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(disabling color correction keeps the white from blowing out)

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@rapid Alliance logo WIPs are up. Sorry for the delay, been a little busy.

pick your fav, y'all. Then we can rock a proper emblem soon (after I do another pass).

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@onarum: Through the trickery of photoshop!

Sadly, the script and some other details are a bit lost once it's scaled down. Kinda unfortunate because that script is very pretty, and I spend too much time nitpicking minutiae. This is why we check these things before spending 150 plat! I'll get back to working on these once I get the chance.

My understanding is that Warlords get access to a preview image of sorts with a vanilla Excalibur (below) when they go to upload an emblem -- but who wants to use Excal when you have a Loki! It would be nice if DE had a more accessible preview system.

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@meatsofevil hey I've been messing around with some BBB/3B logo ideas if you wanted to check them out. Still tooling around, not set on colors or anything really, just been doing this on the side. **Last one was an Alliance logo WIP I showed @rapid. Says Giant Bomb in the tenno script. (http://imgur.com/a/zQORq -- imgur link, dunno how reliably this site loads images)

I've been staring at these for too long.

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Hope to see you duders in-game! Don't hesitate to ask questions in Alliance chat if you need clarification about Warframe stuff or want help running a mission.

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You're Winner, Alex! This made me super happy seeing you at AGDQ.

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fuck yeah, bring back SKATE.

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Maybe Amazon can teach Mr. Twitch CEO how to properly run a company.