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Missing you.

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Taken from System Wars:

There is a proposed settlement with Sony Network Entertainment International LLC (“SNE”), Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (“SCEA”), and Sony Online Entertainment LLC (“SOE”) in a class action lawsuit about the illegal and unauthorized attacks in April 2011 on the computer network systems used to provide the Sony PlayStation Network, Qriocity, and SOE services (the “Intrusions”).

Accountholders can get benefits if they had a PlayStation Network (“PSN”) account, a Qriocity account, or an SOE account at any time before May 15, 2011.

The proposed settlement offers payments equal to credit balances (if applicable credit balance is $2.00 or more) in inactive accounts, game and online service benefits for holders of active accounts, and reimbursements for certain out-of-pocket expenses from any identity theft proven to have resulted from the Intrusions.



Basically, if you had a PSN account back when the service went down in 2011, you're now eligible for either a game, three themes, or three months of PS+ (provided you're not already a subscriber). This is only for accounts in the US. Here's the list of items on offer:


If you choose this option, you may select one game:

Dead Nation™ (PS3)


LittleBigPlanet™ (PS3)

Super Stardust™ HD (PS3)

rain™ (PS3)

Puppeteer™ (PS3)

Invizimals™: Lost Kingdom (PS3)

God of War® HD (PS3)

LittleBigPlanet™ (PSP)

ModNation™ Racers (PSP)

Patapon 3™ (PSP)

Killzone® Liberation (PSP)

WipEout® Pure (PSP)

Syphon Filter®: Dark Mirror (PSP)



if you choose this option, you may select up to three of these themes:

WipEout® HD Dynamic Theme

UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception™ Dynamic Theme

TOKYO JUNGLE™ Dynamic Theme

The Last Of Us™ Dynamic Theme

Ratchet & Clank® Dynamic Theme

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves™ Dynamic Theme



(free subscription for three months)

This option is available if you do not already subscribe to PlayStation Plus. If you are already a subscriber, please choose either the FREE GAME OPTION or FREE THEME OPTION.

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You are missed, Ryan.

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Missing you, Ryan.

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Happy Birthday, Ryan! Still think about you and miss you every day.

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Missing you.

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Thanks for the hard work keeping the site up. Your effort is appreciated.

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Thank you for going into the trenches to get this story.