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John Carmack is the best, hope he gives a QuakeCon talk.

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I disagree, when RichG had the reigns, they really were on top of things. Jeff always says the 2006/2007 crew was the Dream Team and it was. So many of the old crew is gone. I mean there's Kevin and Carolyn and McShea and Eddie who does an okay article here and there. Giantbomb didn't have Carrie's top 10... GameSpot didn't have BobC's, Giancarlo's or even Ryan MacDonald's Top 10... or Andrew Parks? Or Ricardo Torres? Or Eckbergs? These dudes were so on top of everything back in the day. It's like GameSpot/GiantBomb, the holy grail of gaming has gotten a short memory. They would never pass on Bravely Heights or whatever that RPGs called. Back when Bethany had the banhammer, before the site redesign the forums were three times better. Now you'll see the same posts for days. I don't want to blame Justin Calvert or the guy that reviewed Smash Bros. Brawl but man things have changed. If only they could get everybody from before under one roof it would be awesome but CBS is ignorant as hell. Seriously letting go of Coonce and Kessler? Are you serious, bro? Letting go of Snider? Just brilliant.

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It's no secret that the site has gone downhill after losing Ryan and the gaming hobby being in a decline. I no longer look forward to the podcast and the video content like before. I used to want all the content but I don't even follow Jeff's solo Mixlr or Tumblr anymore. It's just the way it is. I only come here by habit.

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No, I didn't think it looked as interesting as say Spider-Man 2.

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RIP Man, just thinking of you. Miss you a lot.

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Eh, Wii U is just not that good or worth anything.

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Day 1. Itagaki forever.

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If you beat the game in Dragon's Dogma again you lose your progress in Dark Arisen.

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I think the game on it's own is really good. It did suck that it reset your progress in Dark Arisen if you chose to beat the game. Really cool game to me.

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I miss you, Ryan.