On the Banhammer

It sucks throughout the years GameSpot and other sites had a very strict moderation see: Censorship and Nanny protectionism which resulted in many people losing access to their sometimes thousands of posts. I don't know if it was BethanyM or her moderators but so many people came over to Giant Bomb because they were banned over the years at GS. I know I had to make a new account.


2012 is already coming to an end!

This year has been weird for me personally but gaming-wise Diablo III is my GOTY as of now. Dragon's Dogma is at a close second. I've got a sealed copy of Max Payne 3 sitting around. There's still Dragon Ball Z HD Collection, Zone of the Enders HD Collection, Dragon Ball Z Kinect (Ugh) I don't even have a Kinect, and finally LEGO Lord of the Rings which might get over on me. I don't like the LEGO games but I LOVE LOTR and I do have childhood nostalgia for real LEGO but don't forget PlayMobil! Glad to see GiantBomb keeps cooking along... it's like home for me to know Giant Bomb has kept going this long and now has CBS support and the beef with GameSpot is squashed! Enjoy the rest of your year!

Happy Birthday Legend_of_Reign!

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