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I stopped playing through the story for a while after I got about halfway through the Venus missions. I replayed a bunch of the story missions on Earth and the moon for fun and to complete a bunch of bounties, which I stopped to do to level up some weapons I got. Before I knew it, I was at level 20. I started doing the story missions again, but even though I put it at the level 20 difficulty, I still get no rewards after doing the missions, even when it's the first time I've completed them. I get the story item to take back to the tower or elsewhere, if there is one, but that's it. Anyone else having this problem? I literally (yes, literally) haven't gotten a single piece of gear of any kind after a story mission for half of the Venus missions and all of the Mars missions.

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How dare they!? How dare a developer make you work for something, and actually use your brain to figure something out, instead of handing you everything including the answers on a silver platter. Welcome to the oldschool RPG style of game design. You know where you actually had to figure things out on your own. It's all a part of the exploration and the sense of satisfaction you get when you actually figure something out for yourself. This isn't CoD.

First, "oldschool" doesn't automatically mean better no matter how much you want it too. "How dare they" is taking it a little far. I'm simply saying that it is idiotic to make it a puzzle, or whatever you want to call it, in order to figure out how damage is calculated so as to not waste any more time than I have to. It shouldn't require hours worth of testing to work out what your base stats really do. I'm not opposed to figuring things out for myself. I welcome it, in fact, but damage calculation is a fundamental mechanic of countless RPGs. It's often not a problem, but this game needlessly convolutes it without giving you any heads up as to how it's going to effect the quality, so to speak, of the weapons you're getting. Please understand that the fact that it's done like this isn't so much the problem as the fact that it isn't adequately conveyed to the player to help lead them in the right direction when comparing weapons. On top of that, the tooltips are essentially useless. Lastly, this has nothing to do with exploration, and I gain no satisfaction from having to constantly stop and test weapons to make sure I don't inadvertently screw myself over just because the devs didn't feel like explaining a base gameplay mechanic that would have reduced needless downtime on something that seems to have been omitted purely for the sake of creating confusion and wasting people's time.

On a side note, as far as I can tell, nobody mentioned Call of Duty before you did. You might want to think about that.

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Mark of the Ninja is fantastic.

Dust: An Elysian Tail is also pretty great.

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@sterling: I've never seen that bounty before. How do you get it? I'm only level 20, and haven't completed the story yet. Been doing other things.

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No loot pretty much sums up my current thoughts on Destiny

I really like this game, but this is, unfortunately, my biggest gripe. In most loot based RPGs, you get a ton of loot. You may not be able to use a lot of it, but it guarantees that you have money, and in this game's case, upgrade materials too. I'm simply not getting enough weapons to dismantle to get the materials needed to upgrade the ones I have, nor am I getting enough weapons that replace the ones I'm using. I've had the same helmet for what seems like forever. *sigh* I love playing the game for it's shooting mechanics (it's just so damn fun), but I have to agree that the lack of loot in a loot based game is frustrating and is really starting to wear on my nerves.

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@mechakirby: Glad to know it's not bugged, but that's pretty dumb to specifically say the player can get them from the gunsmith when they can't.

What do mean by farming in "Skywatch"? I've only heard "Skywatch" mentioned once in one of the earth missions (story mission 5, I think). Where is it? I might try it out, if I can get some weapons to dismantle, and maybe get lucky and find something to use.

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When you go into the character screen to upgrade a specific weapon, you can hover over where it says "upgrade materials" in order to find out how to get the materials required to upgrade that weapon. When I hover over it, it says that "weapon parts" can be acquired from the Gunsmith or from dismantling weapons. I have, of course, gotten them from dismantling weapons, but every time I go to the Gunsmith that is up behind the Cryptarch, I don't see an option to buy them or acquire them in any way. Does anybody know how to get them from the Gunsmith? I'm to a point where I don't have enough weapon parts right now to upgrade my weapons just from dismantling weapons alone, and I wouldn't mind supplementing it with buying some from the Gunsmith. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to get them from the Gunsmith. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have found several bugged scout rifles that have incorrect magazine sizes. In the menu, it says they have one amount, but when I equip it, they always have one less round in the magazine. It's not game breaking, because scout rifles have decent magazine sizes. However, this is a stupid problem that I'm betting isn't going to be fixed anytime soon, especially with all the "centipede" errors people are having.

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@pweidman said:

This is a real problem agreed tc, and really super noticeable when 'upgrading' your sniper rifle especially. Crit numbers are significantly different(and far less on same lvl enemies too)even though 'attack' is more, even between rifles that are several lvls different in my relatively short experience. This seems like a pretty big oversight on Bungie's part for something that should be so basic to this game's design and intention. Either give us a more pertinent damage rating(dps), and/or fix the damage to reflect higher lvl weapons appropriately and to allow players to choose upgrades more wisely. Disappointing and baffling imo.

It's funny you should mention sniper rifles, because that's actually where I first noticed it. One of the examples I gave was with some sniper rifles. Here's a bit more info, if you're interested. The sniper rifle that had an attack of 72 did a crit of about 1800 damage, whereas another rifle that had an attack of 101 only did about 1200. That's a 50% increase in damage from a rifle that has nearly 30% less attack. This was the weapon that made me take a step back and test the damage more thoroughly. It was probably just because the damage differences on previous weapons of other types were relatively small, going from 54 to 48, for example, so I didn't notice it. A 600 damage difference, however, is rather hard not to notice and made me wonder what the hell was going on.

I also agree with what you said. However, the main problem isn't just that this is the way it is, even if that is part it, it's more that the system is essentially hidden from the player. No one is going to think that impact is going to effect the damage just as much, if not more so, than the big number with the word attack next to it. In just about every other RPG out there, this is generally the number you can look at for overall damage output comparisons, but in this game, there is a stat that isn't even a number that effects it more than, I'm guessing, the vast majority of people realize. The impact stat should also be a number, for one, and even if it wasn't, the bar should have been separate from the others and right underneath the attack rating. This would have, at the very least, showed people that it is important when comparing the damage of two weapons. As it is now, it's just tucked away with the other stats, which have basically nothing to do with damage calculation directly (except range, but that's only when the distance gets to a certain point).

The fact that impact isn't displayed as a number is extremely irritating. Trying to determine the difference in damage a gun is going to do based on a bar that is always going to be within a certain range in a rather finite space is very unintuitive . At a glance, a much larger bar is obvious compared to a smaller one, but when the differences are more minute, it becomes more problematic and much more frustrating to try and determine damage output. The only thing that you can really do is test them all out as you get them, which I have to admit, is starting to get on my nerves a little.

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@onikagei said:

I'd assumed (probably due to lots of mmo's) that the attack number (the big one) is more of a damage per second calculation result.

So your hand cannon with 100 dmg and 4/5 impact might hit like a truck, but in the same time frame the auto rifle with 150 attack and 1/5 impact will do more damage (assuming you hit with each bullet).

But your point of clarity is still a perfectly valid one.

From everything I've tested, I'm all but certain that it's not a DPS stat. The reason I say this is that I've used guns of the same type that have everything the same except for the damage or impact rating. For example, a scout rifle with 100 attack and an impact bar 50% filled will do more damage than a scout rifle that has 125 attack and an impact bar that is only 20% filled. If what you say is true, then the scout rifle with 125 attack would actually would do more damage given the same amount of time firing as the first gun. The problem is, they both have identical stats, aside from impact and/or attack, so they are both going to put out the same amount of bullets over time. Due to the first gun doing more damage per shot, the second is never going to catch up in terms of cumulative damage, since it's not going to be shooting faster.