couple dozen of them, and in doing so have spent 3-5 times the amount of time looking for a group as the amount of time it actually took to complete the strike. That is fucking ridiculous.

Also, you need to get over yourself a little bit here. You being an "experienced" destiny player is one of the most presumptuous things you could have said, and it actually sheds light on the problem in and of itself. The mere fact that only about 20% of people have completed a raid is reason enough for bungie to get off their asses and do something about it. Fuck future content if the present content is inaccessible by 80% of your playerbase. I can agree that just slapping the same matchmaking on as the weekly heroics may not be the best idea. I kind of implied this before, but it would be something, at least for the nightfalls. All the nightfalls are the same old strikes everyone has done hundreds of times with some shielded enemies and modifiers. I've only ever done them with PUGs (or solo here and there), and it's almost always (90%) gone perfectly fine. It would be a quick and dirty bandaid for now, but all they would have to do is remedy the things that you mentioned. After that, your point in it's entirety would be completely moot, and you'd be onboard with matchmaking just like the vast majority of players already are.

Finally, I'll say this: I want matchmaking for nightfalls, so I can play them. I want matchmaking for raids, so I can play them. I wanted matchmaking for weekly heroics, and now it has it and has been a godsend. After it's finally implemented in some way for the rest of the content, then maybe the other 80% of players will be able to be as "experienced" as you. Until then, stop trying to explain to people why they shouldn't have a way to actually play the game. You're wrong here. You're as wrong as a person can possibly be. I'm simply promoting a way for people to be able to experience the content of the game, and you're just telling them that they're idiots for wanting a way to do that because you've played more than them. It won't effect you at all if bungie just puts the time and effort in. I'll never be able to play a raid without some form of matchmaking, and yeah, it "chaps my ass" when people like you are arguing against a way for me to do that. Your experience is irrelevant. Your time played is irrelevant. Why? Well, because 80% of people haven't done a raid. Stop trying to explain to them why they shouldn't be able to, because that's all your doing.

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@conker: Unfortunately no. They added matchmaking for the weekly heroic strikes, which is nice for sure, but there still isn't any matchmaking for raids or the nightfall strike. I'm glad they added it for the weekly heroic, but not adding it for the other two was just dumb. What's even worse is that their reasons for not doing so are just ridiculous, especially since the vast majority of people want matchmaking. Bungie is essentially telling everybody what they want instead of just listening to what everybody wants.

I honesty think the matchmaking right now is backwards. You don't really need matching for the weekly heroic as they can be soloed fairly easy. Nightfall and raids i can understand having some sort of match making but the heroic just seem unneeded.

It still takes me way less time to do the weekly heroic with a group than solo though. I will say that Bungie should have left the option to start solo instead of forcing the matchmaking, but given the choice, I would still easily choose to have matchmaking as opposed to not having it. It's just the better, more efficient option. If I had to choose between matchmaking for the weekly heroic and matchmaking for the night fall though, I would definitely choose it for the nightfall. Although, there should be no reason for us to even be discussing this. Bungie should just add the matchmaking. All it can do is help. It doesn't change anyone else's ability to get a group the way they've been doing it up until this point. It just gives other people like myself a chance to just jump in when I have spare time.

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@tyrrael said:

@conker: Unfortunately no. They added matchmaking for the weekly heroic strikes, which is nice for sure, but there still isn't any matchmaking for raids or the nightfall strike. I'm glad they added it for the weekly heroic, but not adding it for the other two was just dumb. What's even worse is that their reasons for not doing so are just ridiculous, especially since the vast majority of people want matchmaking. Bungie is essentially telling everybody what they want instead of just listening to what everybody wants.

As someone that has a regular group of six to run raids with that has also tried LFG sites here and there, the difference is vast. I've never had very good experiences with pick up groups, even when people claimed to know what they were doing. Matchmaking for raids would be a bad experience for most involved a large majority of the time. I can sympathize with people that don't have a group to raid with, but matchmaking is not the answer.

This is a case of the developer knowing better than the player. People think they want matchmaking, but in reality it's not the best thing for the player. Just looking at the weekly matchmaking, more often than not I get matched up with people that try cheese simple encounters, don't know how to match burns, or don't bother reviving teammates. And that's just mindless strikes that don't really have mechanics, you throw a bunch randoms together in a raid and things wouldn't go well.

Now, you may say LFG is basically matchmaking so why not go all the way? Well, at least with LFG you have the opportunity to screen your teammates, make sure everyone has mics, make sure people know what they're doing, put together a balanced group of classes, etc. Matchmaking would be a random grab bag of shit. Now, I'm all for implementing more tools in the game to help people group up for end game activities, like an LFG system in the tower, but matchmaking as it exists in the rest of the game would be a disaster for raids.

How is it not the best thing for the player? If i want matchmaking i want matchmaking, why would effect you in anyway when you have a group to raid with anyway? Not having matchmaking negatively effects me since i never had a group to raid with, and never will have one lol.

Anyway, every time i think i want to try destiny again i just look at the dlc price and turn on diablo instead. If they have a sale for like 20 or 15 for all packs I may jump back on board, i was level 28 with base content and never getting to do any raids.

I'm right there with you. I just don't understand how this is going to effect anybody who can get a raid group together without any trouble anyway. It just gives other people at least a chance to try it. Not having matchmaking only has negative effects, because people that want to put together groups any other way still can, but having it then also allows people to just jump in on the spot when they have time. I just can't stand people like that other poster, because ffs, only around 20% of people have completed a raid. That should be enough for Bungie to get off their asses and just add matchmaking, or maybe put in a little actual effort and add some kind of LFG mechanic in the game.