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First, even when I listened to them when I was younger, it was pretty obvious that a lot of their more random, crazy songs (which most of them were) weren't meant to be taken seriously, and I mean that in the best possible way. I'm pretty sure even they knew this, even if they never openly admitted it in those exact words. It was that exact random craziness that drew me in and got me interested. It was just some crazy shit to listen to and to laugh to at the same time. In fact, I think I'll grab few CDs (yes, I'm from the stone age) and give it a listen for nostalgia's sake.

As for right now, I don't hate them. I just don't listen to them that much anymore. I also agree with a lot of the people here about the Juggalos. I, honestly, didn't even know it was a "thing" until just semi recently when I heard about people getting stabbed at one of their concerts. Still, I wouldn't judge a whole group of people based on the actions on just a handful of idiots. Me and my friends used to listen to it, and we haven't stabbed anyone...yet.

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Destiny is probably going to take up all of September and a considerable amount of time after that. I wouldn't be surprised if I played it for at least a few months. I'm really enjoying the beta, and it's just a small sampling of what this game has to offer.

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I think out of all the 3D Mario games, I liked Sunshine the most. FLUDD made platforming even more fun than it was in 64, and it gave me a much greater sense of control. 64 was still great though. Here's how the 3D Mario games break down for me:

Super Mario Sunshine > Super Mario 64 > Super Mario Shit Shoveling Simulator 1-99 > Super Mario Just Stands There (still in beta) > Super Mario Galaxy

Fuck Galaxy and it's dumbass motion controls straight to hell.

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@acidbrandon18: i don't know of its really hate but i think people get frustrated with how Nintendo does things. When it comes to todays video game companies. Sometimes they make good decisions, sometimes they make painfully bad decisions. I think everyone respects them but allot of people don't understand them. In the end there a video game company aimed at kids and people who want nostalgia.

For me on the Wii, it had allot of great Nintendo games but it had the worst controllers. I played Mario galaxy thinking how much better it would have felt with a normal controller.

I could not agree more with those last couple sentences about Mario Galaxy. I really wanted to like that game, but I could never finish, despite many attempts, due to my hatred of that Wiimote and it's terribleness. All I could think about was how much better and more fun it would be if I could just use the Gamecube or classic controller, but it forces you to use those dumbass motion controls.

I know this is an old post, but this is so similar to what I thought about it, I could have written that comment myself.

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Nintendo always seems like that weird kid in the back of the class. He's not a bad person by any means, but he constantly does things to distance himself from the people he wants to be friends with. I'm not saying you can't be different or do things differently or think about things differently, however, intentionally doing things that you know are going to irritate people is a dumb thing to do. Maintaining your uniqueness is important, but going out of your way to be needlessly, some might say, arrogant or narcissistic, to maintain that uniqueness, and then being surprised when it backfires, doesn't make you unique. It makes you stupid.

I always get this vibe from Nintendo. "We're Nintendo. We're gonna do what we want. We're pioneers of the gaming industry. Fuck off, haters." They always just come off as being overly douchey for no reason other than using that age old reasoning of, "We're Nintendo, screw you."

Dammit Nintendo. I want to love you so much, but why do you have to do such stupid things with your hardware. *sigh*

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I've been listening to this on my way to and from work each day for about a week now.

The song is actually only a little over two minutes long. It's just looped a few times here.

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I know there is a general thread about thoughts on the Destiny Beta already, but I wanted to see how people's experiences have been directly regarding the performance/stability of the beta. I know this is just a beta, and most (I'm hoping) of any problems people are having will be ironed out by launch, but I was still interested to hear how it's been for people.

I want to know about any crashes or network issues people are having, and I would also be interested to hear how the game performs on the various platforms. I'm interested in the technical aspect here, not opinions on other factors, like gun designs, story, or how much you like the multiplayer maps (unless particular maps run worse/better than others, then by all means, let me know).

My experience has been generally good on the PS4. I've played every day since the beta started, minus the Monday it was down, of course, and it's been good overall. The only major problem I had happened today. I had a couple of instances where it just booted me straight out of the game to the main title screen and gave me a network error message. I happily got it up and running in just a few more minutes, but it was really weird. Up until this point, it's been running silky smooth everyday, then it does this out of nowhere. It could be because there are probably more people logged on now, but there are probably going to be a lot more when the game releases, so I hope it was just a fluke. Again, I know it's a beta. I'm just telling of my experiences. I'm not bashing it here, and I still plan on buying it on release.

From a performance standpoint, it's been pretty solid on the PS4. The frame rate only starts to noticeably dip when there are a ton of enemies and/or effects on the screen at once. So, aside from the two crashes, and some minor frame rate dips, it's been pretty solid, and I'm betting Bungie will probably have a lot of the technical problems fixed by launch. (or at least I hope so)

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This is probably too little too late, but does anyone have a spare Xbox 360 code? I was going to give it to one of my friends, that I haven't talked to in a little while. I don't think he knows the Beta is out, and I figured I'd surprise him so he can play for the last few days. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Please PM me if you have one, so that I can take it and give him the code tomorrow. Thanks.

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I got an 8, with the problem area being in the greens, which seems like the most common area for people to have trouble. Age: 20-29

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Generally, anything under 10ms is ideal. Just keep in mind that, like I said before, having a low pixel response time isn't automatically going to guarantee a smooth picture. If you have your eye on a particular TV, it's always a good idea to do a little research to see how it fares in real world use, rather than just relying on the raw numbers. There may be a TV out there that has a higher pixel response time than some other comparable TVs but still performs better. Just use my under 10ms reference as more of a guideline than a flat out rule.

All things considered, I would definitely look at input lag first and foremost, because since you're going to use this TV for gaming, then having an input lag near the triple digits is going to make basically every game unplayable. Like I said, under 30ms is ideal, but if it goes a little over that, it's probably not going to matter much. However, if you see it go above 50ms, I would play it safe and stay away. There are some people that can handle it that high, but a lot of people, especially those that play a lot of fast paced games, are going to start to notice it, and it'll interfere with the gameplay.