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@ajamafalous: I found this way funnier than I should have. It's not even that I hate Destiny. I rather enjoy it despite it's flaws, but you just don't get to use the word travesty often enough. Well played.

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@humanity: I know what you mean. I finally have an abundance of ascendant shards/energy after all this time, and while they can still be used on other legendary gear, it's still dumb that they are useless on exotic gear. They should have allowed us to trade in like 10 or 12 ascendant shards/energy for an exotic shard, since you only have to use one exotic shard per exotic now. That would have taken the edge off, since a lot of people probably have a lot of ascendant shards saved up by now. It's weird that they added the new trading system for trading marks for standard upgrade materials (which was a great addition by the way), but they didn't think that it was going to irritate people when they have all those shards saved up and now they have to get some other material, like there weren't enough already.

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Apotheosis. It's too bad there really aren't many opportunities to use it, although I did get an exotic helm in Destiny called the "Apotheosis Veil" that I plan on using. So, I guess that gives me a reason to say it or type it at least a few more times.

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I'm always filled with nothing but hatred and disgust of the human race at my job. It's good to know that there are people out there that like their job, but at the same time, I get super envious and pissed off hearing about it. I need to stop reading this now.

I will say this. This is actually a good idea for a post. I hope I can find a job where I can at least not hate every second of it.

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@monkeyman04: It seems like Marvel just said, "Oh fuck it," and released a high quality video, since most people were going to see it anyway.

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@xbob42: I have to agree. Using the term "artistic intent" not only seems insulting to the audience but also comes off as being rather pretentious, to say the least. The way it they talk about it seems like they're saying that they're too good to use the 16:9 resolution, which is...weird.

The vast majority of TVs and PC monitors are the tried and true 16:9 aspect ratio. It just won't click in my brain why anyone would intentionally make it so that the game didn't take up the whole screen. It doesn't really matter how "intentional" they say it was, because what I see is a waste of effort put into minimizing the amount of a game that can be seen for no other reason than to create frustrating instances where, in real life, a person would be able to plainly see what's going on.

I just watched the video up top with the fixed FOV and no black bars, and it's just sad. It seems like all the developers did was make the game the way it should have been, i.e. no black bars and fixed FOV, then someone suggested "artistic intent", then they got lost up their own asses somewhere, and decided to just zoom the camera in further than it should be, slap on some black bars to cover up even more of the screen, and claim "game based cinematic genius," or some such nonsense.

Seriously, did they just sit around the board room and say, "Hmm, what's a good way to make a horror game more scary? I know, we'll chop off close to 30% of the screen, filling it in with black bars, of course, making it more difficult for players to see what's going on, all the while claiming its our artistic decision, regardless of how nonsensical it is, how frustrating it can make certain encounters, and how aesthetically appalling it may seem. Yes, this is a good plan". My reaction: ಠ_ಠ Dafuq?

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I had never heard of this person before today, which is probably because I'm not a big Assassin's Creed fan. Still, I got to say it. Ahem...she is quite attractive. Kinda shoots the whole "only fat overweight males living their parent's basement play games" stereotype.

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Somebody already said this but, it actually looks surprisingly well made for what it is. Graphically, sound-wise, voice acting, etc. are all actually not that bad. While it's sure to be controversial, I still have one question that really isn't addressed in the trailer at all. If all you're doing is going around shooting random civilians, then where is the challenge? It doesn't look like there was any way for you to get hurt in the game at all. Maybe it will be like GTA in that way, where you cause enough mayhem and the cops are called in. It's strange, but I kind of want to keep an eye on this. If it's good, at least from a gameplay standpoint, I might see how it turns out, although I doubt it's being made for any other reason than the shock value.

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@zevvion said:

@tyrrael: Yeah, especially that Raid gear is a random drop. I haven't had any drop in two runs. You can only get Raid rewards once per week, so yet another thing that hampers progress.

I didn't even know that you couldn't get Raid rewards more than once a week. That is ridiculous. It's like Bungie knew that there wasn't a lot of content, so they put these nonsensical limitations on player advancement in hopes of padding out the game for as long as possible.

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If I had to choose one thing about this game that is absolutely inexcusable, it would be how you have to have "special" legendary gear to get to level 30. That is so incredibly stupid, it almost puts me at a loss for words, but I'll try to find some anyway. Forcing everyone to funnel into the vault of glass to get the same gear just to get to level 30 is lazy design. On top of that, you're still at the mercy of the almighty RNG trolls when it comes to the Raid gear actually dropping, as it is not a guaranteed reward.

I can forgive a lot about this game, since it is just so fun to play (by which I mean shoot stuff), but mechanics like this are just idiotic. It already takes enough time to just get enough ascendant shards to upgrade the regular legendary gear. There's no reason to force people to do the vault of glass, especially when it requires 6 people, and there's no matchmaking. I'll never be able to do this unless they add matchmaking. Thanks Bungie, for locking 90% of the player base out of content that is needed to advance in a game with already limited content.

This is a good post, though, with a lot of good information. I just needed to vent for a second. I really hate how you have to get raid gear, and it's still just legendary. They should have made it a different color like in other games that shows it's a set. Anyway, good post.