The Decline of Console gaming

I have been an avid gamer since atari 2600. I went through 8 bit, 16 bit, PS, then PC Gaming, the starting at the xbox gen I have moved on to the 360. So with my background in gaming suffice it to say, I'm not into hand holding, ala fable, skyrim, that doesnt mean I wont play those games, because some have great stories!! but they are not a challenge, and there are no penalties.

Recent changes to Xbox live has got me concerned. First Connect!! I refuse to be pigeon holed into buying that device, while apps, dashboard menus, socail apps all seem tailored to it.

I wont even spell it the right way because my iteration subtly leads to implications about the 360's future and the next gen. Most connect games themselves are god awful, its like the Wii, sales were great xbox followed suit expanding the tech, yet like nintendo 5 to 10 games got produced that were actually mediocre, the rest were garbage (my perspective).

Now for the meat and taters, I suspect that future xbox will be reduced to a social media device, and any games released will be able to be played by blind monkeys. We Will have a connect centric, social media smart phone, With crappy XBLA (no offense to the indies who actually made good games <Braid>), and more pay as you go content, not including gold membership.

Used games will be a thing of the past. Niche disc copies such as my current fav Dark Souls will be a thing of the past because of wussies complaining. The Xbox will turn into a device made soley for wives and children and tight ass businessmen. I think if my prediction comes true, then back to PC I go.

thanks for reading feel free to flame on.