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Hello all, I just wanted to share with everyone that i'm about to reach the point where i have spent over 500 hours playing Skate 2 and 3. This means that i have spent close to 21 days playing this series, i was just wondering what everyone's input was on how often people play certain games, and what games everyone else has put an insane amount of time into that others may write off. Cheers everyone

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@fisk0:  exactly! ans even MAG didn't charge a monthly rate, when it had far more reasons to than APB did, not that i believe it should have. 
@Skullo:  No, but that does not seem to be a proper fit to me... Anyone else?
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@ThatFrood:  Doubt it.
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@mikeeegeee:  To be honest, i'm not sure if the target market for MMO's would be people that have computers that they don't update often. However, that probably did cause them to lose some number of sales, but i do not know if it was a considerable amount. And i didn't mean that APB deserved a monthly fee, Far from, i meant a theoretical Shooter MMO that was actually Massive and deserved such a fee.
@CL60: I am not sure, but the story said that the Patcher was stating that it would be bought as a live game, did it not?
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@antikorper:  Honestly? If it is an actual good game that is "Massively" multiplayer, then i'm fine with it. There are reasons why games such as WoW are Subscription based, and if this one is good enough to warrant a subscription, i'm perfectly fine with it
@Jasta: This is actually another game that i've heard talk of, but only once or twice and i don't really remember what was said, so i didn't feel it was my place to comment. Care to fill us in if you know much about it?
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Bethesda is an interesting choice, but with the buggyness of fallout and the odd character animations, i don't know if they'd get it right. A third person shooter, i feel, may be harder because it would put alot of attention on the character design, movement, equipment, art etc. But it wouldn't make it much hard enough to be un-doable at all.
 @antikorper:  You are not wrong enough in the slightest... I just don't see how they could get money out of this venture 
@Pinworm45:  Ah, yes, i've heard some talk about that game, but i never played it so i didn't feel it was my place to comment on a game that i hadn't played. 
Also, with the announcement of the Tribes MMO by the team behind Global Agenda, i feel totally indifferent to it... Any thoughts?

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*sigh* really? APB? Someone is deciding to buy up APB and keep it running? This seems incredibly ludicrous to me. I'm not simply harping on the game, as I am sure there is someone out there who likes it, but there just does not seem to be a logical business reason behind it. APB has once again proven that most of the so-called Shooter MMO's coming out lately do not make money, and have often led to the game being sold off or the company going under.
When I read this, I thought it was a stupid mistake for someone to do. I still think that, but it got me thinking. Can someone make a Good Shooter MMO? So far, the one's that have come out as of late have been mediocre at best. The problem that they face is that they are not actual MMO's, as everyone tells you, they lack the Massive quality that makes them so. I do not see what would be so difficult about having a first-person or third-person MMO in which you shoot Mobs and players, collect money and loot to buy and craft your guns, and take on missions or quests. I don't see the reason that a company has not done this as of yet. Instead they've opted to try instance-based fighting arena's that have been proven not to work. I remember seeing a trailer for the Shooter MMO that is being developed by the creators of EVE: Dust-514. From what i could see. they seemed to have a better idea of what to do with a Shooter MMO to make it work. Of course, it was just a trailer and how you feel about it is entirely subjective, but i appreciate that they are attempting to make something better than the others.
Do you have an idea of a company you feel could make a truly good Shooter MMO? Have an idea of one you wish to share? Feel free to reply 

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@Make_Me_Mad:  Now. Get your paypal accounts or your back alley money laundering deals ready
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You have a point EVO, but these days a lot of people, myself included, cannot afford to buy new games every month. We need to stretch out our money's worth.
Armaan, i used to agree with you whole-heartedly, but there are different paths you may go down to change what the story is, and Gameplay is very important to me, story is as well, but these days i'll tend to just pop something in and bang out a couple hours worth of game time :P It's very Subjective

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Yeah, that game seems interesting, but i'm not sure how close to the MGS heritage it sticks