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I'm playing it on PC.

Origin: Ubershen. Ended up missing out on a lot of the mass effect 3 mp on pc as the player base just disappeared. Hopefully we can get a game night or something going.

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I was running a dungeon in wow and accidentally drew a mob when my ally was rezzing the tank. Am I human garbage?

ps. have consumed mind altering substances

Is my actual desire to just ruin everyones night?

Am I human garbage?

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I think this looks kind of cool. I'm all for things that are different. Controllers have very iterative for the past 15 years since the dual shock first came out. Motion gaming kind of flamed out. Maybe this will be good? If not, its not like Valve doesn't have a shit ton of money anyways.

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Its really solid. I'm on Steam at Udabenshen. Need a new group to play with

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I like it. Defiantly the most fun mmo combat I have ever played. I like the art, hate the oversexaulized weirdo stuff in it.

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Saints Row has more variety, Sleeping Dogs is more focused. Saints Row is cheaper, especially on the PC if that's an option. Both are better than GTA4.

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It is the best way to get into the genre. Super accessible, if you want can stay simple, or you can go very deep. Scalable difficulty. It's the best game of the year.

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Finally picking this up. Is anyone playing the multiplayer on PC still? I remember Jeff gushing about it earlier this year.

If you want to play with me Steam/Origin ID: Udabenshen

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Anyone know if there is anyway to change the Xbox controller bindings for the game? It's not a huge deal, I would just really like to use the triggers for my light attack and block.

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Max "Romeo" Smith