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Awesome, thanks guys. I'll add them to my list.

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Hey folks,

I'm looking for something to read and have never really delved too deeply into books that explore the comings and goings of the gaming industry.

I've ordered copies of the usual suspects:

Game Over: How Nintendo Conquered the World - David Sheff

The Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture - David Kushner

Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter - Tom Bissell

Unit Operations: An Approach to Videogame Criticism - Ian Bogost

I'm also curious about: A Microsoft Life - Stephen Toulouse but haven't ordered that yet.

So what else have you guys, and gals, read? What would you recommend and why or why not?

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@eroticfishcake: *face palm* never ending seems so obvious now that you've mentioned it. Totally what I was looking for, big ol' list of games to browse through.

@Rebel_Scum: haha, yes exactly like this.....that video makes it look a little too easy though.

@Napalm: Yeah I think so. I haven't come across that term before though.

I remember an endless zombie wave challenge in Time Splitters on the gamecube that I used to put hours and hours into. I guess I'm looking for stuff similar to this. Something that just builds up in intensity over time but doesn't have a pesky 'end', or level change, to get in the way or much up the pace.

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Hey guys, I've been looking through the wiki for a concept along the lines of 'infinite games', 'games that don't end', 'endless gameplay' or something like that. Does the site have a concept page for something along those lines? Am I just missing something obvious?

I'm looking for games that just go on forever, the sort of thing where skill is the progression cap and there really aren't any levels. Just score. Or near enough to this sort of thing. So can someone point me towards the relevant page or, if it doesn't exist, fire away with some of your favourite games with no end.

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Rotating, but this one's a regular constant

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@Hef said:

Right after you beat the first boss in the PC content, you go into a courtyard. To the left of the bonfire if a mushroom that looks like the big ones from the great tree place. So i attacked it on instinct but it turns out she was an NPC. What does she do?

I know nothing about the mushroom lady. Killing NPCs isn't the be all and end all though. Hell I killed Solaire and the cleric near the first bonfire on my first play through and still finished. I don't advise doing that. But I think you can make it through without leaving any NPCs alive if you really wanted.

It's not like Dark Souls is supposed to be easy anyways.

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@ThatIndianGuy7116 said:

So, I don't know how long ago it was, but I posted a thread with a workout plan asking for tips on losing weight. I received several responses and it helped me a bit, but I still need a bit more help.

So far, I haven't completely converted to Water, but I at least drink a lot more water than I used to. I also have at least eaten a bit lighter than I usually do when I'm having unhealthy food and I have no choice. Why would I have no choice? Well, you guys know how parents are. They don't necessarily always know what's best and, in my case, that couldn't be closer to the truth. I try and tell my Dad that we need to start going to healthier places and he still takes us to places like Portillos. I try and get something light and he calls me a pussy and orders like 5 other things and makes me eat them. I'm almost convinced he just wants me to stay fat to boost his self-confidence (Sad part is, I'm only half way kidding about that), but maybe I'll talk about that another day. Point is, I'm at least trying. I'm not just eating unhealthy foods, however. I do eat foods that are considered healthy according to what I read on the internet.

As for the exercising, I'm doing this thing called Deck of Cards where I assign exercises to each suit in a deck of cards, draw out 20-30 cards and do those exercises based on the number on the card and the suit. I've assigned Hindu Push Ups to Clubs, Burpees to Spades, Mountain Climbers to Diamonds and Bicycle Crunches to Hearts. I was wondering if that was good Cardio since I got a bit of mixed info from it.

Also, according to a friend, my schools fitness center is open for about an hour after school every day. I was going to be going in for about 3-4 days a week and was wondering how I should use the machines to burn calories and lose weight effectively. I know they have the Stationary bikes and treadmills. Any sort of routines I should do to fill out that hour?

Thanks to any answers. I realize I still have a long way to go, but I'm still improving every day.

First off I'm no expert. My brother is a personal trainer at a local gym and currently studying nutrition. Everything I know I've picked up from him but it's not iron clad. It just works for the people I know and might help you out, that's all.

I think the most important things are to drop as many carbs from your diet as you can, especially while you are trying to lose weight. This includes sugar, breads, etc. Be careful and check contents labels, there is a lot of hidden sugar in ready made meal sauces and that sort of thing that isn't always obvious. You still need carbs, but swapping them out for protein will increase your metabolism and help you burn fat faster/stop putting it on. I can't imagine having such a parent with such a poor attitude. Try not to let it dishearten you man. If it gets too bad maybe you should talk to your dad about it, air your concerns.

Secondly, when working out you need to determine your optimal heart rate to burn fat and work it up to that range. If the treadmill, bike or whatever your on doesn't have a built in monitor go and invest in a cheap one. It doesn't need to be super accurate, just good enough to give you a sense of where your heart is at roughly. The ranges are quite large. This site will help you work it out. A set routine isn't really important, just do whatever aerobic exercise you like for at least half and hour. 3-4 times a week if you can manage. Also remember things like push-ups and crunches tone and build muscle, so if you go all out on these without a proper cardio routine you will gain weight as your body develops muscle under the fat. If you are really stuck this might be something that you want to do. Putting on a lot of muscle will increase the rate your metabolism burns kilojoules and help speed up weight loss. You will still need a robust cardio workout after a period of muscle gain (4-5 weeks approx) to lose any real fat though.

Stick with it. Do these two things and you'll be fine.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys. I've grabbed Gemini Rue to start with but will definitely check out Resonance once I'm done. They both sound really appealing now.

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@MiniPato said:

Haven't played Resonance, so I can't speak for it, but Gemini Rue is great. Well Gemini Rue won't last you a couple dozen hours (do you mean like 24+ hours?), but it's still an excellent game with an awesome story that will last you maybe 5-6 hours. If you do decide to get Gemini Rue, I suggest playing with voices off.

Yeh, I probably should have said substantial instead of 'a couple of dozen', that's probably a little unrealistic for the genre.

Is the voice work in Gemini Rue really that bad?

@Vodun said:

@uber_skedy: Gemini Rue is awesome, the single best modern day point-and-clicker I've played. Been meaning to get Resonance but I haven't yet so can't speak for that, but it does look good as well.

How about the plot? I'm a little thrown off by sci-fi noir plots because a lot of recent attempts at them have been pretty clumsy. Do you think they did a good job here?

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Righto, another post looking for recommendations. I'm up for a good adventure game to sink a couple of dozen hours into and can't decide between Gemini Rue or Resonance. Sure, sure reviews and such but I'd rather get this community's opinion on which one I should sink the time into. A well realised story is the most important thing for me with these sorts of games. I don't mind working through some game play 'quirks' so long as the plot is engaging. Also open for suggestions for something I might have overlooked. I've played most of the older stuff and want something fairly recent though. What say ye?

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